Players will have over 200 accurately modeled ships to choose from, 180+ port towns to visit and 2000+ discoveries to make with this new update.
It says you can capture city's do you do this as a person and personaly own the city afterwords ? FAQ по багам аддона «Пробуждение» girlmeowth 1Не поняла, что именно нужно будет вводить в консоль? The second chapter of Uncharted Waters Online’s latest expansion, “Episode Atlantis,” has been released. Inside each city or outside the ports I’ve seen a ton of players going on their business and sailing everywhere doing their own thing. OGPlanet is proud to announce the long awaited major update for the MMORPG Uncharted Waters Online: Gran Atlas Chapter 2 Astronomy. Uncharted Waters Online is the most complex historical MMORPG set in the Age of Exploration during the 16th to 19th Century. The game has seen huge international success, and judging by our previous 2 UWO giveaways the gift packs we have for you will get grabbed fast so you better have quick fingers!
Uncharted Waters Online is a unique MMORPG developed by KOEI and based on the famous Uncharted Waters game series. Boasting sandbox gameplay and skill based character development, thousands of players interact with each other and freely engage in many activities such as combat, exploration, and trade on both sea and land. Make sure you create your character before you redeem the key, else the items will disappear! With this gift pack you gain a significant experience and gold boost, making it perfect for new players. Can’t wait to get rolli g on these freebees, if you are a serious gamer follow the link to the website and start getting your free beta keys now !!!
Get email notifications:Subscribing will notify you about our published giveaways and news via email, and enter you into our subscriber-exclusive game giveaways. By using our website and participating in giveaways you acknowledge you read and agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Giveaway Rules. Uncharted Waters Online, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings Uncharted Waters Online is a free to play Naval MMORPG published by gPotato, set within several timelines during the Age of Exploration as a romantic and historic fictional account of the an era.
Additionally you can choose from several occupations after choosing a basic class: adventurer, merchant or  soldier.
Meanwhile opposite the Eastern European region no longer the superpower it once was far to the West the Iberia Peninsula celebrated the birth of a new military state called Spain, a result of revolution. Flag ship Portugal was forced to explore new routes around the African continent pressured by the legendary Christian Empire on the East and Muslim powers.
Live the age of exploration, be the first one to find uncovered ancient historic places and artifacts. Over 3 years of playtime, even if you are a extremely hardcore gamer, with endless places to visit, people to meet, things to explore, and more.

Sail with historical ships, buy or build your ships such as Hansa cog, Baltic galleon, Spanish carrack, Turkish galley, and English frigate. Strengthen your nation and conquer the world, there are hundreds of neutral cities to conquer to take advantage in economy and politics.
Join 100 vs 100 PVP sea fight where over 200 ships engage in a ship battle to take over possession of cities.
Uncharted Waters Online is the most challenging, comprehensive, complex, and focused historical high-seas experience any MMO has to offer players. Or is it like faction wars where the dutch (yeaah !) take over a city together and then it belongs to their territory ?
Too bad I'd love a game which I could play and own on my own setting up some giant empire. I played Voyage Century briefly which I enjoyed and Pirates of the Burning Sea as well, which wasn't so good.
Set between the 15th and 17th centuries, the game allows players to build or buy ships and sail them across the seas.
Players will make new discoveries, partake in international trade, and engage in naval warfare with hundreds of accurately and beautifully modeled sailing ships.
Set in the Age of Exploration (15th – 19th century), it features hundreds of authentically modelled sailing ships and a vast open world based on real Earth geography. The game requires monthly subscription fee in Japan but the international server is free to play. Use the money to buy a house, a new ship, and invest to gain court ranks… jumpstart your game experience!
We’ll run out of keys way before that so be sure to set your sails and try out this fantastic MMORPG, and grab your gift pack key as soon as possible. Choose from 6 nationalities: England, Dutch Republic, Ancien Regime in France, Spanish Empire, Kingdom of Portugal, and Republic of Venice. The people of the Christian empire were terrified of the Turk’s formidable military prowess and at the same time disappointed that they lost their only passage for Eastern trading.
Hand in hand with Portugal she immediately launched a campaign of utmost importance-defeating the Muslim forces.
All areas of the world map, which is based on real life, will be opened and players may explore, trade, and battle freely in it. Now I see lot of newer interesting details have been added.Ironically the best experience I had with this game was not of gameplay itself, but sharing that exploration spirit with the Korean community as newer lands and continents were slowly added to our original world. Trade goods, explore uncharted territory, make discoveries, and conquer neutral cities across the world to expand the wealth and influence of your nation! Spain was also determined to find new ways to the East far beyond the Atlantic Ocean entrusting Christopher Columbus for the task.
Nonetheless this is where all the good players are, not sure what kind of players are dutch, seen alot of chinese gold farmers as Dutch though.

When lands to the direction of North America was just being added, some brave guy ventured toward that direction and managed to get himself stuck on that island which were very, VERY far at that time (don't remember the name).
Uncharted Waters Online is slow-paced and requires a hefty time investment, but those looking for a more involved MMORPG experience will enjoy what UWO has to offer.
France is very strong, currently have full control over central europe, recently took over 4 Italian Cities.Italy is bad, do not join Italy, they are weakest in terms of everything. And also you basically can attack anyone, almost anywhere (as long as not too close to popular cities, those are safe water, sorta like a newbie protection, so basically early game you will never ever encounter PVP if you don't feel like it)You can customize your character and your ship to no end. Recently being taken over by France.England is currently at an investment war against the Dutch in South AfricaPortugal is currently at an investment war against the Dutch in IndiaSpain is fairly neutral to all of this. Followed up by courageous rescue party forming to help the guy come back safely, with first party being stuck on that island themselves rofl. There's 3 schools, one in your starting city, an intermediate school, and an advanced school.
I was average Explorer at the time and definitely did not participate in rescue effort, but I posted frequently on the thread and private message'd the guy expressing my support and encouragement. In west and east europe, the intermediate school locates in Ceuta and advanced school located in Pisa.
The leveling system is very unique, and the skills pick are very awesome, you can pick whatever skills you like no matter what class you start with, so basically by end-game you will able to pick 50 plus skills from over 100s of skills.
So you can be a Cook-Melee-Gunner to Animal-Trader-Pirate to Biologist-Treasure-Hunter to Archeologist-Thief. All the skills that you pick will make your character super unique and you will be able to explore the world based on the real world-map and every ship is different from every port. Extremely deep compare to Grind-ish battle MMOs, it will feel like there's alot of information going on at once, but you will definitely get a hang of it once you compete all your newbie training.
The bottom is my promotion link, give a shot!MARCH WE GO!!This is the link below where you will get amazing items after completing level 10.
When I started it took me 2 hours but I was really lazying around and admire all the cities and run around wasn't doing the training LOL. Able to buy anything really!The maritime can protect their team mates and also make awesome battle equips for ships. The best equips of course comes from an adventurer which allows you to sell it at a ridiculous sky rocket prize. Fastest leveling.So, even if you are not interested in the promotion, it would be totally awesome that you check it out.

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