Unfortunately, the Martial Eagle attacks lambs and young sheep on occasion, and farmers therefore consider it to be a pest. It is the heaviest eagle in the world, weighing up to 9 kgs, and having a wingspan of almost 2.5 meters.
Found in North America, Eurasia and northern Africa, the Golden eagle is one of the most formidable aerial predators in the world; it usually feeds on rabbits, hares and large birds, but it has also been known to take foxes, young sheep and goats, and even adult deer and caribou.
Although Golden Eagles are powerful enough to kill a man, they have never been known to attack adult humans as prey.
The Philippine eagle is one of the several large eagles adapted to hunt in densely forested habitats.
The Philippine eagle is a protected species and killing one means twelve years of prison in Philippines. This is often called the most powerful eagle in the world, weighing up to 9 kgs and measuring 105 cms long. Harpy eagles have a wingspan of around 2 meters, much shorter than would be expected on such a large bird; this is an adaptation to fly in densely forested habitats, where a greater wingspan would mean less maneuverability, and therefore, more accidents.
The Bearded Vulture is also known as the lammergeyer, and is one of the largest but least known raptors in the world. Usually, Bearded Vultures disdain rotten flesh, a trait that sets them apart from most other vultures. In North America (and south to Argentina), the Eurasian Eagle Owl is replaced by the Great Horned Owl.
Found in the rainforests of tropical Africa, this eagle measures around 90 cms long and has a 2 meter wingspan. Other usual victims of this bird are hyraxes, Guinea fowl, agwantibos (a nocturnal primate), chevrotains and even small antelopes. Based on the novel Mandingo by Kyle Onstott, the film adaptation is considered to be one of the most racist movies ever made and was panned by many critics upon its release. It is set in slavery-era America and is notorious for its violent depiction of interracial relations.
Public perception of this movie wasn’t helped by Mel Gibson’s overt anti-Semitism, but The Passion of the Christ clearly depicts the Jewish people as the cause of Jesus Christ’s death, an unfortunate misconception that has resulted in an unknown (but certainly extremely high) number of Jewish deaths over the years. In the movie, the antagonists who force Pontius Pilate’s hand are shown as evil, cackling schemers, thirsty for the blood of Christ. Considered by nearly all critics and viewers to be one of the greatest movies ever made, Gone with the Wind is a romanticized portrayal of the South during and after the Civil War.
Following a young white boy named Johnny who moves back to the South, Song of the South is unabashedly racist in its depictions of its black characters, especially Uncle Remus. In this movie, Shirley Temple plays Virginia, the youngest member of a plantation-owning family during the Civil War.
The character of Fu Manchu, played in the movie by Boris Karloff in ridiculous makeup, had been around for 20 years at this point.
The character of Fu Manchu was a sadistic criminal mastermind, bent on destroying the white man. Due to its comedic nature, this movie may not seem racist at first glance, but it is undoubtedly so. Most people would probably place this at the top of this list, and an argument could be made for that. One of the criticisms lobbed at the movie was that Griffith used white actors in blackface for a lot of the black characters. Without a doubt, Goodbye Uncle Tom is one of the most racist and depraved movies ever made. Virtually pornographic in nature, the movie is also notorious for the real-life racism of its producers. It’s always frustrating when a person mysteriously disappears and no one ever finds out what happened to them. On September 28, 1988, a 19-year old girl named Tara Calico left her home in Belen, New Mexico to go bike riding on Highway 47.
It was speculated that the girl in the photo might be Tara and that the boy was Michael Henley, a nine-year old who vanished on a New Mexico camping trip the previous year. On the morning of January 25, 2006, the husband of 35-year old Teresa Butler returned to his home in Risco, Missouri after working the night shift and discovered that his wife was missing and their two young sons were home alone. Things got even more bizarre when authorities discovered that two calls had been made from Teresa’s cell phone shortly after she disappeared to numbers at two different towns in Missouri. In March of 1998, Amy Bradley, a 23-year old girl from Virginia, went on vacation with her parents and brother on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Rhapsody of the Seas. It is speculated that Amy may have been smuggled off the ship in Curacao and sold into sexual slavery. On November 21, 1987, Korrina Lynne Sagers Malinoski, a 26-year old woman from Mount Holly, South Carolina, mysteriously disappeared when she did not show up for work and her car was found parked in front of the Mount Holly Plantation.
To make things even stranger, a note was found at the bus stop which read: “Dad, momma come back.
On the morning of August 4, 1981, a 20-year old woman named Cynthia Anderson went to her job as a legal secretary at a law firm in Toledo, Ohio. On the morning of February 14, 2000, the parents of 9-year old girl Asha Degree went to wake her up and discovered she was not in her bed.
Three days after she disappeared, Asha’s pencil, marker and hair bow were found in the doorway of a tool shed approximately one mile from her home.
Laureen Rahn, a 14-year old girl from Manchester, New Hampshire, was last seen on the evening of April 26, 1980 during a get-together at her apartment with two friends. The police initially suspected Laureen was a runaway, but things got weird in October of that year when Judith discovered three calls to California on her phone bill which she had never made. In March of 2000, 23-year old college student Leah Roberts left on a road trip from her home in Raleigh, North Carolina. To make things even stranger, blankets had been placed over the vehicle’s windows, indicating that someone had used it as a shelter. On April 10, 1988, 40-year old Diane Augat left her residence in Odessa, Florida and mysteriously disappeared. Things got really morbid on April 15 when the severed tip of Diane’s right middle finger was found in the area where she was last seen. Mary Shotwell Little, a 25-year old newlywed secretary at a bank in Atlanta, Georgia, mysteriously vanished after having dinner with a friend on the night of October 14, 1965. The day after she disappeared, Mary’s gasoline credit card wound up being used at two separate stations in Charlotte and Raleigh. For millennia, the open waters have beckoned to us, calling adventurous souls to their liberation—and, in many cases, to their doom. The United Nations estimates that there are over three million shipwrecks on the ocean floors. In October 1898, a terrible storm caused the sinking of various ships and the loss of many lives on Lake Michigan. The SS President Coolidge was one of the most extravagant luxury ocean liners ever built—until 1941, that is, when she was converted to carry troops for the war effort. Today, the Coolidge is the largest and most accessible wreck of its size and type from WWII. Launched in December 1911 as a cruise ship, it was eventually purchased by Italy and used to ferry troops to the East African colonies. After burning for two days, the ship was towed away from the mouth of the harbor as it slowly began to sink. The RMS Rhone was wrecked in October 1867 during the San Narciso Hurricane, the last of the Atlantic Hurricane season.
