Tony Robbins attends the screening of "Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru" during the Music, Film + Interactive Festival on in Austin, Texas. Dozens were burned and at least five had to be hospitalized after participating in the fire walking event as part of the festivities in a four-day Tony Robbins event held at the Dallas Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center on Thursday, June 23.
Schinke adds that 7,000 participated in the walk without injury, and that medical staff are always on site to offer quick help if needed. As many as five additional ambulances and two EMS supervisors were sent to the scene of last night’s event. You can find other exciting videos at YouTube or Google Video by searching 'Anthony Robbins'. Squeezer" Newsletter and learn to squeeze all the creative thinking juices from your brain!

The popular author of many self-help books such as Awaken the Giant Within, Unlimited Power, and Unleash the Power Within.
Formerly known as Bonnie Humphrey, Sage is an actress best known for her role in the film Shallow Hal (2001).
Jolie is an actress, best known for her roles in Shasta McNasty (1999), S1m0ne (2002), and Buying the Cow (2002).
Tony Robbins is a master life coach who exploded onto the self-help scene in the late 80’s through late-night infomercials and best-selling books. Swarm is the eleventh episode of season two of Ultimate Spider-Man, and the forty-first episode overall. When Spider-Man accidentally creates a monster, it is up to him and Iron Man to stop the threat and save Stark Industries.

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Including Bill Clinton, Princess Diana, Andre Agassi, Serena Williams, and actor Hugh Jackman. His techniques, theories, and style of promoting himself have been often criticized, yet his popularity has not taken a hit.
He took up a short study program in a village in Uganda and he taught organic farming with Student Partnership Worldwide.

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