Joining DJ Khaled and motivational speaker Tony Robbins, Mariah Carey graces the second Complex cover of the month. It’s a cool summer night, but the heat lamps radiate enough warmth that she discards the jacket, revealing, well, a lot—just not much in the way of clothes.
Still, Carey’s combination of glamour, curves, and shade, expertly delivered, should make Mariah’s World perfect reality TV.
Days after Daniels’ lament, Carey posted his inevitable mea culpa to her IG and Twitter feeds. Create custom picture quotes about inspirational - It's in your moments of decision that your.. Maneuvering through the main dining room at Nobu Malibu with a small entourage, she’s wearing large sunglasses and a leather jacket draped over her shoulders. After decades in the tabloid spotlight, she’s successfully walled off most of her life from the public.

Trailed by flashing camera bulbs and the dinner crowd’s murmurs, she sits with me at a barely-lit table on the restaurant’s outside deck, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It promises the requisite look inside the celebrity bubble, including rehearsals for her European tour, the planning of her wedding to billionaire James Packer later this year, and her unrelenting campaign against unflattering fluorescent lighting.
Tabloids have quoted “insiders” worried that a reality show will prove embarrassing for her. She’s been famous since she was 20 years old, when her self-titled debut exploded onto the charts in 1990.
A colossal financial success and a diva par excellence, Carey has riches that mere mortals simply can’t relate to—and an origin story to match.
But it won’t be, according to Carey, a put-it-all-out-there show in the style of the Kardashian clan—who are, coincidentally, filming something in a private dining room 15 yards away. Wendy Williams railed against the idea, citing Whitney Houston’s regrettable appearances in Bravo’s 2005 series Being Bobby Brown.

After 26 years in the spotlight, two divorces, a “breakdown,” and a “comeback,” all roadmapped by 18 No. Director Lee Daniels, whom Carey has been close to since they filmed Precious, went on SiriusXM to voice concern that verged on spilling tea.
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