These days, most of the businesses are looking to convert their physical stores into a dynamic eCommerce website, which is quite easily possible for them. When you start an online business, you need to make sure to serve your customers exceptionally so that they feel special and visit your website again and again. When it comes to increase number of customers and visitors on your website, you should place product videos on your website that help your customers to get a complete idea about your products. Along with placing videos on your website, you can also place some of your best selling product videos on video sharing websites like YouTube.
If you have an attractive and easy-to-use website to sell your products, you will surely attract lots of visitors on your website and turn them into potential customers. Believe it or not, but this is one of the most important points for you if you want to attract lots of customers on your eCommerce website. Apart from all these tips, it is also significant for you to offer some amount of discount and promotion deals to your customers. No matter whether you are running a big or small e-store, but you need to opt for social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Brianna Wills is working as a ecommerce developer at perception system, which is a leading e-Commerce development services provider company in India.
One year I decided to put out a humming bird feeder and I couldn’t believe how many hummingbirds came to my house! Looking for something?Use the form below to search the site:Still not finding what you're looking for? So, what are some of the best practices for attracting talent and reducing turnover?Provide career navigation and personal branding strategies from the get-go. Involve employees in the talent management and recruitment process as much as possible- ask questions to find out what attracted them to your organization to begin with, what motivates them, and what keeps them engaged. But, in the long run, men like to be with nice women.  Why would anyone ever choose to be with someone who is nasty, rude or bitchy? What is your UEP (Unique Employment Proposition)? What do you offer that your competitors don’t? Make a list of the top 10 reasons a STAR employee should come to work for you. Ask everyone who gives you an employee referral one question: Is this a referral or a recommendation? Think inside the box. Before you go looking outside your organization, look at the people you already have on board to see if anyone on staff can do the job or if there is someone who this job would be a stretch for, but who deserves the opportunity to grow. Get rid of “Help Wanted” signs. “Help Wanted’ isn’t a good reason for anyone to want to work for you.
Never stop looking for your next employee. Today’s employees do not believe it is disloyal to look for a job while they are working for you and the same needs to hold true for hiring managers. HR in Asia seeks to provide meaningful insights to HR Practitioners, employees and job seekers looking to understand the latest shifts in HR practice around the region. Starting an online business is easy, but running it smoothly and profitably is not as easy as it sounds, eCommerce retailers need to spend their huge amount of time on their website to make it worth for their customers. You can adopt many new ways to attract your customers on your website, but make sure to implement effective tips that work for your site. Placing product videos is one of the best ideas that surely work for your eCommerce website and increase sales and revenue of your business. You can easily get huge traffic and visitors on your website and make your brand popular worldwide. You should offer exceptional and quality customer service to your customers and need to answer their all queries about your products. By introducing some discount deals on your products, you can grab the attention of customers and increase your sales and profit of your business. You can have strong and professional profiles on these social media websites as it helps you to attract many new customers and visitors on your website. The company offers end-to-end e-Commerce solutions to make your business on the top of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and more.

This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. It was made of light weight plastic and would blow in the wind to the point of losing most of it’s contents in a single afternoon.
Employee development is also key – it’s important to provide coaching, educational opportunities, and training programs to your workforce. Often a girl is beautiful and smart but rude and nasty or she is beautiful and nice but not so smart. This will tell you if the person who gave you the referral actually knows the person and is willing to put their own name and reputation on the line. When you get a call asking for a reference on a STAR employee who left you, you’ve just been put on notice that he or she is looking for a new job. The same headline, same message, and same location will continue to attract the same types and kinds of applicants. Promoting from within motivates your entire staff and it’s nice to discover the person you need for the new position is a person you hired two years ago. If you have more than one manager at a location, divide the recruiting responsibilities between them. Before you try to attract any man, be it across the room or directly in front of you, it is important that you be confident in yourself.
Once you feel confident about yourself both inside and out, you can then begin to focus on attracting a man’s attention. Many men consider a woman’s neck and shoulders to be very alluring and attractive parts of her body. Again, wearing a pair of shoes that you feel comfortable in (meaning you can walk in them) is key—if you are tottering around on sky-high heels, you may come across as looking like you’ve had one too many drinks. Wearing a necklace that will draw his attention to your neck can help to hook a man’s attention.
However, you would many eCommerce websites on the web, so it becomes difficult to grab the attention of your customers and new visitors. Continue your reading to get some golden tips to attract customers and visitors on your website. By shipping their products on perfect time and sorting their all problems and complaints, you can easily win your customers’ trust and they will also inform their friends, relatives and other people about your website. Through these social media network, you can communicate with your customers, provide product details, offer discount deals and other important stuffs. A woman who is attractive, smart and NICE is a real catch.  Being nice is good for you too. So, before you give the requested references, tell the caller that you will have to call the former employee for their permission to release the information.
Have one focus on referrals, another on outside organizations (schools, church groups, state employment agencies), and another on the Internet (Facebook, LinkedIn, and all the other social media and job boards). Instead of Now Hiring, how about: Our growth is your opportunity or Come for the job, stay for the career. Research shows that over 20 percent of the people who are employed are frustrated by their jobs. Loving yourself and knowing how amazing you are is one of the most attractive things you can do. Focusing on the positive, rather than on the negative, can help you to feel more comfortable in your own skin.
Instead of wearing a dress that hardly covers your breasts, instead dry wearing a halter top dress and a loose updo to give your man a peek at your neck. There is no need to pile on the makeup, but if you feel like you look great with a bunch of eyeliner and mascara making your eyes pop, then go for it!

