Most quotes from the movie The Secret, are very inspirational, and come from not only famous people, but successful people as well.
Even though I’ve known about both the book and the movie for some time now, it wasn’t up until the night before I wrote this post that my wife and I sat down and watched it together. There are a few more quotes from the movie The Secret about money than I listed, but those are the ones that “stick” out when thinking about attracting more wealth into my families situation. I’d even go out on a limb here and say that you came to this blog post because you want to improve your current financial situation right now. If you can envision yourself, like The Secret suggests, having more money and wealth in your life, maybe you’d be interested in how Empower Network, (the blogging system that you’re reading this post on) can help you make more money, and do what I do in my spare time to help my finances. Simply click on the link below this article, and learn one of the biggest secrets to making money online, and how you can draw more wealth and prosperity to you and your family. Ah, The Law of Attraction, which I could easily rename The Law of Confusion, is often a point of discussion in my private sessions with clients.
So, I bought the more authentic-feeling books by Esther and Jerry Hicks who share their teachings of The Law of Attraction.
Every single (really really?) experience that shows up is something we asked for in some way through thought? In fact, I saw this principle proven plain as day when I attended a healing workshop a few years ago.
If you are constantly looking at the negative and feeling the negative, you can expect to draw more of that to you. Again, the goal is to make a shift to a place where you are in alignment with your inner being so your overall vibration is rockin’! So, the important thing here is that while you are focused on a problem, or the negative, you cannot easily attract or manifest positive. When I got so sick of being on top of everything that I stopped caring enough to obsess over each disease and symptom I had, stopped taking all my supplements, and stopped doing what felt good to my doctor, but bad for me…I started to attract actual solutions that could help me heal. While focusing on symptoms, discontent and more is negative, focusing on a solution can invoke the positive. Take it one step further and visualize traveling, working, and doing all the things that feel good to you. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a simple and very effective self-healing too for releasing emotions. You said when you focuse on wanting more because you dont have enough, you attract a negative vibration??.. My ultimate healing, the kind that goes deep down to your core and makes you whole again, came from following this road. As an ordained minister of holistic healing and energy therapy practitioner trained in energy psychology and energy medicine, I work with clients to balance the energies of their body in relationship to traumatic events, limiting beliefs and negative emotions that may be interfering with optimal well-being. This is my 50th post and wanted to make it special by sharing this wonderful poem with you all. Congrats dear, go ahead with a fast century, and I love this book, is lying just next to me in my shelf. Denufood - Delicious & Nutritious Food, Recipes from our kitchen features the flavors of regional Indian cuisine along with some of the international cuisines.
There comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama and the people who create it. The following law of attraction quotes from the hit movie, “The Secret”, focus on your thoughts and feelings. Hopefully you are beginning to see the wisdom and power in these famous law of attraction quotes. The law of attraction also states that you attract and manifest the things you think about. Those who might have watched a film called The Secret, or even read the book, will agree with me that everything that comes into our lives is attracted to us, through us, by the desirable quality of the images we hold in our minds.
We all deserve great things in life and all those can happen through our good intensive thoughts. Set out good intentions for the day; picture how beautiful, smooth and flowing your day will be.
All you need is to picture and see it in your mind, and then definitely you will have it in your life. The secret is to be patient, all the wealthy and successful men we see out there are mostly a product of positive thinking.
Jack Canfield one of the speakers on the secret is sharing his top 6 Daily Disciplines for Effortless Success. Morning Intention, Visualization and Releasing: When you wake up in the morning, take a few minutes to focus your mind on your desires, goals and intentions.
Use External Images to Keep you Focused on Your Desires and Goals: To keep yourself focused on what you want to manifest, surrounding yourself with visual images of the things and experiences you want to create in your life. Think a Better Feeling Thought: Notice the times you have emotional responses throughout the day which are not aligned with your desired manifestations.
Have an Attitude of Gratitude It is critical to take time each and every day to focus on what you are grateful for! Acknowledge That it’s Working When you start noticing things changing for the better, acknowledge that your manifestation is happening.
