Keeping in line with principles of Business Mastery and Tony's work, we will be holding monthly meetings at the Success Resources Offices at the start of the month. This is an opportunity to, not only understand what Business Mastery is all about but, it is also a place for learning & networking with other like minded business minded people.
Since that day, I have been to other events where he has been present and consumed his content religiously to compound my results further. The event was supposed to be two hours of Tony but as always, he over-delivered with value, and it quickly became four hours. Amongst high achievers, Tony’s work (or similar work from figures such as Les, Brown, Brian Tracey, and Eric Thomas) is very common.
On this day, at Tony’s event, he told me that it was because of some Tony Robbins cd’s he listened to at the time that sparked a change in him and led him on a new path. By reading this post, I want you to get the same spark of inspiration and change in your life.
Many people mistake Tony Robbins as a positive thinking kind of guy that exists to motivate people. Rather than telling yourself that you always have to be positive, focus on how your negative thoughts are directly related to things that you fear. Gratitude is a lesson that Tony’s work has taught me many times, in lots of different ways.
The other lesson worth mentioning is that just as quick as you can make lots of money you can lose it too.
So the point is to appreciate what you have right now and realise you are already rich both psychologically and financially. The reality is everyone will lose a loved one at some point and experience a horrible tragedy.
The cure for suffering is to begin to see the miracle in things again like you did as a child. One distinction that Tony makes in his teachings is that achievers are often not fulfilled which is the ultimate failure in life.
These same achievers believe that they have no fear and just deal with varying amounts of stress. There is nothing wrong with fear, but if you want to be successful, you need to let fear be something that helps propel you forward. If you have never been to a Tony Robbins event before then you could easily be convinced that it’s some type of cult when you look in from the outside without any context as to what the heck is going on (I promise you it’s not). At Tony’s events, there is a lot of dancing, cheering, moving around the room, acting stuff out, and talking to complete strangers. To get new strategies and truly take action you need to be immersed in a set of positive feelings at the same time. These musical moments create anchors for the human mind to change state subconsciously and create new neural pathways.
An element to Tony’s teachings that has always kept me interested in his work and how it can change my life is his belief (and evidence) that all of us can achieve the impossible. It’s not the circumstances of our childhood or our past experiences; it’s what we believe right now at this moment that determines if we have what it takes to achieve the impossible.
Step One – I became obsessed with one thing and was so hungry for it that I wouldn’t let it go. Step Three – I kept changing my approach until I executed on the one thing I was chasing and I immersed myself in it as much as possible. One of Tony’s messages that is repetitive in all of his work, which helped me, was to understand that just achieving success is not enough. These high achievers are unhappy because they have what a lot of us think is everything, but deep down these influential people are unfulfilled and numbing the pain of their life with plastic surgery and drugs. Don’t just create your dreams, stand back and be happy when you’ve achieved them – you deserve it! Saying to yourself you will be happy when something transpires in the future, or you achieve some fairytale goal, will see you become miserable and unhappy. When these events occur, Tony says he “kills the monster while it’s little.” He further adds that he tries not to let any negative event linger in his mind for more than ninety seconds, so the feeling never has the chance to grow into something huge. In life, there is always something to worry about every day, but you can be happy by making the decision not to let these worries take over. The only way to be happy is to go against your human programming and decide to be happy no matter what external forces occur.
Entrepreneurs make one critical mistake all day long: they pitch ideas that are all about them instead of making them all about us. We have all had this feeling and the reason we do this is because life is so much better when we do things together, and we work in an environment where we do things for others. Having seen Tony in lots of different environments, I have noticed one thing about him that always seems to be true; you never see him looking at a mobile phone. If you want to live an amazing life you need to become more present and resist the temptation to film everything with your phone.
I am going to contradict this point by posting a video below, but that’s only because I want you to see what Tony’s events are like and why he is able to turn my life, and the lives of everyone he touches, in a more positive direction. The highest paid professionals in the world all know one truth; people seek you out because they want what you know. You need to redefine your category or niche and concentrate on giving as much value as you can.

