Abu Dhabi – Transfast launches mobile payment service to Pakistan, now with a tap on your mobile you can transfer money to Pakistan to your family and loved ones. Besides this, Transfast has also clinched with Telenor (Telecommunication Company) which also provides money transfer facility called as easy paisa with in Pakistan through 3000 cash pick up locations all over Pakistan.
A money transfer company called Trans-Fast, founded in 1988 and headquartered in New York City, is inaugurating their new service to the Philippines by giving away an iPad 2 every week for a limited time.
In a press release, Therese Gamboa, Director of Business Development, said, “We are unbelievably excited to offer the Filipino community the ability to send money online to their friends and family back home.
Trans-Fasts’s new remittance service allows customers to send money online directly to any bank account in the Philippines and to over 10,000 cash pick up locations throughout the country. Trans-Fast says that their money transfer service stands out by providing Filipinos with the best exchange rate for online money transfers to the Philippines, and a dedicated 24×7 customer support line.

Trans-Fast representatives states that they would soon be providing their customers the ability to send money online to many more countries. With this service from Transfast, money transfer is just a tap away and you can make instant payments to Pakistan. Transfast has setup its network for money transaction in Pakistan with the help of nine local banks operating in Pakistan. Now people who don’t have access to banks can also avail this service through Telenor’s easy paisa service. This is a very competitive rate as compared to other money transfer services along with the ease of transferring money within minutes. Trans-Fast also provides home cash delivery within 24 hours to selected cities, as well as a cash card that can be credited in real time.

Trans-Fast’s mission is to be the most secure, fast, affordable and convenient way of sending money to the Philippines, anytime of the day or night. Sending money to your love ones has never being as safe and effective as it is wit us at Califa Financial and Insurance Serv.

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