Before he reached safety, however, the winds shifted again—throwing the Rhone directly onto the rocks. The highly visible wreck of the Sweepstakes is one of the best-preserved nineteenth century schooners ever located, and one of the most picturesque shipwrecks in the world.
Built in 1867, the 119 foot (36.3m) schooner was mainly used to transport coal for eighteen years until she sank in Big Tub Harbor after being damaged. The Ghost Ship was accidentally discovered in 2003 by a crew searching for a Swedish plane shot down in WWII on the Baltic Sea.
The most exquisite shipwreck ever to be found in the Baltic Sea was the Swedish royal warship, the Vasa.
When it was located again in the 1950s, the Swedish government decided to salvage the wreck.
As the most famous shipwreck of all time, I had no choice but to add the Titanic to the list. Though it was at first believed to have sunk in one piece, the expedition team that discovered its resting place were amazed to find that the ship had in fact broken into two pieces. Modern-day dragonflies seem to have an unduly ferocious name; but their enormous ancestor, M. The largest snail today is the giant African land snail, which can reach seven inches (18 cm) in length, and which has a  shell diameter of three-and-a-half inches (9 cm). Euphoberia was much like the modern centipede in shape and behavior, but with the distinction of being over three feet long.
Platyceramus was not really a bug, but its length of ten feet (3 m) more than makes up for the technicalities. Cam is an unreasonably poor high school student who freelances to support his nasty candy-eating habit.
The last thing any man wants to read or hear about in the news is the de-penisification of another man. On May 24, 2012, a woman in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe was out walking with her two children, 11 and nine years old, when a man named Mkhululi Ndubeko approached her near a bar and tried to stop her. On May 30, 2004, Amanda Monti (who had had various fallings-out with her boyfriend, Geoffrey Jones) got into one final argument with him at a party and, in full view of dozens of witnesses, reached into his pants and ripped his left testicle completely off. Monti pleaded not guilty by reason of self-defense, but the judge disagreed based on her attempt to swallow the organ. Monica claimed that her husband was cheating on her, while Howard claimed his wife was bipolar.
At the time of publication, Ramos is 64 years old and living in Santiago, Dominican Republic. On April 29, 2013 in Garden Grove, California, a married couple going through a tough time got divorced the hard way when Catherine Kieu Becker slipped Ambien into her husband’s soup, tied him up while he was asleep, amputated his penis with a kitchen knife, and ground the appendage up in the garbage disposal.
Kieu pleaded not guilty, citing emotional distress inflicted by her husband over the years. In January 2011, Renato Seabra bludgeoned his lover (the somewhat coincidentally named Carlos Castro) with a wine bottle, pulled down his pants, skewered his testicles with a wine corkscrew, ripped them completely out of his scrotum, and smeared the blood all over his own body. It is not clear whether Castro was still alive or conscious when Seabra mutilated his genitals. Henk Heithius is the only named victim of 10 teenagers who, in the 1950s, were accused by the Dutch Roman Catholic Church of homosexuality and punished with surgical castration. The pain of a destroyed and severed testicle is not merely localized in the testicle, but spreads upward and outward into the abdomen (following the spermatic plexus), which is why paraplegics can feel it.
On April 9, 2009, Carrie McKinney, a 22-year-old mother in Loma Linda, California was visiting her boyfriend and put her six-month-old baby in a car seat on the apartment floor. Kentucky Fried Chicken has a Buy One 2-piece Boneless Combo Meal, Get One Free coupon available.
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Morgellons Disease Awareness -  Artist and Morgellons sufferer, Ayla, journals her experience with the disease   I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Ayla, a 59year old artist and graphic designer who contracted Morgellons in Jan. Regardless, birds of prey are fascinating to all and so we present this list of some of the largest, mightiest and most spectacular raptors from around the world. Many of these eagles are shot or poisoned by farmers, and today this magnificent bird is rarely seen even in places where it used to be plentiful.
Found in Russia and Japan, it feeds mostly on fish but sometimes attacks other large birds, such as cranes and swans (which can be very dangerous prey, by the way!), and even juvenile seals.
Found in Siberia and Japan, this magnificent bird has a wingspan of 2 meters and weighs up to 4.5 kgs.
In Kazakhstan, where Golden Eagles are known as berkut, they are trained by nomadic hunters to hunt wolves! In some parts of Europe and Asia, stories are told about golden eagles snatching children, and of the remains of said children found in the bird’s nest. This magnificent species is found exclusively in the Philippines, where it has become a national symbol.
Even so, it is still one of the most endangered birds in the world, with as few as 200-400 eagles living in the wild today. Unfortunately, Harpy eagles are endangered in most of their range, due to habitat destruction; in some places of Mexico, for example, they are so rare that locals regard them as a semi-legendary animal. According to some, these birds attack live prey sometimes, even larger animals such as chamois and wild goats; they are not adapted to kill large prey, so they would knock said animals off cliffs, to cause their death and feed on their carcasses. Although seldom mentioned among the largest flying birds, they are actually as large as American condors, with a wingspan of 3 meters and weighing up to 14 kgs. Due to its size and might, the Lappet-faced vulture is often the first one to eat from a carcass; it is very aggressive and has been known to attack jackals and smaller vultures and keep them away from the carrion until it has finished its meal. Weighing up to 4.3 kgs, with a wingspan of 2 meters, these owls are among the largest and most powerful, and although they feed mostly on rodents, rabbits and hares, they have also been known to take foxes, and even roe deer!
Although this species is smaller than its Eurasian relative, it deserves to be mentioned here because, according to some ornithologists, it is the only owl known to have killed a human being. In prehistoric times, these eagles preyed on our australopithecine ancestors as well; the marks of the Crowned Eagle talons have been found in the two million year old skulls of juvenile hominines. Skulls of human infants have been found in their nests, and in Zambia, a seven year old was once attacked by a Crowned Eagle in his way to school.
