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Gaskins is our H U N K of the D A Y not only because he’s visually appeasing, but he makes manhood look good. I know There?s a sea of people giving out relationship advice online, but what sets Tony apart is his ability to draw from the word of God.

Tony Gaskins, author of Being Single Is Not A Curse, prides himself on practicing what he preaches. Ladies, If you have ever wondered if a man will be willing to wait until marriage for sex–Tony has a word for you. He’s a happily married man with kids and gives hope to us single girls each day via his insightful social media posts or through his latest relationship advice. Seven years later, he has written eight notable books and has a large social media presence (his celebrity followers range from rapper Missy Elliot to philosopher Cornel West)."When I was 22, a friend told me that I should write a book because you know I had the ability to write.

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