So I am happy to share this with you and am 100% you can bounce out ASAP as well, you just have to believe it can be this simple.
But Tony Robbins has changed over 4 million lives of people from 100 different countries and knows for the most part we can cure ourselves instantly.
But my desire to jump out of depression was more important to me than my ego; more important than my desire to blame something else and not take responsibility for feeling the way I do. And as soon as you accept depression is a choice, liberation from depression can take place literally instantly. Tony Robbins explains that depression is a state of mind we reach by taking deliberate steps. If you watch the full series, you will see Tony demonstrates this fact with an audience member on the spot in front of everyone by asking the lady, Tahnee, to get depressed. In conclusion, recognizing that I am in control and responsible for the things I am doing to get to depression, helped me snap out of this behavior.
I got up about 3:30am today, because I got up to use the restroom, and I was so pissed I couldn’t even fall back asleep.
I turned my psychology around so fast I felt absolutely compelled to share this experience with you guys. 1) Blow away your mind with an avalanche of information about the truth of depression, remember it’s up to you!
4) Mentally focus on what you do want in life; what things do you have in life that are going well for you? Picture and visualize about people, places, and situations in your life that excite you and fulfills you. March 22, 2013 By Mike Cernovich 20 Comments Why do some people take action where as most do not?
Thus day 1 of Unleash the Power Within is about learning more about fear and how to conquer it. Fear results from one of three sources: (1) a pattern of physiology, (2) a pattern of focus, or (3) a pattern of language. All human beings fear rejection, so rejection isn’t a word a player should even have in his mental vocabulary.

I was too passively accepting my state rather than recognizing that my state is something that I can change.
By staying at the gym and controlling my physiology by lifting even when it was boring and hurt, my state would change.
You can change state using physiology (keep lifting until your mind gets right) and also by a change in focus. If you focus on your problems and navel gaze all day about every injustice, you will feel anger, anxiety, and depression.
It’s a demand that you change your negative patterns of thoughts and negative behaviors. Did you know that the only people who complain about typos are those who are too stupid to create good content?
They point out that loss avoidance and win seeking behavior are completely different and driven by different sections of the brain.
I had no idea about state or my perception of it until reading your blog and then Tony Robbins. I studied Tony Robbins stuff, immediately implemented the lessons, and have officially bounced back into a positive state. In other words, it’s a sequence of decisions we make, consciously or subconsciously; it’s something we learned. Some people right now in some places across earth are literally killing each other and dying over the lack of fresh clean drinking water.
So for 4 hours starting from 3:30am I began scouring the internet, soaking in countless you tube videos, and listening to a multitude of audio recordings from people like Tony Robbins, Will Smith’s wisdom videos, Eric Thomas’s motivational series, Jim Rohn’s 4 moments that change your life, Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief. They shoulders slump and they generally walk around like beta males who are afraid of making eye contact with women.
Unlike most personalities in the motivational field he pushes not just the positive thinking, but also being accountable. I don’t even think I can stop myself anymore, fear has become food to my mind and I eat it veraciously. I’m choosing to work today, and part of my goals involved writing out this summary of Tony Robbins depression series because it really helped me a few hours ago and I sincerely hope it enhances your mind, well-being, and all-around positively impacts your day!

If we describe ourselves as worthless, or describe our day as being painful, the brain will immediately begin generating the corresponding emotional chemicals, and propagate such feelings. I began describing my day as super awesome, that today the 4th of July was gonna be epic, fun and meaningful. Why do men hate on you when they find out you are bettering yourself by lifting weights, reading books, and generally kicking ass? Should I change my state to that of an outgoing person with a lot of energy before turning down invitations to hang? If my legs hurt or I felt like a workout was hard, my state would change, “If you die, you die.
If you focus on someone’s nicer car, house, or lifestyle, then you will feel jealousy.
He is also at the head of a self-built empire and learning from someone like that always has value. If our focus is on negative things, the same process begins, where the brain will produce depressive emotional chemicals. Yes, my back pain did in fact yesterday night torture me enough to prevent me from being able to fall asleep, as I showed in my previous video blog. Simply accepting my state without questioning it makes me the same as a woman who is ruled by her feelings.
If you are so smug and self-satisfied that your mind closes to Tony Robbins, you are a delusional little hater who will do little in life. I think Executive level seats (which are more than adequate, as every seat is good) were around $650 and General Admission were around $550. I began visualizing my back as feeling better, and taking action steps to alleviate the agony, such as icing, cupping, and swim therapy; and I as of now my back is totally feeling relieved! But if a state change compels me to leave the house, then I was being an insufferable weakling.

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