Many men consider a woman’s neck to be a feminine and captivating part of her body, so show off your elegant neckline by wearing a necklace that flatters your looks. They are one of the first interactions a potential new hire has with the organization. Steve Miranda, Managing Director for Cornell University’s “Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies” (CAHRS), said in an interview that he believed 80% of employee turnover resulted from the environment created by a manager as opposed to the company at large.
Ask the caller for the former employee’s current telephone number, then call your former STAR and ask if he or she would consider coming back.
For example, if you mainly hire men, take your ad out of the employment section of the newspaper and run it on the sports page.
The same research shows that these people, in most cases, are some of the best employees and are trying to do a great job, but they have not been given the tools, training, and respect they deserve.
However, always bear in mind that you should be making these improvements for yourself—not to attract someone else. You should wear something that you feel comfortable in, but that also makes you feel beautiful, or even sexy.
Again, do what will make you feel the most confident and sexy—when you feel confident, you will certainly catch men’s attentions. Because of this, make sure to rub on some deodorant and give yourself a spritz of your favorite perfume. If the answer is no, you’ll still have made the person feel good and he or she may very well think of you next time they’re ready for a change. However, don’t try to catch a guy’s eye by wearing a dress with a neckline that reaches down to your belly button; instead, wear an outfit that compliments your personality and—most importantly—makes you feel fabulous. Using perfume can actually enhance your natural pheromones, making you more attractive to the opposite sex. The size should be large enough that the sugar water last a day or two in the heat of a summer day. Organizations with higher levels of trust and transparency often have higher levels of performance and retention also reducing turnover and talent acquisition costs. Potential new hires can pick up this. Pulse your workforce for their preferred means of recognition and then implement various strategies based on that feedback.
It’s important to pay attention to what each motivates different employees. Not all employees prefer to be recognized for a job well done in the same ways. Statistics from research done by the labor bureau show that the average American will hold around 11.3 jobs during their working years. The average number of jobs held is actually going up- especially with Millennials. Eleven may seem like a really high number – however that depends on various factors, including the work you do, and what generation you are from. Sure, some people are “shooting stars”, and you’d be lucky to catch them, but if they’re not a fit for the culture of your organization then you’re not likely to see maximum performance or retention from the new hire. By understanding your culture and interviewing and choosing the right hires in the first place, you’re getting a leg up on setting up a relationship that can last.Though, there are many other talent management strategies for attracting, engaging, and retaining employees, these tips should serve as a good start.
Without a focus and an understanding of people, behaviors, and what engagement and rewards strategies work for best for your culture, attracting the tight talent and reducing turnover can be even more difficult.
Be transparent, have a clear employee value proposition, communicate with potential new hires and employees early and often, know what they want and what you want, and what motivates them. Attracting new blood to your workforce is a good thing, but a constant turnover is detrimental to performance, morale, and the overall sustainability. This should help set you up for a successful partnership that leads to a higher performance and retention. One item I’d add is to develop a streamlined employee onboarding process, and to promote that during the recruitment and interview period.

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