It restores balance on every levels of body, mind and spirit working with the subtle energy fields of life or biofield. The attuned practitioner channels the universal life force Rei into the recipient life force ki thus decreasing any physical and emotional pain, fatigue, depression, stress while increasing energy level, state of mind, harmony, balance, centerness, joy, creativity and overall well being.
It also helps greatly to recover much faster from any minor and major strains (also great for sports recovery), injuries and illnesses and it is useful as a preventive method.

For your best comfort RfH offers distant sessions where the practitioner sends the Reiki treatment remotely to the recipient anywhere is requested without space limits : at the time scheduled just relax, best if laying down comfortably, while the Reiki energy will be sent to you in distance for the full time scheduled. RfH also offers hands-on Reiki sessions where fully clothed you will be comfortably laying down on a soft padded portable futon with a bolster for your knees and a soft memory face cradle pillow for your deep relaxation and direct experience of the Reiki energy (available outdoor in nature or at your domicile).
Before any Reiki Session please read, download, sign and return to RfH the Client Information Form.

These problems…Tao Song and Tao DanceSacred Sound, Movement, and Power from the Source for Healing, Rejuvenation, Longevity, and Transformation of All Life??????[ Zhi Gang Sha Dr.

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