As the show opens, Adam tells a story about playing basketball with Sonny at the local YMCA. Since the show is pre-taped from earlier in the week, the guys lightly touch on the Aurora shootings, which had only just happened.
I thought the “rayse they children” was just the begining to a really funny post but man are you dumb! If you make observations about people who aren’t white (and you ARE white, which really just means you are nothing specific, OR it means you can be any color as long as you are a fan of Arrested Development and can watch it in English) then you are racist. In the pic for the episode, I love that Kevin Smith is looking on just over Alison’s shoulder.
Many restaurants shun a form of marketing because they "don't have what is required to use it".
When a company pivots, doe they leave their business model behind or, leverage legacy assets?

He discusses running into an old friend from the Man Show, then rants about his dog Molly taking a crap in the den.
The guys also talk about injuries sustained at a Tony Robbins convention, and discuss the arrest of a former wing-eating champion.
That should clear it up for all you people who aren’t sure if what you are saying is racist or not. And speaking as an Scottish, Irish, British, Finnish-American woman, I wouldn’t screw you with a ten foot penis.
It’s real racists like you that are destroying Comedy with your pearl clutching PC bullshit. The only issue i have is since these are prerecorded, can’t the volume levels be adjusted in post production? Dov Davidoff then walks on stage and chats with Adam and the gang about strip club champagne rooms and going ‘window-shopping’ in the Netherlands.

As the show wraps up, Adam recalls a pie eating contest, and he and Alison exchange stories about Dave Grohl. Examples are: Apartheid and educational opportunities dictated by the affluence of the town you were born in. I listen to them at work and i have to constantly adjust the volume up and down either so i can hear it or so everyone else can’t! Today we'll show you how you can quickly and easily leverage one form of marketing to build up another one.
Either way keep it up, you make my work day go by much faster and take a bit of the edge off.

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