In my line of work, I find that most people are dreamers, not doers.  They think about being king of the world, but they are too afraid to reach out and grab that purple staff of change.  Why is there still resistance? The doing is what truly separates us from the slaves, the cronies, the victims and the supporting characters of life.  Before I achieved my empire and my castle, I made it a point to speak to my subconscious mind. Then, as you grin from ear to ear, reveling in the rape and murder that is your legacy, that inevitable moment will transpire before your eyes, even as the cynics and scoffers bear witness to your glory.  How clearly I remember that moment for me.  When I, Skeletor, became Master of the Universe! All the great humans have known this from Pope Borgia to Charlie Sheen, look, he drinks mother-effin-TigerBlood! Now if he ever got around to taking out his archnemesis, however, then he could claim unrivaled mastery of the universe (which would really boost the sales of his new book, BTW…).

Don’t try to affirm from a place of that lacks positivity or is full of negative emotion.
This Abraham-Hicks video has Abraham telling us how to turbocharge our affirmations by only doing them when the time is right.
I’m Terezia Farkas and my labels include bestselling author, Huffington Post writer, Depression Help columnist, and CDRIN LE Executive Director.
To quote Wentworth Miller, "focus less on the fact that you nearly ended your life and more on the fact that you survived.
A survivor in my mind is someone who deals with enormous stuff, bends, may even break, but comes out the other side alive when so many others don’t.
Over the last couple of years, through therapy and continued reading, I have discovered some tools to help me feel more positive, peaceful, and joyful.
The world is filled with people who, no matter what you do, no matter what you try, will simply not like you. My wife and I felt really moved after watching it, and started taking action and doing what The Secret suggests to do.
Please feel free to comment below this article and share your favorite quotes from the movie The Secret. If you end up using it for your benefit or to your detriment, it is still be working in the background of our lives. The presenter was going to give an example about healing from cancer, so he asked the audience members with cancer to raise their hands.
On the flip side, if are you focusing on the positive and that which makes you feel good, you can expect to draw more of that to you. This doesn’t mean one slip up into a negative thought or pity party will send everything plummeting.
I went from a place of such illness and financial poverty to the exact opposite and I believe so much of it had to do with my shift in focus.
But, acknowledging it and then choosing to shift your thinking and feeling to something positive does work.
For me, as is true for many of my clients, subconscious beliefs and emotions also play a part in creating blocks for our lives – and this is a good way to access and release that part of things.
What I understood is the feeling of abundance and gratitude is a must to manifest what you actually desire.
After suffering from a myriad of challenges from general anxiety about life to Lyme disease, endometriosis and every autoimmune disease under the sun, I ended up on a search for something deeper than a “fix”. I am not a licensed health care professional and my services do not in any way replace the care from health care professionals.
Come share and enjoy some of the Vegan, Vegetarian, Seafood, Non-Vegetarian and some quick, simple and easy recipes blended with herbs and spices. If you study these law of attraction quotes and start applying them to your life, you will begin to experience magic in your life like you never imagined!
It doesn’t even matter whether you are aware of it or not, or if you want it to or not – it never stops. The tricky part here is to not think in terms of not having them (as discussed above), but to act and feel as if you had everything you desire right now. So, if happy, joyful, grateful emotions dominate your life, positive things will come your way.
The more things you can feel joyful, happy, and grateful about, the more you will attract positive, wonderful things.
No matter what is currently going on in your life today, there is always something for which you can be thankful.
Write them down, memorize them, and review these law of attraction quotes several times a day.
For instance, people who whine and surrender to the belief that they do not have a life or are stuck in an abusive relationship will probably end up right there. This simply means that when you think positive thoughts and focus on them intently, just like a magnet you will attract positive things in your life. What you think about most, over and over again, and that’s with the greatest amount of personal energy and attention, will indeed grow, manifest and come into your life. Focus on what you want; you can do this by just starting with a list of day to day things to do. Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking said, “Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. For your life to change for the better, you need to shift your focus and change the way you think.
Keep your mind flooded with positive thoughts, and keep giving your desires energy derived from your positive thoughts. This can be done either in the morning after your visualization or in the evening before bed.
This way it will be in black and white reminding you of how you want to find the silver lining in all.  Soon you will be only focusing on your new 2009 positive thinking focal points. However, after reading Skeletor’s book and seeing things from a different perspective, I realized that all of it is true. The intent is to uplift your spirit, rebalance your inner soul, and attract positivity towards yourself. If you’ve seen the movie, you know about the law of attraction, and how it affects your attitude, and everyday life.
