Scientists have identified the gene that allows birds, such as the cardinal (pictured), to make red feathers by convertingA yellow pigments from their diets into remarkable red pigments in their plummageThe findings, outlined in two new studies published in the journal Current Biology, could help explain why the striking markings seen in male birds are so attractive to the often dowdy opposite sex. The colour red is often used to attract mates, and zebra finches are no different - the males have a distinctive red beak, which is a sexually-selected trait. Rare yellow cardinals (pictured) with defects in the production of red coloration are sometimes seen in the wild. As the next generation of spaceships is being conceived, should shuttle designers take their inspiration from sci-fi illustrators?Generations of schoolchildren, openly, and many adults, perhaps more guardedly, have delighted in fantastical depictions of space travel. Often referred to as the father of modern space art, Chesley Bonestell had a significant impact on not only science fiction illustration, but the whole of the American space programme. The combination of von Braun's technology and Bonestell's artistic vision made the science come alive for the layman readers. Harry Lange was a German artist who got his start in military flight manual illustrations and was appointed to lead the future projects section for Nasa.
The end of the space shuttle programme presents a new challenge for spacecraft engineers and designers - one that could even benefit from collaboration with artists. Some might find it strange that a Nasa worker like Lange could make the jump from a deep space project to Hollywood and end up with Oscar nomination for the art direction on The Empire Strikes Back. Great Britain claim two Olympic titles to go fourth in the medal table on day seven at Rio, while Andy Murray reaches the semi-finals.
In fact, the redder the beak, the more attractive the maleThe genes identified in the studiesA belong to a wider family of genes that also play an important role in detoxification. Five of the top ten projected jobs by demand for the next decade are Healthcare Specific fields.
Of course, the tax dollars and votes of those inspired layman readers would be needed to realise ambitious space projects.

He and his team found themselves illustrating von Braun's ideas to promote his vision of a US space station. With government funding constricted, many will be looking to private investors to lead the future of space vessels. The Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists now honours work in the sci-fi and fantasy art industry with its annual Chesley Awards. Additionally, students that are able to get hands-on experience doing the tasks common to each career are more likely to choose a career that fits their interests and aptitudes best.
This means a lower attrition rate for your program and students who are better prepared for the job market. They discover that very few pharmaceutical products actually make it all the way through the drug development process. 86-0002 Request Information   Clinical Lab Practices Students work as clinical laboratory technicians and technologists.
They will perform laboratory tests and recognize the crucial nature of detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease.
86-0000 Request Information   Dentistry Students explore the many career opportunities in oral and dental care.
They will perform tasks associated with dentists, hygienists, assistants, and laboratory technicians to develop an understanding of how to provide optimal oral health care. 86-0004 Request Information   Emergency Medical Technician Students discover that EMTs are prepared to respond to a wide range of situations including automobile accidents, heart attacks, slips and falls, childbirth, and other life threatening conditions. 86-0010 Request Information   Forensics Students demonstrate proper labtesting techniques and demonstrate the chain of custody procedure. Working as a Forensic scientistthey will describe the importance of recognition, identification, individualization, and the evaluation of physical evidence.

86-0012 Request Information   Health Information Management Students learn the aspects of electronic medical coding.
Students also compare and contrast various medical billing techniques and then prepare medical bills based on previous coding activities. 86-0014 Request Information   Medical Imaging Students working in this program will explore the major imaging technologies and learn fundamental anatomy in order to correctly understand body planes and body placement. 86-0016 Request Information   Mental Health Students are presented with case studies and scenarios in order to explore how mental health professionals can assist their patients.
86-0018 Request Information   Nursing Students discover that the responsibilities of a nurse extend far beyond the common misconception. 86-0020 Request Information   Ophthalmology Students demonstrate the vision examination process as well as disease detection.
They will learn about eye health and anatomy as well as the process for identifying lenses and fitting glasses for patients. 86-0024 Request Information   Speech Therapy Students investigate a variety of disorders and then compare and contrast the therapies used to treat patients through a series of hands-on activities. 86-0028 Request Information   Therapeutic Services Students recognize that Therapeutic Services covers a wide range of careers associated with helping individuals live an independent and functional life. 86-0030 Request Information   Veterinary Medicine Students demonstrate techniques and principles of medical, surgical, public health, dental, diagnostic, and therapeutics for both domesticated animals (including livestock, working animals, and companion animals) and wildlife.

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