When you attend any of Tony’s events not only does your life change, but you feel like you got way more value than you expected!
Just like a muscle, you constantly have to find times to be courageous; otherwise, the muscle gets smaller over time, and you can’t use it when you really need it. To live a life at the elite level, you need to be able to operate at your peak consistently, and Tony teaches that this can only occur from a peak state.
After you see your state change over and over again throughout the cause of his fifty-hour plus seminars, you would have to be an idiot not to see how easy it is to do. The one I like is called “The Wonder Woman Pose.” You essentially stand like Wonder Woman for twenty seconds and then you will quickly witness a new state being created in your body.
Tim DenningTim Denning is a former entrepreneur turned intrapreneur, working daily with fast-moving tech companies. Writing this while reading your article I can say that friend of yours is a very brave man.
I also love how Tony embrace responsibility for our own life, for pretty much every single event, it is our fault or our reward. Oh, and I adore the Wonder Woman pose ?? Gotta use it at my job now and then to show who’s the boss haha!
I feel Tono that every time you write a comment you helping to educate yourself by reinforcing the lessons you learning which is cool. Unleash The Power Within is your opportunity to break through to change anything that’s stopping you and go to the level of life that you are committed to. You will learn to break through the unconscious things that are stopping whether it’s fear, frustration or just the lack of strategy. Remember that the people who live an extraordinary life and achieve their highest goals and dreams have one thing in common, which is the capacity to turn fears and limitations into positive focussed actions.
Once you know all the strategies and you have already conquered your fears, got the clarity of what you want and made a plan for getting there, the only thing that’s holding you back are the inevitable inner conflicts that prevent you from taking consistent actions.
Your health is the most important factor yet we often neglect what we know is most important. Tony Robbins has dedicated over 30 years of his life to discovering what it really takes to Change People’s Life to Extraordinary. Anthony Robbins has been called a motivational speaker but what Tony is committed to is what produces results -permanently. His own outstanding life has allowed him to personally meet, consult, and coach an incredibly diverse group of over 3 million people from 100 different countries – from prisoners to presidents, parents to professional athletes, and gang members to high-powered CEOs. As well as his public speaking engagements and live appearances, Robbins has directly impacted the lives of nearly 50 million people from 80 countries with his best-selling books and audio products. Some of the world’s most accomplished people like Hugh Jackman, Serena Williams and Bill Clinton have turned to Tony to help turn the life of their dreams into reality. We will be sharing content from the course, results and talking about ways to improve business.
Last week, I was lucky enough to catch Tony at an event in Melbourne, Australia where he delivered a truly unique experience that I wasn’t expecting. With me at the event was a good friend of mine who I never knew had also had his life change by Tony. My friend made a critical decision many years ago to leave his country and go to the Western World, but I never knew why. I want to be a small catalyst for you to change something in your life that’s important to you. I used to experience the same thing until Tony taught me that states of mind like “pissed of” are not things that we pick up from somewhere, they are states of mind that we physically do and act our in our lives. Act out the state of mind you want and you will get more of that state of mind or feeling in return. The statistic that Tony gives is that people that are in my country (Australia) who are considered to be poor are richer than 99% of the planet.
The scary fact is that 99% of people lose money in investing over the long term and all financial markets crash at some point.
We have this fear that we have less, or have lost something, or that we will never have something.
Achievers act as if they are invincible, and they are some rare breed that has this superhuman confidence.
The reality is that the stress they experience is really just the same fear everyone has in disguise.
You need to tackle your fear head on and realise that all progress involves some level of fear conquering. The reason for all of this is that Tony says you will never learn anything if you consume the information in a static state. Around every 30 minutes at a Tony event, there is a requirement to listen to music and follow what Tony is doing. Quite simply, Tony says that motion creates emotion and that emotion is critical for learning. That’s why if you spent time in places like Hollywood you would quickly see that there is lots of money and lots of success, as well as lots of unhappy people. Tony taught me that there are always going to be things that pop up from time to time that have the potential to rob you of your happiness. Overcoming this battle requires persistence because Tony taught me that your brain is not designed to make you happy it’s designed to make you survive.

This one lesson has been a big part of my transformation, and it can do the same for you if you commit to it.
Tony’s entire life is an example of why we should make everything about us and not about ourselves. Have you ever had the feeling of experiencing something phenomenal and then the first thing you did afterwards was tell someone else? Doing things for others is how we take life to the next level and make ourselves happy at the same time. He taught me at one of his events that the reason he doesn’t have an obsession with electronic devices is because he would rather experience something in the moment than see it second hand through his phone, or worse still, film it to maybe never play it back later on. Filming something will never feel the same as being there in real life, totally focused, and totally present in the experience. If you want to never have to market your services, then Tony teaches that you need to do more for anyone else than your competition.
When I saw him a few days ago, I expected two hours of value and I got four, plus a whole heap of new strategies that he didn’t mention at the beginning of the event. I was reminded recently by Tony’s teachings that these periods of courage decline if you don’t continue the practice. When I leave the skill idle for a while, I find that the courage needed to approach a stranger with a new idea wears off like a magic potion – practice courage daily. The secret that Tony teaches is to get into a new state, and this can be done in a matter of seconds. A simple hack that Tony has been sharing recently is that you can try one of Harvard Universities approved power poses. I remember Tony said positive thinking is like going to your garden and say there’s no weeds. It is never easy to leave the country of your origins and travel to different place, I know that quite well.
We so tend to blame people, birds, weather, music, gods around that we become slaves of our environment instead of being powerful makers. What I have found in recent times that seems to be common amongst all successful people is some form of learning from Tony Robbins whether it be a cd or a seminar.
It’s about cultivating the power that is already inside yourself and challenging yourself to live a life of your term, not what is scripted by your environment, society or anyone else. You will have the chance to walk on the red hot coal to see what you are capable of achieving. You don’t have to reinvent the wheels when you can learn the cutting-edge strategies at Unleash The Power Within.
You will acquire clarity for your life on this second day, no matter where you are starting from.
You will also learn to get rid of the dis-empowering ‘stories’, the self limiting beliefs that hold you back. What Tony Robbins taught me is that positive thinking is BS, and when you force yourself only to think positive, all you end up doing is hiding from your fear. It’s how you think about what happens to you and how you think about money that determines your reality.
The more you allow yourself to suffer, the more it will affect other areas of your life such as your health. Next time you experience stress dig a little deeper and see if it’s related to something that you might fear.
Deciding is not enough, though: you must choose to be happy right now in this moment otherwise there is a high chance you will never be happy. This why at his events there is so much movement because he wants to demonstrate just how quickly your state can change. I think it was filmed in Australia actually, with beautiful scenery and wonderful actors play. Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within weekend event is the invitation for you to recognize and uncover and use the powerful resources you already possess, the courage, the determination and the drive to change to create anything that you want in life. You will leave with a clear understanding of what it is that you truly want most out of your life.
He wants to know WHY you do what you do, what drives you, what forms your decisions and, so, why your life is what it is today.
You will make fundamental decisions, build a plan and create strategies for sustained momentum. And most importantly you will discover that you can change your life forever and live it on your terms. When I first saw him in 2013, he helped me so much with his learning’s and completely turn my life around. If you know what you want to do but you don’t have the energy to follow through, it’s not going to happen.

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