It could be argued that they were simply products of their outdated times, but even then, one would think the line would be drawn somewhere. The two main white characters are depicted as rapists, forcing their slaves to sleep with them.
Even those Jews who were not a part of that group are seen as dumb or uneducated because they didn’t accept Christ as their Messiah.
It is the depiction of the black people, whether slaves or otherwise, that is what makes this movie so racist. Demeaned by everyone, including Mammy, they were depicted as “apes” who attacked white women every chance they got. The ex-slave comforts Johnny with various tall tales about mythical animals, who themselves are mostly racist stereotypes. When Fort Sumter is attacked, her father leaves home to become a scout for the Confederate Army.
First, Uncle Billy is clearly an “Uncle Tom,” in that he is supposed to show that black men didn’t really mind being slaves and were happily subservient. One of his more infamous quotes: “Kill the white man and take his women!” The movies with Fu Manchu were also extremely sexist, with the women only there to serve as sexual objects.
Soul Man follows Mark Watson, an affluent Harvard student whose father stops paying for his tuition. Considered to be a spectacular technical achievement, the movie is nothing but pro-German nonsense. The movie’s racism is at its worst in its depiction of black people as savages who can’t control their sexual desire for white women. Slammed by virtually every critic, this Italian movie pretended to be a documentary about slavery.
Nearly every actor was an impoverished Haitian or African, and they were degraded for little money because they had nothing. It’s even more frustrating when the investigation of these disappearances winds up uncovering clues that only raise more questions than they answer. Her Jeep was still at the house and there were no signs of struggle or forced entry, but her kids could not shed any light on what happened to her. The person at the first number never answered the phone, while the second did answer and claimed they heard nothing on the line.
While they were in the vicinity of Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles, Amy mysteriously vanished from the ship. A month after her disappearance, police received an anonymous phone call that Cynthia was being held against her will in the basement of a white house, but this lead never went anywhere. Laureen’s mother, Judith, came home that night and was baffled to discover that the apartment building’s hallway was dark because all the light bulbs had been unscrewed.
Two of the calls were made to motels while the other was made to a teen sexual assistance hotline.
She took most of her belongings and her cat with her, but did not tell anyone where she was going. One week later, police received a call from a man claiming he saw a woman matching Leah’s description at a gas station many miles away from the crash scene.
Three days later, Diane’s mother received a message on her answering machine from a woman who sounded just like her daughter. Two weeks later, a bag containing her neatly folded clothing was discovered in a convenience store’s freezer. The next day, her car was found in the same lot where she had parked the night before, but there were indications that it had been driven away from this location and returned. Traces of these explorers, heroes, and merchants can still be found in our oceans; divers among us can explore their sunken vessels, which have been essentially frozen in time. Lost, destroyed, or deliberately sunk, these wrecks are of interest to divers, underwater archaeologists, and treasure hunters alike.
One of these was the Doty, one of the last giant steamships built to carry cargo across the Lakes. Found below more than three hundred feet (91m) of water, the wreck was still upright and intact with even the corn cargo still safely in its hold. As she attempted to take troops into the harbor at Espiritu Santo on 26 October 1942, she struck two mines.
In 2007, it was listed as one of the top ten wreck diving sites in the world, for its visibility and easy beach access. That night, as the Umbria lay in British custody on the Red Sea, the Italian captain was the first to hear Italy’s war declaration over the radio. In October 1961, during the early morning hours, an explosion occurred in the engine room while the ship was at port.
The wrecks in these waters are extremely well preserved due to the cold, fresh water conditions. Trapped in the Great Harbor of Salt Island by the storm, the captain tried to make his escape via the channel as soon as the winds began to calm.
Lying at a maximum depth of twenty feet (7m), it is a favorite location for divers, tour boat operators, and snorkelers in the Fathom Five National Marine Park. A full-scale archaeological expedition was launched in 2010, and soon the researchers were able to confirm that the ship was built around 1650.

Built to glorify king Gustavus Adolphus, no expenses were spared in its decorations and equipment. During a recovery operation in 1961, thousands of artifacts and human remains were removed from in and around the hull.
Featured in various other lists on Listverse, which can be read here and here, the ill-fated ocean liner was discovered in 1985, close to Newfoundland. She has a semi-unhealthy obsession with vampires, serial killers, history and of course, Listverse. Cameroceras was probably the largest marine predator during the Paleozoic era; it navigated the deep sea (probably the only kind of sea that could fit it) and waited in ambush for prey. Strangely, even though its monstrous form would have allowed it to prey on most anything, Arthropleura was entirely herbivorous (as shown by the fossilized remnants of its stomach). She kept walking, but Ndubeko upped the ante by removing his pants and exposing himself to her in front of her children. He fell asleep one night toward the end of July 2013 and woke up bleeding profusely from his exposed groin and missing his penis. Her husband has not been named publicly, but testified in court with tears in his eyes that he would never again have a sex life and is barely able to go to the bathroom without sitting down.
Her husband, though, had demanded that they get a divorce—which Kieu apparently refused. This is what happened when an unnamed Chinese man got into an argument with a woman over a parking place in the Meilan District of Haikou City, Hainan, China.
A medical doctor testified that the level of pain resulting from crushing both of a man’s testicles can give him a heart attack.
She then left the room and the baby unattended in the company of two full-grown pit bulls, who promptly ripped the boy’s diaper open and bit off his scrotum. We do our best to keep this blog upbeat and encouraging, so please keep your comments cordial and kind.
I heard a big rumbly truck driving down the street and looked to see what it was and realized they were stopping in front of our house! She did miss a day of day care but it resolved within a few days and she's back to her normal self. A very aggressive predator, the Martial Eagle feeds on whatever it can catch, from Guinea fowl and other birds, to baboons, lion cubs, and even antelopes! It feeds (you guessed it) mostly on fish, but it also takes mammals and birds once in a while.
Fortunately, Harpy eagles have never been known to attack humans (unless protecting their nest).
The same has been said of a number of other mountain dwelling raptors, such as Golden Eagles and Andean Condors.
