In prepping for Earth Day, we got to thinking about all the awesome ways you can repurpose materials that would normally be discarded.
12. Garbage Bag Couture: Not the most wearable frock of the lot, this dress is downright trashy! If you’re going to promote shoes using Print Ads, surely you have to put a lot of emphasis on the actual shoes…right? We’ve collected 42 unconventional but effective shoe ads for all budding copywriters, creative directors, graphic designers and casual shoe lovers out there. Fernando Jose Nitorreda is a playwright, fictionist, musician and graphic design enthusiast.

As we started searching for eco-chic inspiration, we came across a plethora of dresses, frocks, and gowns made from everything from plastic bags to candy wrappers. We love the dots of color and the fact that each of these tags has a best by date, letting the dress be like a little story of the couples’ time together. Made from recycled cans, this flapper-esque dress would look right at home at a Great Gatsby party. With so many brands and so many shoe models coming out every single month, flashing a shiny pair of shoes may no longer be enough to capture the consumers’ attention.
He holds a degree in Fine Arts Creative Writing and dreams of writing a kick-ass book someday.

Even established shoe companies like Nike and Converse invest a lot of money on talented designers and copywriters.
In turn, they come up with ingenious concepts and alluring designs that are able to boost sales.

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