One of Americaa€™s top defense attorneys was deemed too controversial to host an event for President Obama, according to newly surfaced emails, mainly because of one particular client a€“ a jet-setting billionaire accused of trafficking underage girls, who also happens to be close friends with Bill Clinton. When Hillary Clinton sought to burnish her campaign with some borrowed Olympic glory, one television news network was there to help, a media watchdog reported.
Hillary Clinton today released her 2015 tax returns in an effort to underscore the fact that Donald Trump has yet to disclose any of his returns. When a white supremacist endorsed Donald Trump for president, the broadcast networks blamed the candidate, but when the radical father of a terrorist endorsed Hillary Clinton, TV journalists dismissed it, according to a media watchdog.
If you think the television networks are biased toward Hillary Clinton in the current presidential race, a media watchdog wants you to know that newspapers are even worse.
Dozens of Republicans a€“ including ex-lawmakers and former party staffers a€“ have signed a letter urging Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus to a€?suspenda€? funding for Donald Trumpa€™s campaign and divert all resources to congressional races, in the latest rebuke of the nominee from inside the party. The Weekly Standarda€™s Steve Hayes said Thursday on a€?Special Report with Bret Baiera€? that newly revealed e-mails continue to raise questions about impropriety between the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton State Department.

The Democratic National Committee has created a a€?Cybersecurity Advisory Boarda€? in the wake of an embarrassing and damaging leak of internal emails that cost then-Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz her job a€“ and has said it will soon notify DNC officials to those affected by the hack. Television news has long used graphics at the bottom of their screens to identify the people and places in their stories a€“ but with the 2016 presidential race, two networks lately have been injecting analysis into them during their news reporting. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid says he is convinced that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will nominate Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court if she is elected president.
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