They are also well known for killing and eating other raptors, both diurnal and nocturnal (and including some kinds of eagle).
However, I have read of smaller owls of other species indirectly killing humans while the latter were trying to raid the bird’s nest, or simply, to have a better look at it. He received serious injury to the head, chest and arms as the raptor tried unsuccessfully to carry him away, and was only saved when a woman arrived on time to help him and managed to kill the bird. Both the white and black characters are nothing but stereotypes in every regard, even down to the way they speak. The movie was so reviled that Disney has not allowed the sale of the movie since the 1980s. Left in the care of her mother and Uncle Billy (one of her mother’s slaves), Virginia stays at the plantation until her father is arrested and sentenced to death.
Faced with the idea of being kicked out of school, Watson devises a scheme: He overdoses on suntan pills, effectively turning himself “black,” and uses affirmative action to get a scholarship.
Instead, what transpired was a thoroughly racist farce about how black people were evil monsters who “deserved” everything they got. Granted, the depiction of slavery was most likely correct, but the movie relishes in the depravity to the extent that it is racist in and of itself. Here are some unsolved disappearances which are much more unusual than your typical missing persons case and feature some very baffling twists and turns.
Her case went cold until June 15, 1989 when a woman found a Polaroid in a parking spot outside a convenience store in Port St.
Two other photographs featuring a gagged girl resembling Tara surfaced over the next few months, though they have never been released to the public. Teresa’s purse and cellular phone were missing, as were a lot of other valuable items from the house, such as a Playstation, video camera and car stereo.
Neither of these people had ever heard of Teresa Butler and don’t have any information about her disappearance. Amy’s family last saw her on their suite’s balcony in the wee hours of the morning of March 24, and eyewitnesses reported seeing her in an elevator with a member of the ship’s band sometime afterward. One of them came from an American sailor who visited a brothel in Curacao and claimed that a woman who said her name was “Amy Bradley” asked him for help before she was escorted away. On October 4, 1988, Korrina’s 8-year old daughter, Annette Sagers, was on her way to school and went to the bus stop in front of the Mount Holly Plantation… and she mysteriously vanished as well! While it looked like it may have been written under duress, handwriting experts determined that Annette likely wrote the note. One of the attorneys at Cynthia’s firm was involved in drug dealing and later went to prison, drumming up speculation that she may have overheard incriminating information which led to her murder. Judith assumed Laureen was sleeping in her bed, but in the morning, she discovered that it was actually Laureen’s friend, who had no idea where Laureen was. The wife of the physician who ran this hotline was known for housing runaways, and at least one of these motels was often used by a notorious child pornographer known as “Dr. On March 18, her jeep was discovered abandoned on a logging road in Whatcom County, Washington.
The caller said she looked disoriented, but he inexplicably hung up before giving any more details.
She was saying “Help, help, let me out” and “Hey, gimme that” as the sounds of someone trying to grab the phone away could be heard in the background. Two-and-a-half years after Diane went missing, a local paper published a story about her disappearance. Her undergarments were neatly folded inside and there were traces of blood throughout the vehicle. The Doty is in such an amazing state of preservation due to the extremely cold, fresh water, and the great depth. As was common practice at the time, the passengers had been tied to their beds during bad weather to keep them safe from harm, and because of this, only twenty-three crew members survived. Built between 1626 and 1628, it rather unfortunately sank on its maiden voyage, less than one nautical mile from the harbor. The wreck was so well-preserved (after almost 350 years under water), that the smallest details could still be discerned on its artwork. Lying at a depth of 12,460 feet (3.6km) the wreck is a tomb for many of the men, women, and children who lost their lives when the ship sank.
Fossils found in China show that it was a massive undersea arthropod that lived about 500 million years ago.
It strongly resembled a very large horseshoe crab, with a thick armored shell, multiple body segments, and compound eyes. We now know that the creature was a truly monstrous sea scorpion, reaching eight feet (2.4 m) in length. It was almost blind, and it was a lazy drifter like its closest modern relative, the Nautilus. Some of the following might have deserved what they got, while others definitely did not—but we cannot deny that they suffered horribly. He lived in Nicetown-Tioga, North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and during the night of May 17, 2006, he woke to excruciating agony in his groin. He claims that he drank very heavily the night before and woke up at about 5:00 PM the next afternoon on the sidewalk in a pool of blood. Kieu was convicted and faced life without parole, but her sentence has not been made public. Thought the priests were convicted, Heithius was sent to a psychiatric hospital against his will and, he claims, surgically castrated under the orders of Catholic priests. Both dogs had blood on their muzzles when McKinney reentered the room and both were put down not long afterward. Some recent activities have been strawberry picking, a family festival complete with rides, face painting, and a pie eating contest, and something called Free Fun Fridays where there is free entrance to select museums on Fridays throughout the summer.I also get good tips from daycare, Miss Christine mentioned that there is a place near here that is an indoor play area that includes a miniature grocery store, craft area, miniature post office. Too bad the weather has been complete crud since it was put in and we haven't been able to use it. I've been moved to create awareness tools that help educate healthcare practitioners and the public about Morgellons Disease (see Awareness Poster) as well as share what I've learned from this experience.Many of the skin photos in the photo galleries are mine. Although capable of killing animals much larger than itself, it rarely does so, simply because it can’t carry such prey to a tree, and eating in the ground can be very dangerous if there are other predators around.
Despite their large size and great power, it takes only one ingested lead pellet to kill a Steller’s sea eagle. These owls were once thought to be gregarious; the truth is that they are usually found alone or in pairs, and they only gather in larger numbers when food is very scarce (during very harsh winters, for example).
In some parts of its range (southern Mexico, Central and South America), Harpy eagles have been said to snatch small children, but this has never been confirmed. Bearded vultures are mostly scavengers; they are known to pick up the bones of dead animals and drop them from great heights, repeatedly if necessary, over a hard surface such as a cliff or a large rock.
This is because, unlike condors, which are full-time scavengers, the Lappet-faced vulture is also an opportunistic predator, feeding on any animal it can subdue. The protective parent owls attacked the intruders until they fell from the tree and to their death. It’s main killing weapon are its deadly talons, which are strong enough to crush the skull of a monkey (its favorite prey) killing it instantly and sometimes causing the eyes to pop out of their sockets!
