Engage in furious zone control tentacle-like bio cells warfare in this Tentacle Wars real time strategy flash game as you command various bio cells to invade and conquer other cells with tentacles. There is strength in numbers so if you do not expand quickly the game is over very quickly. Do check out the many flash games download available on my blog and feel free to download flash games as you like. I also blog about various PC Games that I own in my Steam Account as over these years I have purchased and amassed quite a number of PC Games all bought from the online digital store Steam. My name is Deimos Tel`Arin, the gamer behind this blog about popular flash games.Thanks for dropping by yo!

Check out my Steam Community Profile - Deimos Tel`Arin to see what games I have on my Steam Account if you want to!
Make yourself at home and look around, and if youhave any particular games you want me to be blog about, do feel free to contact me yo! Get to know me better at my about page or visit my blog daily and get to know me eventually!

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