I might be biased because I created this motivational video, but I have found it quite addicting.
The pure and ultimate power of your thoughts are working for you every single moment of the day. So, if you want a fulfilling life but you find yourself struggling, highly likely your thoughts are working against you. Well, your thoughts are powerful sources of energy,  literally, that grow and appreciate over time.
The most difficult thing (but not impossible) is to understand that your thoughts are powerful but so are the feelings and emotions you put around those thoughts.
You see, these feelings which started with a thought has the power to bring about more of which you continue to think and feel.
If it doesn’t all you have to remember is what are your thoughts and the feelings you associate to that thought. What I do next when I notice these self-limiting thoughts and feelings is I immediately flip switch my thought to a better thought, like something I’m grateful for. Mind Talk Programs are one hour in length offering double the impact with both audible AND subliminal affirmations with music.
Mind Power Programs contain two 23-minute guided sessions that gently relax you into a brain-wave state that provides unique access to your subconscious mind. The Subliminal Series utilizes a selection of environmental sounds and music selections an hour in length with up to 5,000 positive messages recorded at a subliminal level. Double Program Sets contain more than two hours of programming with 3 or more guided visualizations to help you succeed to the heights of your visions. In order to make lasting improvements in your life, you must make changes at the subconscious level. The male and female voiced messages on this program have been specially processed to deliver a high saturation of up to 2,000 clear messages per hour. Please select the format you would like: Gentle Woodwinds I, Meditation Music, or Mountain Stream, OR Audible + Subliminal Affirmations. In the course material, there is information and guided sessions that can be used to personally reduce stress, or conduct workshops and seminars on stress management.
14 different guided relaxation sessions designed to cancel subconscious causes of stress, anxiety, depression, frustration, anger, fears, and melt away tension in just minutes.
3 Mind-Talk audible affirmation programs that bring you inner peace and self-confidence. Everyone needs to know how to deal with people, emotions and negative situations, and the Stress Management Course is a comprehensive answer to those needs.

This program brings you a wealth of knowledge and techniques to combat stress, and leads you through sessions to dissolve stress &?tension. When you order our larger audio programs (those more than two hours in length) in mp3 download format you will find there are many audio files in a zip folder. RSultani on YOU Are a Child Of the UniverseAthina on The Pleiadian Soul Symbol Used In Atlantis & Lemuria: Now Held In Agharta (Inner Earth)! Recent Comments¦RSultani on YOU Are a Child Of the UniverseAthina on The Pleiadian Soul Symbol Used In Atlantis & Lemuria: Now Held In Agharta (Inner Earth)! Copyright Policy: You may not post, modify, distribute, or reproduce in any way any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information belonging to this site without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of this website and such proprietary rights. I was in kind of a negative low energy funk (for some unknown reason) over the weekend & this video has helped put my mind back on a more positive energetic level. I know it is easy for our minds to wander of and keep us from putting our full thought into what we want to achieve that is why it is important to be able to take control and pilot your thoughts. And, to have the power of your thoughts work for you, you simply associate good feelings to a thought. But you can simply start by focusing on your thoughts and list out the thoughts you’re having on a piece of paper.
These messages bypass mental resistance and directly reprogram your mind with the thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes you want.
The second part of these programs contains an hour of positive affirmations with both male and female voices, beautiful music and thousands of subliminal messages. This program is designed to do just that by imprinting the positive messages directly on your subconscious, with no interference or filtering from your conscious mind. The strong, clear messages were recorded just slightly below the stream using our custom-designed computer processor, insuring the strongest saturation of subliminal messages.
Yes I do • I am secure and tranquil • I love life • My My life flows with harmony • I accept peace into my life • I am secure and tranquil.  PLUS DOZENS MORE!
One of the tracks you will receive when you order our subliminal programs is only about 5 seconds long and only contains the program title recorded at a low volume.
Medical professionals have determined that stress is the number one cause of health problems, and it either causes or contributes to illness, lost time from work, and decreases the quality of a person’s life.
Your life will flow with greater ease, and you will be empowered to help others with these most important life skills.
A guided relaxation-visualization session to cancel subconscious causes of stress, pressure, tension and anxiety. Use this program when you have just 10 minutes and watch how you become relaxed and recharged.

Experience a guided relaxation session that fills your subconscious with positive thoughts that form a barrier to keep you from being a victim of negativity and stress.
The relaxation-visualization dissolves pent-up anger and teaches you to respond to provoking situations with calmness and dignity. They cannot be directly downloaded to smart phones or tablet computers, but must first be downloaded to a computer to unzip them.
Play these programs in the background anytime throughout the day or use them while relaxing, meditating, or even while falling asleep. The second session utilizes a unique transformational combination of sound effects, competing metaphors and positive affirmations. This subliminal program also takes advantage of the brain's receptivity to both emotional and logical messages to activate both brain hemispheres-this assures complete absorption for the changes and improvement you want. This extraordinary combination activates your subconscious to automatically start creating your outward reality to match your inner success patterns. The subliminal messages bypass any conscious or subconscious mental resistance you might have, and work directly to reprogram your mind with the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes you want.
Each message is embedded in the environmental sounds so precisely that you don't consciously hear it, yet it is well within the range of normal hearing to strongly register on the brain.
This track is to verify the title of the program you ordered and is not normally listened to. Relaxing subliminal messages are embedded in the relaxing sounds you do hear, and the reach your ever aware subconscious mind. There are also some unique issues with Apple computers so be sure to read the article at this link. And your feelings are probably also sending you a whirlwind of fear, doubt and uncertainty. In addition, there is a 30-minute program that motivates you to success with audible plus subliminal affirmations embedded in soothing background sounds and music. Play this program softly in the background any time day or night, because the more you listen the greater the effect.
So if you have good thoughts, you will attract more good experiences but if you have bad thoughts, you will attract bad experiences too.

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