Later examination of the area found no Crowned Eagle nests, and besides, the eagle turned out to be a juvenile, which means that it wasn’t protecting a nest, and that the attack had been predatory. She is eventually granted a visit to President Abraham Lincoln, who pardons her father after hearing his story.
They’re actually reluctant to leave slavery behind, wishing they could remain in bondage. Until Gone with the Wind was released, The Birth of a Nation was the highest-grossing movie ever—and it was about the KKK.
In each of these creepy cases, bizarre clues have been discovered which add a lot of confusion to the mystery and are sure to leave sleuths scratching their heads. Years later, a Valencia County sheriff publicly stated his belief that Tara was killed the day she disappeared when two local residents accidentally hit her with their truck and disposed of her body, but he had insufficient evidence to make an arrest. Seven years later, there are still no answers in this baffling case and no trace of Teresa has ever been found. The ship docked in Curacao shortly after Amy’s parents reported her missing, but it was not locked down while the crew searched for her. While Amy’s family have launched an extensive investigation to find her, her ultimate fate is still unknown.
It’s been speculated that Annette’s mother may have returned to reclaim her daughter so they could disappear together, but she also left two sons behind and no one in their family has heard from either of them in 25 years. Eerily, a romance novel she had been reading was at her desk and it was open to the one scene in the story where the heroine is abducted at knifepoint. However, there is no concrete evidence to support any of these theories and Cynthia Anderson remains missing.
Asha was currently studying a fantasy book in school about children who go on adventures after running away, which could have inspired her actions. This has led authorities to suspect foul play, but there are still no answers about why Asha would leave her home in the middle of the night, who she might have crossed paths with, or what ultimately happened to her. The vehicle had crashed over an embankment and while it’s likely the driver would have been injured in an accident like that, there was no sign of any blood. This has been the only known sighting of Leah Roberts since her disappearance, but there’s no other indication about what may have happened to her. The caller ID read “Starlight”, but there was no answer when Diane’s mother called the number back. The very next day, Diane’s brother’s girlfriend happened to discover a plastic bag in another convenience store.
The car also had a license plate which was not registered to Mary and had been stolen from another vehicle in Charlotte, North Carolina.
The spy-ship rumors have their roots in the fact that the Soviets preferred to use commercial vessels such as fishing trawlers to gather covert intelligence in the 1950s, and many believe they had a surveillance facility nearby in Yemen’s Ras Karm Military Airbase in 1971. It took more than eighteen months, 1,300 dives, and eighteen separate lifts to salvage the Vasa. It probably fed on smaller crustaceans using its bizarre and deadly set of teeth, which resembled an enormous serrated cigar cutter; and its powerful mandibles were used to catch large prey. It thrived during the Devonian period around 400 million years ago, and probably ate smaller arthropods and insects—though its sting would have been powerful enough to kill certain animals. But even the modern giant centipede, which only reaches about ten inches (25 cm) in length, can prey on birds, snakes, and bats. His wife Monica was yanking on his scrotum until she finally tore it open and ripped his testicles completely free from his body.
Heithuis died two years later in a car accident, and the investigation into whether the castrations were carried out against the teenager’s will is on-going. The dog, who had removed and eaten one of the man’s testicles, was euthanized later that day.
The first and only attack she employed was to grab his groin with both hands, squeeze, and yank. Anyway, we got walloped with the surprise Nor'easter last week and my whole town basically lost power.
I can pretty much just look at it to be able to tell what to do so I think I'll whip this up for her to wear in Fall. We bought a fire pit and we have a little bistro set that we used on the deck of our previous apt.
I didn't have any make up on and still had my jams on which is ok because it was just a tank top and yoga pants.With all of the planning for M's birthday, I really forgot about it.
Fossils found in Europe suggest that they were even larger in prehistoric times, a few thousand years ago.
It has never been known to attack humans (although once again, rumors of Philippine eagles snatching children do exist). Not even the largest monkey, the mandrill, is safe from the attack of the Crowned Eagle, although usually only juvenile mandrills are taken. A white van had previously been parked in the spot, and the photo featured a teenage girl and young boy were both bound and gagged in the back of a van. Seven years later, Amy’s parents were E-mailed a photograph from an adult escort website featuring a woman who resembled her. In 2000, an anonymous caller claimed that Annette’s body was buried in Sumter County, but that lead never panned out.
This clue could be read as a sign that she staged her own disappearance, but there has been no trace of her in over 30 years.
All of Leah’s belongings (including a pair of pants containing $2500) were scattered throughout the scene, there was no trace of Leah or her cat.
Both places reported seeing a disheveled woman matching Mary’s description who seemed to have a minor head injury and was in the company of two domineering men. That’s why the Baltic houses some of the most ancient and well-preserved vessels in the world. But the effort paid off: today, the Vasa museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sweden. The prehistoric dragons are thought to have gone extinct when the earth’s atmosphere started to lose its high oxygen levels millions of years ago. A scorpion the size of a crocodile was certainly a predator to be reckoned with; it prowled the seas until the Permian extinction 250 million years ago. He was unable to remove her underwear before she grabbed both his testicles and squeezed them until they popped. They have an infant play area but it's pretty much what our library has but I'm curious to see what the place is all about and to see if it's something we might revisit as she gets older.
And it's not like I planned anything major, it was mostly just forcing him to finally decide on his birthday meal and dessert, but I guess between birthday planning, mothering, working it slipped through the cracks. They are also known to kill tortoises and break open their shells by doing the exact same thing. For the next several years, Judith would also get mysterious phone calls from a caller who never said anything, but in the end, the ultimate fate of Laureen Rahn remains a mystery. There have been many theories about her disappearance, ranging from an obsessive secret admirer to a sex scandal at her workplace, but none of them have ever been proven and Mary Little’s fate remains an unsolved mystery. Paleontologists believe it lived in the oceans that covered France during the Eocene epoch 50 million years ago—and we can only imagine what sort of terror it might have inflicted upon the Spongebobs and Squidwards of that age.
On top of that, we desperately need to get to Costco today, we are running out of diapers and wipes! We tried to revive her with a feeding but she was pretty much all set with the fishies for the day.
