One way to understand this is to look at how the eyes and brain work together to create vision.Light enters the eye through the pupil and lens. If our world was actually made of solid physical matter, then this would explain all of our perception. Mind is the space-time that contains all potential and manifested thoughtform and feeling (or substance). Start Applying Basic Metaphysics To Your Life May 17, 16 04:19 PMApplying basic metaphysics to your life can be as simple as meditating daily, as complicated as learning how to do remote viewing, and everything in between! Practical Metaphysics - Answering the Big Questions Apr 13, 16 05:28 PMPractical metaphysics can help us answer some important questions about life. Our minds, as it turns out, really do function like the computers of the body; but the role of conscious mind is much more modest than thought before. Our conscious minds work much more slowly than our nonconscious minds, and are overall less adept at processing information, less efficient at the task. While some doubt its existence for others the unconscious mind is considered to be a cornerstone of the psychoanalytic process.
Much of the current empirical research into the unconscious mind, or automatic thoughts strongly suggests that theorists such as Freud, Schelling, and Coleridge were on the mark in their inclusion of this phenomenon into the analytic lexicon. With the names of more modern era thinkers attached to its ideology it would be easy to overlook the importance of the idea of the unconscious mind on the views of the world held by much of humankind. Dating back to between 2500 and 600 BC the experience of the unconscious mind can be found in Hindu texts. In the 21st century any definition of the unconscious mind must rely on language, and in particular the metaphor to be valid. Of equal importance is to distinguish between unconscious process (psychoanalytic stimuli) and the unconscious mind (the reaction to that stimuli). At the center of Freud’s theory are psychopathologies that result in a mental illness within a subject. In the illustration below is Freud’s division of these three levels and the estimated usage of each level. Although acceptance of Freud’s psychoanalytical theory has ebbed and flowed over time few professionals would suggest dismissing it. If spoken of by a philosopher the mind may well mean one’s personality, identity, and their memories.
It was not until the 14th and 15th centuries that the generalization of mind to include all mental faculties, thought, volition, feeling, and memory gradually developed. In the late 19th and early 20th century brought psychology to the forefront as a respected science. One of the big strengths of hypnosis is it helps you make positive changes quickly and permanently. Although they know on a conscious level that gambling is bad, they don’t know on a subconscious level. In the case of spider phobia, hypnotherapists will tell your subconscious mind that spiders are not terrifyingly dangerous. For a food addict, a hypnotherapist might explain that although certain foods are enjoyable, too much can harm your health. FREE Hypnosis MP3s!Get 3 FREE pre-selected hypnosis MP3s when you sign-up to our newsletter!
We don’t get to ignore reality just because it clashes with our preferred, personal theories. In the 17th century Newton used pencil and paper to calculate the orbit of the planets around the sun with great precision. If in fact the frontiers of knowledge are being pushed farther and farther back (and that is bound to be the case), then God is being pushed back with them, and is therefore continually in retreat.