If you want to share some of your favorites quotes from the movie The Secret, please leave a comment below.
And then, thanks to an amazing therapist I was seeing at the time, I was able to give it another, fairer, look. And, there is no way I would ever play a game without reading the rules so I decided to give it another shot. Literally, 95% of those with cancer were seated next to each other in one long row of chairs.

Thoughts alone cannot easily attract either positive or negative though – the important piece behind the thought is our emotional vibration. You just want to work on overall emotional and vibrational health so you are a strong antenna for other positive vibrations in the Universe.
If you focus on that, whether you have 5% to go to the finish line of total health, or 95%, you are making a choice to be entrenched in the very thing you do not want. By asking yourself WHY you want something, you can bring up the positive emotion that will help you attract more of it.
If something feels bad to visualize (even if it’s seemingly positive), find something else to focus on that invokes only positive emotion. Releasing energy about fear of illness for me, I believe has really helped me stay healthy and strong.
Timing is divine and sometimes things are just doing what they need to do because of something we can’t see. When I feel abundance of money of how much I have, I might attract better financial condition.
This is why it is so important to learn how to control your thoughts and feelings so you attract positive things into your life. For instance, if you are like many people who often think or say, “I never seem to have enough money”, you will keep attracting “not enough money”. One of the best ways to create positive feelings is to imagine already living the life of your dreams.
Once you start focusing on gratitude, you will be amazed how much you will find that you can “thank about”. As you do this, begin shifting your thoughts and feelings to those which will allow you to attract the things you truly desire! But if you concentrate on where you want to go from there, you’ll start to move forward again and attract helpful events, in an ever-increasing measure, that will help you to gain momentum and improve your prospects. You can therefore turn your specific and hopeful wishes for money or great relationships into strong magnetic intentions by focusing your thoughts on these desires and nothing else. For instance, if you focus primarily on the feeling of happiness, you literally experience an expanse of happiness in the moment and you also attract future moments of happiness too. You can start by imagining yourself enjoying all those you desire as if they are in your possession already. Abraham-Hicks isn’t a single person, but a group of spiritually evolved teachers who collectively are called Abraham. You're strong for having gone through an experience most people wouldn’t want, can’t comprehend, and may or may not be able to handle if life threw it at them. I want more money not only to secure my children’s future, but also so I can help others who may be less fortunate than I am. Living without knowing how The Law of Attraction works was scarier than facing it, head on.
But, changing our thoughts can help shift our emotional vibration and then, viola, we can attract the positive. My doctor there simply would not stand for it and would immediately say “the stem cells help heal your body along with your mind. Our hidden fears and agendas can sometimes bring up negative emotion so pay careful attention to this. Releasing old stuff about money has prevented me from going back to a place of, well, being broke. I shake my head at naysayers of LOA because they are the ones who just don’t understand how it works. As a very grounded-in-reality person, many were just too ‘woo woo’ for me and I couldn’t integrate their guidance into my very real-life, life. All information provided on this site is based on my own experience and any of your own explorations with energy work should first be discussed with your licensed healthcare practitioner. Really get into the feelings of having that life…the more you feel those positive feelings now, the more quickly you will attract that life. With this being done, you will gradually attract the pictures you hold foremost in your mind. Little by little, you will become comfortable working with your thoughts; especially when you understand that most thoughts don’t have instant manifesting power.
Because sooner or later life throws something at you that you can’t handle, no matter who you are or what you believe you can handle.
When you become out of alignment with what your inner being wants, you feel this as negative emotion. Stop when you find yourself talking about or thinking about what you don’t want, and immediately start telling yourself what you do want.
Then I found myself on an adventurous path of emotional healing — using energy therapy. I want to hear their broken words, I want their agony to warm me at night.  The loneliness of evil can only be alleviated by the suffering of innocents. And I healed exponentially faster than so many others that resisted her insistence away from the talk of disease specifics.
I believe it is the mystic law, that accounts for everything that happens or that we make happen in our lives, knowingly or unknowingly.
When you meet someone who can help you achieve your goal, acknowledge that Law of Attraction is working.

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