Like most, I panicked bought a lot of unnecessary products—some toxic, then managed to pull myself back from the brink of actually hurting myself. I was very uninspired by anything at Target this year and knowing she wouldn't be going trick or treating didn't help me in the motivation department to venture beyond Target's red walls. After being gouged $18 for parking, and that was the validated rate, we headed home to pack for the other adventures of the weekend. I think A will have fun answering the door and seeing the other kids; I think she'll be ready to go next year. Always wary of doctors, I tried to stay out of that loop but finally caved when my beloved ones pressured me to seek help. Most of M's extended family have not met A yet, so the whole family was coming over on Sunday. A dermatologist gave me Ivermectin which caused a Herxheimer (die-off) reaction and many of the black particles I'd been seeing with a scope surfaced. She was great in the car, pretty much slept the whole way, waking up just before our usual pit stops and then falling right back to sleep when we got back in the car. This gave me great relief from the discomfort of what felt like fiberglass embedded in my skin. The naps in the pack and play were dicey the first day, and she cried off and on for the first hour after going down for the night but then she was fine. The next day, she napped much better, charmed the pants off all of the family, and avoided her usual day 2 meltdown.
There were NO fibers visible in my skin in the previous months before taking the medication.
She went to bed without any issues and actually slept straight through ( I think part of the reason for the success is that she can't drop the pacifier out of the side of the pack and play like she does with the crib).
The ride home was fine, she slept for only 45 minutes of it, but I sat in back and played with her and we successfully avoided any major meltdowns.
Within two days of taking the Ivermectin, I watched in horror as fibers started to rise to the surface of my skin.

That plus coming off the tail-end of the pharmaceutical seemed to stop all the symptoms of itching, biting and crawling for approximately the next 4 months. The only thing that hadn't cleared up was the hyper-sensitivity to my skin which I thought I was stuck with for the rest of my life, an unfortunate consequence of having Morgellons. Had I not been actively using a microscope to look at my skin during this period, I might have presumed I was well. The skin however, doesn't lie and told a whole other story for under it's surface, fibers and particles were clearly still present—multitudes of them. Early on, I'd heard about the testing that Pam Crane of Morgellons Focus On Health (site no longer active) was championing and felt that it was probably the way to go. My only problem with moving forward was a lack of practitioner, as I felt having the best testing in the world wouldn't mean anything unless someone was up to the task of decoding it's contents into a meaningful protocol, sort of like buying a Cadillac that arrives without the key. I wanted to have a conversation with whatever doctor I was going to see and to hear them speak about their philosophy of healthcare. Just try to get a physician on the phone before actually making an appointment and you will find it is an impossible task (especially the high-end specialists).
She talked about The Great Plains Labs and why the testing used in Functional Medicine is so important for our community.
She sounded like she knew how to do her job well and was more than capable, indeed she had impressed me as understanding how to approach the disease in a holistic manner that aligned with my own healthcare philosophies. I believe my first words to her were, "Where do I sign the dotted line?" (While focusonhealth has been taken down, here is another radio show with Nancy speaking with Pam.
Let me remind you that I felt fine when I first contacted Nancy, but the emerging fibers showed me I was not. Nancy forewarned me that treatment would kick up all the initial symptoms I had when first ill with Morgellons, such as itching and stinging and that I might experience more fatigue with die-off, possibly even get lesions although I hadn't had many lesions previously. Within a week and a half of beginning this new protocol all the discomforts she mentioned came back. Black particles began coming out from the skin, sand-like crystals were suddenly pushing from the scalp, I was itchy and uncomfortable but this time around it was at a much lower volume then at onset. I have experienced some lesions, in the form of 'papercuts' and blood spots appearing on the skin. They were tiny and healed quickly. It took close to 3 months for the symptoms of this detox to disappear, lessening with each week. We added in another few products to my protocol fine-tuning the process. Once all my symptoms had abated I was ready to move on to the next step and do a colon cleanse. I used supplements for one month that gently cleansed the colon (Colon Cleanse by DaVinci Labs??). After that, I began with chelation therapy (Chelex by Xymogen) to remove heavy metals. Nancy has taken me through this journey with constant support through email.
The fact that she is able to tell me what I can expect and interpret what I am going through is invaluable.
Having gone through the early treatment phases and emerging symptom-free, makes me feel that I did indeed work through something—hopefully clearing biofilm. So where am I right now and what are the changes that happened over these few months of treatment?My skin cleared of many of black particles, although I still have them (my great lament was that I didn't have a camera back when I first got sick, because my skin was so saturated it was alarming!). Actually, I feel spry and 10 years younger than my 55 years of age (at the time this was written), an unexpected and very welcome gift. Still, they are here and I am monitoring them carefully. I am convinced of the value of the Great Plains and Metametrix testing.
It just makes sense that one would want to know the particular weaknesses of their body before embarking on a journey of healing.
Getting the labwork done and seeing Nancy are the two smartest things I did throughout my ordeal. Morgellons for me is like that impossible teacher I had in my youth. But it has also left me savoring hard-won battles and set me straight on how to live more in balance.
Therefore, I try not to rail against the unfairness of the experience, but to look at how much I learned and the ways in which it has stretched me as a human being. Yes it has been a miserable teacher, but by it's hand I have been become an attentive student.I wish you all full recovery. AylaWhile I am not comfortable sharing my protocol as it is specific to my lab results, I will outline what I feel are the bare-bones minimum I'd look to take if I were building a protocol. This would be a good probiotic (I use 3 different kinds throughout the day as was indicated by the results of my testing). FOS, according to Nancy can promote yeast growth so I'd stay away from a probiotic that includes it.
I'd include a biofilm buster which breaks down the cellular matrix in the gut that inhibits absorption of necessary nutrients.
I used Interfase Plus and Wobenzym at different times (there are different kinds of Wobenzyme.
I've used Carlson's liquid D3 which is lipid based, but recently have switched because of assimilation issues with fats to a dry encapsulated D3 (Prothera brand 5,000 I.Us a day). Certain of the B's can become depleted when the body is fighting infection, so a good B-complex seems necessary. Also, Mr. Common Sense and now Clifford Carnicom have written about NAC and it's benefits along with vitamin C in helping quell the symptoms of our condition. I'd look into this as a close friend from the community began taking both high amounts of Vitamin C and NAC and her symptoms disappeared.
