Motivational speaker Tony Robbins attended Game 6 of the 2016 NBA finals June 16 in Cleveland.
Longtime followers of speaker Tony Robbins say those who were treated for burns after walking across coals Thursday night during a motivational exercise in downtown Dallas lacked the proper focus. But a burn expert at Parkland Memorial Hospital says it’s no wonder five people were hospitalized and dozens more were treated at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center after the fire-walking session.
About 7,000 people attended the “Unleash the Power Within” event, Robbins’ staff said, and the vast majority of them performed the fire-walk. Participants spent the entire first day of the four-day event preparing themselves to achieve their “peak state” before walking across the 15 feet of coals. But social media and smartphones are a powerful distraction that can shake that focus, said Tad Schinke, who has been a crew member at more than 100 Robbins events. Paramedics treated injured participants outside the Unleash the Power Within event at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas early Friday morning. Campbell, however, said feet are no match for burning coals, no matter how focused the participant might be. Paramedics found a large number of the would-be fire-walkers with burns on their feet and lower extremities, Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman Jason Evans said.
Evans said two paramedics and a rescue unit were posted at the event beforehand, in addition to a private team of medics.
Erin Clark, a participant from Dallas, said there were several lanes of burning coals set up in a parking lot outside the convention center, and it took five or six steps to clear them to the sod on the other side.Crew members at the end of each lane slowed down the fire-walkers and washed their feet. Paul Gold of West Palm Beach, Fla., told The Associated Press that he suffered second-degree burns on both feet. Gold, 44, suspects the difference this time was that staff members didn’t allow the coals to cool enough before adding more.
Bahareh Hosseini of Dallas has done two other fire walks at Robbins’ events, but Thursday night she burned her feet so badly she couldn’t walk afterward.
Schinke said people’s focus was likely disrupted by all the ambulances, which ultimately ended up “just sitting there.” He said it’s not uncommon for a few people to get minor blisters, but in his almost 24 years’ experience, he’s never heard of anyone seriously burning his or her feet. Hosseini said she heard other people complaining about their feet after the fire walk, but their injuries weren’t serious and they were just being “childish,” she said. But Campbell, the Parkland burn expert, said anyone suffering from foot burns should see a doctor.
Pujan Patel of Dallas said he felt great after the fire walk and was dancing with everyone afterward.

Ashes left over from Thursday night’s fire walk were disposed of in a Dumpster at the convention center.
Local News columnists, reporters and editors invite you to join the discussion of the hot topics of the day. Tony Robbins attends the screening of "Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru" during the Music, Film + Interactive Festival on in Austin, Texas. Dozens were burned and at least five had to be hospitalized after participating in the fire walking event as part of the festivities in a four-day Tony Robbins event held at the Dallas Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center on Thursday, June 23. Schinke adds that 7,000 participated in the walk without injury, and that medical staff are always on site to offer quick help if needed. As many as five additional ambulances and two EMS supervisors were sent to the scene of last night’s event. Sage Robbins is the lovely wife of New York Times best-selling author, life and business strategist, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Tony Robbins. Her hubby, widely regarded as ‘the father of the life coaching industry’ could be facing serious accusations after a number of his attendees resulted injured at one of his world renowned rallies.
The author of many self-help books such as Awaken the Giant Within, Unlimited Power, and Unleash the Power Within.
Robbins is always passionate about helping others doing humanitarian work through the non-profit Anthony Robbins Foundation. Robbins is a recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations and organizational turnaround, he has served as an advisor to leaders around the world for more than 38 years.
The Celebrity Self-Help Guru is credited with empowering millions of people around the world and millions every year attend his live seminars. Formerly known as Bonnie Humphrey, Sage is an actress best known for her role in the film Shallow Hal (2001). Sage Robbins is a phlebotomist and acupuncturist by profession but held a number of jobs including health food store clerk. Following a divorce in 1998, Sege and Robbins met in 1999, began dating seriously in 2000 and were married in 2001. Tony also has three stepchildren from his marriage with Becky Jenkins including – Jolie Jenkins and Josh Jenkins. Sege Robbins and her husband are always together, she is always seen by his side, traveling the world with him to his different seminars.
In addition to multiple rescue units and EMS supervisors, a DART bus was requested to hold up to 40 patients who were treated onsite.

All of the event’s permits were in order, and a “fire watch” team was onsite to make sure the event complied with regulations.
When she finished the fire-walk, Clark said, she did notice some people sitting on the curb looking at their feet, but only one seemed to be in serious pain. She said that she was fine Friday and that her burns were her fault and had nothing to do with Robbins or his staff. Her brother, who was on the medical team Thursday night, rubbed aloe vera on people’s feet, and they were fine, she said. The people who burned their feet should have done a better job of mentally preparing, he said. Your comments are subject to our Terms of Service and the privacy policy and terms of service of your social network. He is famous for his highly public “firewalk” seminars, but today, dozens were burned and required medical attention after attempting to walk on hot coals during a fire walking event at a Tony Robbins motivational seminar in Dallas, TX.
Sage’s hubby has dedicated his life to helping people discover and put into action the tools, strategies, and resources that create extraordinary results and amazing levels of personal fulfillment.
Her husband is the father of Jairek Robbins, who was born of Robbins and his girlfriend, Liz Acosta. She has collaborated in a number of his videos including a relationship themed video for Valentines’ day filled with tips and relationship advice.
He said the woman called 911 and reported that “hundreds” of people had burned their feet and that authorities should send as many ambulances as possible. She said she looked down at the coals rather than keeping her eyes up like Robbins instructed her to.
He said he’s done fire walks in New Jersey and Florida and had never heard of people injuring themselves.
Over the last three decades, he has directly impacted the lives of more than 50 million people from 100 nations with his work in leadership psychology, negotiation, organizational turnaround and peak performance.

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