Known for designing Coca-Cola's #1 strategic initiative of all time Helps audiences find true north when things are going south! On this day in 1996, Joan Collins struck a blow for writers everywhere when a judge ruled that her publisher, Random House, should pay her an extra million dollars on top of a partial advance of $1.2 million for two crap books that she had been contracted to write. Years before, Random House had agreed to pay the “Dynasty” actress a total of $4 million dollars for two novels. However, that clause had been negotiated out of Collins’ contract by her agent, Irving “Swifty” Lazar and replaced with one that asked only for a “complete” manuscript.
As a result, the publishing world’s secrets about some of its best-selling authors were exposed. Normally, publishers prefer to eat their losses quietly, but industry insiders speculated at the time that Alberto Vitale, the company’s chairman and CEO, was furious over losing so much money and decided to sue. On this day in 1940, Hattie McDaniel became the first black actor to win an Academy Award, playing Mammy, Scarlett O’Hara’s maid in “Gone With the Wind.” It was a bittersweet win, because it occurred at time when Georgia’s Jim Crow laws prevented her from attending the film’s premiere in Atlanta, and at the Oscar ceremony, she and her escort were seated in the segregated section by the kitchen. Also born on this day in 1960 was Tony Robbins, self-help author and motivational speaker, and we’ll mark his birthday today with some of his quotations.
I've given talks about mysteries, Agatha Christie, creativity, Victorian murders, self-publishing and how to be a better writer.
The latest edition in the 223B Casebook Series features parodies of Holmes fighting in World War I, solving a draft mystery, and starring in a drug-saturated silent movie starring Douglas Fairbanks! Farrah Gray was named as one of the most influential Black men in America by the National Urban League. Farrah Gray began his entrepreneurial, personal and civic development as a stellar young citizen at six years old selling homemade body lotion and his own hand-painted rocks as book-ends door-to-door. Reallionaire was endorsed by Former President Bill Clinton, Pierre Sutton, Stedman Graham, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.

We will only use your information to communicate with you directly, and you can remove yourself from our list at any time with one simple click. The company argued that were redundant, incoherent and incomplete, and would normally have rejected them according to a standard clause in contracts that authors submit a “satisfactory” manuscript. Collins’ editor, Joni Evans, testified about spending two weeks with Jeffrey Archer on a novel, rewriting scenes, changing characters and going over the results line by line. The Dysfunctional Family Circus website, replaced Keane’s captions with those submitted by visitors to the site, until asked to stop, while The Nietzsche Family Circus replaced captions with quotes from the works of Friedrich Nietzsche. Ebony Magazine and Black Enterprise recognized him as an entrepreneurial icon and best-selling author. He soon then became the youngest member of the Board of Advisors for the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. Gray’s book and his journey to succeed against the odds have become required reading and part of classroom study from elementary school to entrepreneurship departments on college and university campuses such as Harvard University and Princeton. Farrah Gray’s honors include Keys to the Cities of Dallas, Shreveport, and Cincinnati. Raised in the impoverished South side of Chicago, Gray defied the odds and became a self-made millionaire by the age of 14. What makes him extra attractive is the stack of accomplishments he achieved at such a young age.
Gray’s inspirational spirit and grounded personality sparked speaking requests from organizations around the country.
He was also given a three-year term on the Board of Directors of United Way of Southern Nevada at the age of 15. Reallionaire was also named as the #1 Best-selling Nonfiction Paperback book in the August 2005 Issue of Essence Magazine.

Gray’s books, Reallionaire, Get Real Get Rich and The Truth Shall Make You Rich, have been translated into Russian, German, Polish, French, Korean, Indonesian, and Vietnamese languages with book sales in Africa, Australia and Europe and in Central and South American countries. He has also received Proclamations from the Governors of Illinois and Nevada, the Mayors of Louisville, Kentucky, Chicago, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Wilmington, Delaware, and Clark County Nevada Commissioners. At the age of 21, he received an Honorary Doctorate degree of Humane Letters from Allen University. He was a syndicated columnist with the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) federation of 200 weekly newspapers reaching more than 15 million readers.
Farrah Gray’s sense of social responsibility motivated him to create the non-profit organization, The Farrah Gray Foundation.
Farrah Gray’s continued his philanthropic work signing on as the spokesman for the National Coalition for the Homeless and the National Marrow Donor Program. This was in recognition of his ingenious economic mind and distinguished commitment to the development of values such as leadership, integrity and scholarship.
As a former AOL Money Coach, Farrah Gray gives advice to millions of AOL subscribers daily on topics such as leadership, personal development, diversity, strategic planning, creativity, business development and financial management.
As a private consultant he was gone in to work with the likes of JP Morgan Chase and the U.S. In his rise from poverty to national and international prominence as an entrepreneurial icon and pre-eminent power speaker, Farrah Gray has inspired millions around the world.
The Farrah Gray Foundation partnered with the Kauffman Foundation, launching entrepreneurship programs in inner-city schools across the country.

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