She was taking 3,000-5,000 mg of C spread throughout the day and 600 mg 2x's a day of NAC both in the morning and at night. She eventually reduced it to 2,000 mg of vitamin C and 600 mg of NAC because the NAC was giving her headaches. The lesser dosage has been fine for keeping her symptoms of crawling, biting and stinging away. When she went off the protocol symptoms came back and when she again resumed, they went away. I might mention, that my protocol has always called for 1000 mg of vitamin C, three times a day. While I was not on NAC as a separate supplement, it is in another product I take daily ?(Liver Protect by Xymogen).
Nancy has stated that the clients she sees that do this first make themselves much worse and take longer to get better. If I am going to do this right, I want to know what my baseline toxic load is so I can measure my progress over time.
The results arrived right after I finished my third week of chelation. My total toxic representation was OFF the chart with high levels of antimony, silver, cadmium, tin and magnesium.
I have a host of other metals as well, they just were at lower levels than those mentioned above. Once Nancy reviewed my test results and knew how I was responding to the treatment she modified my protocol to include a liver support, and the addition of 3-4 new products that would also help balance me out.
I keep an ongoing visual journal using photos which I share with her so she can see any new developments. During chelation I was more tired, needing to take naps and sleep longer on most days. I also had some tiny red spots appear on the skin without breaking through.Red spots appear on the skin. Based on what was going, on Nancy pulled back on the chelation so that the process is even slower and gentler until my body can adapt. Using shea butter and coconut oil mixture as a moisturizer seems to draw fibers and black particles from my skin if left on for 3-4 hours. Most are not readily apparent unless you really look for them. Hair The Morgellons has moved into my hair. An acupuncturist, pointed out after looking at my hair photos, that there were multiple "hairs" emerging from one follicle. This is probably why my hair feels thicker even though it has been brittle, weak and falling out. Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria I had with high levels the first time I was tested, is completely gone. There was a new bacteria that showed up on this round of testing that wasn't on the previous.
Nancy feels that this is something that could have morphed, or, could have been present all along, but like peeling an onion back, was hidden under layers.
She is adding seven new supplements to my protocol to address adrenal support as sleep has become fitful and I feel somehow too 'plugged in.' Fight or flight mode. I'll be taking a prebiotic to address the new bacteria as well as some new products from Xymogen to open detox pathways. I'm excited to be moving in a new direction. Every time we do a new test, I see the value of this approach. Randomly throwing supplements at the body without being tested, with the hope that something might work, seems a dangerous practice. Not terrible full-blown itchy, just enough to let me know that I was reinfected or maybe this is an allergic flare-up. This episode might have lasted longer than necessary had I immediately washed all my clothes but I got lazy and didn't wash them for a few days. Was not constantly itchy, but found I'd get itchy at odd intervals, sometimes once a day, sometimes not for days at a time and sometimes for a mere few seconds or so.
I am putting a garden in upstate and often have my hands in the soil (without gloves) and have found that I am fine.
The only itching I've got is from the occasional mosquito bite (and yes, these are real mosquitoes). Now, instead of direct application of GSE I brush my teeth twice, once with toothpaste and once with a clean brush that has two drops of GSE on it. Note that I have been letting my supplements run out in the last few months because I needed a break from taking approx. I wonder if the return to itchiness had something to do with my letting down my guard and not watching my pH. After the first day of swimming, I noticed small circular red blotches appear under the skin of my calves and thought, uh-oh, here comes trouble. I FINALLY have a microscope again (it was replaced after more than 7 months at the manufacturer!).
I had a few breakthrough 'papercut lesions' on the hands which I don't know what to make of. I stopped the Ormus because I wanted to document F-6, which has gotten quite a buzz in the Morgellons community.
I still have 1.5 bottles left and intend to take it in a few months feeling I didn't give it a proper shot. For now, I want to concentrate on doing one therapy at a time, so I can really be sure what each does.
October 17, 2011: Began using F-6 and have started a new link documenting that experience including photos showing what is emerging from the skin. I'm going to take it slow with this product as I don't want to have any major herxheimer episodes.
Caroline Carter, A healthcare worker that has Morgellons and works with ozone therapy (and who made her Morgellons worse with ozone saunas) said she cannot even be around it anymore. I have since talked with another person that had strong outbreaks from doing an ozone sauna. Ozone therapy is typically great for cancer, AIDS and herpes, but for this disease might make us worse. There seems to be improvement to the hair which feels stronger and seems to be falling out less. A lot of "debris" is coming up through the skin, fibers, black particles, granules and many more fibers then ever seen before. A week and a half later I ate some quinoa with my lunch and two hours later had 3 oatmeal cookies (oatmeal, walnuts, carob chips, baking soda, vanilla). This forage into complex carbs was unusual for me.While eating the cookies I started to itch. By the third cookie, I was having full-blown symptoms of itching, stinging and biting sensations (no crawling, thank God!). The fact that it came on with such force and was related to food, makes me think that Morgellons counts among it's causes a hyper-allergic reaction to food. In this case, I don't really know what specific ingredient triggered the reaction.By eliminating carbs again, symptoms quieted down. I am noticing flare-ups of the arthritis in my foot which had so improved at the beginning of my treatment (but I kill my feet dancing one night a week, so that could play into this). The ones I can visually see without a scope are bigger then I've had before but there is no increase in the amount I generally see with my scope in the skin.
Will keep you posted of new developments.I've noticed that when it's very hot (93-97 degrees) and my skin is exposed to the air, I have more sensations on my arms. It's not unusual to feel a single pin prick sensation on my left upper arm, often I'll feel the same type of prick mirrored in the same spot on right arm sometime later, as if they were somehow linked.The other day on my bike I felt as if I hot poker were being pressed momentarily to my arm.
When I looked down, there were three distinct tract marks in that spot, about a half, to an inch long that hadn't been there before. Since having Morgellons, it feels like the skin is no longer a reliable friend but is capable of erratic changes suddenly.