More recently, scientists like Neil deGrasse Tyson pointed out the same problems with God of the Gaps. A careful reading of older texts, particularly those concerned with the universe itself, shows that the authors invoke divinity only when they reach the boundaries of their understanding. We should have the courage to close gaps as knowledge leads us, or else superstition will surely fill them for us. Reason’s last step is the recognition that there are an infinite number of things which are beyond it.
Soulseeds offers affirmations, resources and community to all people, of all faiths and no faith, to nurture  spiritual growth and global healing.
However, this definition does not explain experiences such as remote viewing, near death experiences, psychic and paranormal phenomena, and past life memories. Heart with a capital "H" because I'm not just talking about the physical pump we have all seen pictures of.This Heart has a zero point, and it creates a torroidal electromagnetic field that send energy and information to the brain and every cell in your body.
What we perceive as our personal mind is in fact one point of view within the Universal Mind. Yet, Freud’s view was that the principal purpose of unconscious and subconscious layers is storing the information rather than information acquisition and processing.
It is certainly not a central processor (or CPU) but rather a set of peripheral devices, presenting an interface that interacts with the outside world. The nonconscious mind therefore can be said to be more intelligent than the conscious mind. For some cultures it has served as a way of explaining ancient ideas of temptation, divine inspiration, and the predominant role of the gods in affecting motives, actions. Whatever name is attached to it, the idea of unspoken thought as an integral part of the functions of the mind continues to be important in the psychoanalytical world. There are so many words and phrases used interchangeably with the unconscious mind that one can easily lose track of what it is being must discussed. Recent studies seem to support that while unconscious processes occur as though they were in a vacuum the human reaction to them is measurable and real.
Since the introduction of the theory of Sigmund Freud in the early 1900’s and despite the many advancements in the study of psychoanalytic theory Freud’s basic thoughts retain a strong hold on the shaping of views regarding the theory of the human mind. It is Freud’s premise that within the human mind is contained in three levels of awareness or consciousness. For the religious the mind houses the spirit, an awareness of God, or to the scientist the mind is the generator of ideas and thoughts. Once it knows this, your subconscious will no longer feel the need to trigger an automatic fear response. Having hypnotherapy in your life can make a massive difference – especially when used regularly. Its a liability issue because some platforms are built on a curve so there is a gap between platform and train. Why would a God who has the power to create planets leave such a huge gap in the system that requires outside intervention to hold it in balance? The beautiful thing is that you don’t have to give up on mystery and wonder when you close the supernatural out of the gaps.
For generations all the people stayed within the walls, comfortable with the only world they knew. What happened next was a bit of a blur, but I remember the two hour train ride to the hospital vividly. Research done on people who have had near death experiences has shown that the brain is inactive during the experience. And we know that humans have experiences that cannot be explained by this simple model.As I said before, humans have experiences that cannot be explained by activity in the brain.

Mind is "over" matter in the sense that all matter is contained within the Mind.But it is not Mind that decides what our life experience will be. This zero point seems to be "The Seat of the Soul" - the connecting point or gateway through which non-physical energy and information emerge into and manifests as our physical reality.If that's the case, then "seeing with the eyes of the Heart" might be the ultimate Mind Over Matter tool or skill. The actual bulk of the processing occurs in the nonconscious mind, which is the real CPU of our body. By definition the use of the term unconscious suspends introspection about them, while including related behaviors, thought processes, memory, affect, and motivation. It is the introduction of these psychopathologies that affect people, thus requiring more than simply talking about them. Today, the concept of the mind and its functions is almost always discussed from a scientific point of view. If you shake uncontrollably at the sight of spiders, it’s your subconscious mind that triggers this.
This stops you being in two minds – your head telling you one thing, and your heart telling you another.
It can also help with your confidence, stress, relationships, public speaking, sleep and so on. When more people believe in the devil than Evolution (as is the case in American Canada and Britain) you know we have a problem.
As science fills the gaps once caulked with superstition we need to embrace it and move on. It is our conscious awareness, who we really are, that gives substance to the thoughtforms in our Mind and determines the quality or our own life.Years ago I discovered a system that has allowed me to become aware of the thoughts and feelings in the conscious and subconscious aspects of my Mind, to identfy the thoughts given substance with negative emotion (ie.
According to a large body of psychological and neuropsychological research conducted in the past two decades (composed of data collected by 100+ independent researchers all over the world), what happens in our conscious minds is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg; our conscious thinking, perceiving, and learning accounts for only a small fraction of our total mental activity, with the rest being entirely nonconscious. Our minds are also similarly proficient at multitasking; while we are busy experiencing a portion of what is going on around us, our minds are busy absorbing much of the rest of what is present in our environment.
It was only decades later that pioneers who built on Newton’s own discoveries explained the relationship between planets. Our lives are driven more by a mysterious unconscious impulse than by logical, linear knowledge. Inside the walls, people wondered if their friends never came back because it was SO good outside of the walls or if it was dangerous and they  met with some awful tragedy. Instead of putting God in the gaps, put yourself in there; your mind, your heart, your life and your wonder. To understand how this can happen, let's take a look at what human thought and human emotion or feeling might be.Human thought is a process that takes place in the Mind and gives shape or form to our experience. Instead of filling these gaps with supernatural conversation and inquiry stoppers, we should fill them with meaning and integrity as we continue to explore and wonder. Get on with living with as much openness, humility, compassion and honesty as you possibly can.
We believe as much according to what we NEED to believe as we do according to what is reasonable.
And we can choose the thoughts and feelings that give substance to what we perceive.I invite you to begin exploring the possibilities in your own life.

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