Tony Robinson bounces perkily over the doorstep of the grand, white stucco house in London's Little Venice, where he lives in an upper-storey flat (next door to Joan Collins) and slams the door decisively behind him. Three years after the fourth and final series of the show was aired in 1989, Robinson left Mary for beautiful singer-songwriter Teri Bramah. Robinson proposed last January while they were on holiday in Malaysia, despite saying in 1994 that marriage was 'nonsense' and that he would never remarry. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Building works in the town hall have seen recent weddings conducted in a nearby park overlooking the sea a€“ but Robinson, the presenterA  of Channel 4 archaeology seriesA  Time Team, insisted they head indoors. Gary Lineker and ex-wife Danielle Bux continue to fuel reconciliation rumours back in London.. And although now expunged, the name of his former girlfriend Heledd Matthias was, until recently, still on the doorbell below his and Louise's. The relationship lasted six years and after a number of short-lived affairs, he met Helly and moved her into his London home.
PerhapsA  -A  Robinson certainly admits he found it difficult to cope with Blackadder's array of middle-class, Oxbridge-educated actors and writers, which included Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis. But Tony Robinson yesterday tied the knot with his lover a€“ who happens to be less than half his age. Robinson left Mary Shepherd, his wife of 20 years and the mother of his two children, in 1992 for 35-year-old singer-songwriter Teri Bramah.A Two years later he vowed never to wed again, calling marriage a€?a nonsensea€™. She is two years younger than Robinsona€™s daughter, Laura, and five years younger than his son, Luke.
My partner has a streaming cold,' says the actor who found fame overnight with the role of dimwitted servant Baldrick in the 1980s BBC comedy Blackadder.

Described by friends as a 'perfect match', the couple kept to themselves and avoided the capital's lively social scene.
He says: 'Being an actor who out of survival had been taught to doff the cap, I had a completely different mindset from these astonishingly talented but very arrogant young men.
Robinson, 64, wed Louise Hobbs, 30, in the picturesque town of Ravello on Italya€™s beautiful Amalfi Coast. I would have risked swine flu to get inside the Robinson lair, said to be worth A?1.5million, where his fiancee Louise Hobbs (28 to his 63) sits hugging a box of tissues. Which made it all the more strange when, in 2007, Robinson suddenly appeared to hit the party circuit with a vengeance. He popped up at a Penelope Cruz movie premiere and an Al Gore eco-do, each time clamped to a statuesque young brunetteA  -A  Louise. Far from winding down into retirement, he is busier than ever; directing, writing books and presenting the TV show Time Team. Piers Morgan acidly noted in his diary that 'he [ Robinson] never takes his hands off her, which is hardly surprising given the 35-year age gap'. But he's not talking about Mary ShepheardA  -A  the mother of his two children, who is always referred to as his 'first wife'. They knew each other's girlfriends and how to be charming and thought they were doing the BBC a favour. And this week he'll be appearing in his first BBC sitcom since Blackadder, a 'heart-warming family comedy' about a circus called Big Top, in which he shares top billing with Amanda Holden. Robinson says that by the time he was cast as Baldrick, he was almost 40 and slogging, unfeted, around provincial theatres. He was living in Bristol, bringing up his two children with his long-term love, Mary Shepheard, when he auditioned for the role.

I'd let him argue for ten minutes and then I'd put the opposing view, saying "Stephen, I don't know as much as you because my university was the street", and he would jackknife in frustration. Since Blackadder, Robinson's most successful TV franchise has been Channel 4's archaeology series Time TeamA  -A  'middle-aged hippies digging in fields and finding nothing'A  -A  where he has been a presenter and associate producer for more than 18 years. He comes to a mental cul-de-sac and manages to reverse out, whereas the rest of us would go into the lamppost. The show has attracted grumbles for being 'archaeology lite', but Robinson is having none of it. I caught the disease from him, and my children say I'm a Mr Grouch in front of anything I'm inA  -A  but, actually, Hugh makes me look cheerful.' There has been talk of a comeback for Blackadder in 2010, but Robinson claims not to have heard about it. I feel as passionately about that now as ever.' The abiding regret of his life is that the dementia which killed both his parents led to a particularly tragic death for his father.
He was very agitated and we weren't able to give him the ending he deserved although, thank God, he died at home,' says Robinson.
We were at the epicentre of a storm of ignorance.' His mother's last weeks in a care home in 2006 were filmed for a documentary he was presenting.
She always did what she wanted and would have loved being in the spotlight.' In many ways, he has lived his life backwards, opting for carpet-slippers stability at 21 and now, in his 60s, jetting around the world with a young fiancee and rubbing shoulders with the stars.

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