They took about 5 days to disappear.?September 27, 2012 • Live blood microscopyJust posted a new link with photos of my recent session with Rick Panson, a microbiologist and healthy body coach who did a live blood and dried blood microscopy and gave me additional guidance for my health. It's a bird's eye view into the system, giving a fuller, deeper understanding of what's going on  then just looking at lab results—although lab tests have their place! In the next two weeks I get more testing done so will post those results when in. There were many problems with the blood. We are in a seasonal shift and my fingers have had a few tiny papercut lesions since the change began.Started the protocol Oct. Beginning with one pill a day of capyrilic acid with one pill olive leaf extract and 1 tsp. The L-glutamine is supposed to strengthen the gut lining and prevent leaky gut syndrome caused by the yeast die-off.
Will stay on this for a few days and slowly double the dosage, then determine where to go from there. 16, 2012 Went back to Rick Panson for another live blood analysis and posted the photos under my last blood microscopy.
This is encouraging for all of you who wonder how long it will take to knock back candida and even if our protocols are working.
Rick recommended Candex and Nancy told me she loved the product except now they are adding corn to Candex (and it's unknown if it's GMO corn), so she is no longer recommending it.
Adrenal system had a number of markers indicating a lot of stress to the system, very low levels of vitamins C and B's, four different pathogenic bacteria showed up—Helicobacter Pylori was high, Clostridia, E.
Kreb cycle needs support. Heavy metals hair test—all toxic metals were down except arsenic which went up with cadmium. Lead which was extremely high on my first test showed a considerable decrease as well as silver but lots more chelation ahead. It's been 2 years since I started using supplements to pull the metals out and I think it will take a couple more years of work.
The process is slow but steady which is a good thing because I think if the body released too much metal into the system at once there would be negative impact on the health.
Nancy pointed out that lead and cadmium are antagonistic to calcium absorption and bone health, so seeing this rise in cadmium and knowing I still have too high levels of lead makes me think that I might have to give up the painting at some point or switch mediums rather than compromise bone health. The heavy metals test also measures "essential and other elements," (minerals) It seems as a consequence of pulling heavy metals out, the minerals have been compromised. Nancy suggested this organism is a pleomorph moving from bacteria to fungus according to favorable conditions in the body.
This is the third time it's changed. Feb 3, 2013 Just an acknowledgment that I just passed my 3rd anniversary since getting sick with Morgellons. The only time I really have symptoms is when I really mess up on diet (itchiness will start) or when ?very overheated and sweating from physical exertion like dancing, where it sometimes feels like needle pinpricks are sticking my skin from the INSIDE out, accompanied by itchiness. Thieves is a great oil for preventing flu or when one is coming down with illness, but I am unclear if it can damage beneficial bacterias.
Stopped taking thieves after a few weeks but do still take lemon and added in lemongrass and grapefruit to my daily capsule. Itchiness did not return. September 22, 2013 Decided to go on Stephen Buhners herbal protocol for Lyme disease (crafted from his excellent book, Healing Lyme). Although I tested negative for Lyme and feel fine, I don't trust the traditional testing one gets with their regular MD, and even though I don't think I'm dealing with Lyme, I can't discount the fact that so many Morgellons sufferers also have Borrelia and other co-infections that might be related to our disease which seem to improve with Lyme treatment. Also, his protocol addresses other issues I feel are pertinent to my health (even before Morgellons).
Certainly, I see over time that my immune system is weak, and my gut reaction now to coasting is that it could be an eventual time bomb. I'm taking Cats Claw, Sarsaparilla root (Jamaican—which I grind in my coffee grinder), Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng), Astragalus, Japanese Knotweed and Andrographis. To his formula I've added in Ashwagandha and Sweet Cinnamon (from Sri Lanka) for the brain, as well as nettles (excellent herb for trace minerals and general support of system) and Pau D'arco (fungal).
I take a quarter level teaspoon of each herb (which is roughly the equivalent of one 00 capsule) added to some water and drink it down.
Surprisingly, I did not feel exhausted, although the protocol was pretty intense and caused a lot of flushing through the digestive system.
This is not a new symptom and usually happens in the first few weeks of starting any new protocol. As these breakouts have always been so minor and short-lived? (an occasional papercut lesion or what looks like a pin prick), I paid them little mind.
In this case, the skin continued to break open for the duration of treatment and I had some long "scratch" marks come up as well. It seemed like the last papercut I got was deeper and for the first time I started to worry that perhaps I was giving myself a lesion problem that I might not be able to turn off. This little spot has bothered me on occasion on and off throughout the years of my Morgellons experience, but during the Buhner protocol, it itched almost constantly. On the plus side, I could tell there was a lot of detoxification going on and all of those bitter herbs were really helpful for quelling sugar cravings. I believe I will revisit this protocol modified in the future, but for now, am taking a rest from it. Note that when I ceased treatment, the papercut and pinprick lesions stopped, although I recently had a three-inch long "scratch" appear on my leg weeks after stopping his treatment some weeks back. This was a surprise, since problems usually only show up on my hands and 3 inches is rather a statement!For the first time, the scratch resembled images I've seen for Bartonella. There is much about it that I think is helpful, and I encourage people to study these herbs and supplements carefully, and decide for themselves if they want to incorporate them. This is a very difficult protocol and for any who have detoxification pathway issues, this could impact their health negatively. The release of toxins in a system that cannot remove them properly can be deadly, so it is important to not rush carelessly forward with something this strong. I did feel like the protocol helped me on many levels, but I could not tolerate the heart issues with pressure on the chest, burning, and breathing difficulties. The creator of the protocol feels that Bartonella is at the core of the Morgellons infection, and Bartonella likes to set up shop in the endothelial tissue of the heart. Thinking this was just a severe Herxheimer reaction, I went back on the protocol but was unable to advance more than one drop of each tincture before heart and breathing issues returned with a vengeance.
This time, the heart issues did not abate immediately, and it's been some weeks now in which they often come back on a low level. His original protocol (which he posted on Jenna's blog and which is now removed) did not use MSM, or Silver Sol or various other supplements. It also did not include baking soda, which is not inherently a problem, but at 2 teaspoons a day, might become one.

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