Negative thoughts can drain all of your energy from you, and stop you doing the things you need to do. This is easier said than done, without a doubt, but is far from impossible as long as you want it to happen. Most importantly, by overcoming the negativity in your life you are regaining control of yourself, and happiness is doubtless to follow a more positive mental outlook. Ashley Carter looks at the importance of positive mental thinking, and what you can do to achieve a happier outlook on life.
Read the sayings of wise people and keep yourself motivated, as there is no virtue as potent and as magnificent as positive thinking. There has been a lot of research that discusses the power of positive thinking in your health and for that in your fitness level. Positive thinking impacts your body on many levels, and also affects your actions, but at the same time, your body (biochemical and nutritional factors) also influences your mind. On one side, a lot of biochemical changes occur when you are positive, for example, positive thinking helps to keep your hormone levels consistent; it boosts your immune system. On the other side, positive thinking makes you feel like taking care of yourself and takingactions towards that. In the same way that your thoughts affect your body, your body affects your mood and your thoughts. Conversely, your emotions also affect your digestion, which will directly affect your fitness results and your health. When you are angry, stressed or fearful, different hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are released into your body. This situation not only will affect the absorption of the foods you eat, but also the foods that you will choose and your cravings, which also will worsen your digestion even more. Another interesting point is that the chemicals discharged by the amygdala (a roughly almond-shaped mass of gray matter inside each cerebral hemisphere, involved with the experiencing of emotions) through negative emotions like fear, anger, stress or anxiety will remain in your body for 72 hours, unless you neutralize them.
As an example of the power of these chemicals, Ann Musico, a certified Biblical health coach and independent nutritional consultant, mentioned that in an experiment when they injected blood samples into a guinea pig from an angry person, sadly, it died. Bottom line, eating bread and water in a happy mood would be better that eating the best delicacy while you are in a negative mood. Great amounts of cortisol also have a negative repercussion in the development and growth of your muscles as well as on your health, mood, body composition and performance. An excess of cortisol will cause the breakdown of muscle tissue which is called a “catabolic effect”.
Additionally, cortisol will increase the insulin?s ability to produce more leptin, which is known as a fat accumulating hormone. Proteins from your muscles are dumped as amino acids into the bloodstream, which will be converted into glucose. While cortisol is necessary for the correct metabolic function, an excess of it not only will keep your body in a catabolic state (breaking down muscle and storing fat), but also it will suppress your muscle recovery since the testosterone has decreased. The book “The Seven Day Mental Diet” (Updated for the 21st Century by Jacqueline Garwood) challenges you to live your life without one negative though for 7 days. In this book, Garwood encourages you to be aware of your negative thoughts that will actually show up in those 7 days, but then stop them, basically do not hold them and feed them.
Not being negative about things, or being optimistic, doesn?t mean denying them, it means taking a positive approach to solve them. For instance, rather than judging yourself for missing a day of exercise, and thinking that the whole week, or even the whole month, is wrong since you didn?t follow through, or that you can?t build habits, so you beat yourself up, just let it go and do exercise the following day. When you make a mistake you should realize it, adjust and try it again rather than beating yourself up and probably even quitting, or giving up. You need to have the courage to overcome your fears and act in spite of them and be willing to accept if something doesn?t work and adjust, keep going. For example: You can find the best diet and exercise plan, but you will know what actually works for you by trying it. On one side, positive thinking will make you be more optimistic about the results you can get while taking care of your health by eating and sleeping well and doing exercise. On the flip side, your hormone levels will be consistent when you think positively; making your body react properly to the foods you eat, absorbing the nutrients more efficiently, as well as the exercise you do allowing the growth of your muscles satisfactorily.
Basically, not only will you be more motivated to take actions towards your health such as exercising, sleeping and eating properly, you will also enjoy these activities more because you will be more relaxed about them. If it is true that positive thinking will encourage you to act towards your fitness goals and also it will enhance your hormone balance and many other benefits, it is also true that you should look at the things that are not working so you can adjust your strategies to obtain better results. And you, what type of physical changes (exercise, eating well, having some tea, a natural energitic green juice, meditation, etc.) you do to your body when you are feeling down?
November 1, 2012 by Wendy 19 Comments It’s no secret that people who choose to be more positive are happier and attract more into their life.
But how can you be more positive when negative thoughts swirl in and out of your mind all day? The only reason I attended this workshop was because a friend suggested it. I was separating from my husband of 15 years and stuck waist-deep in a miserable situation.

It was only 20 minutes away and I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I needed a miracle, not a workshop, but I signed up anyway.
What I do remember is that the moment he wrote the word “CHOICES” on the chalk board, my ears perked up and my body snapped to attention.
Being more positive has changed my life so tremendously that I feel both compelled and blessed to share this with as many people as possible. Fast forward 10 years and I teach people just like you to discover how to direct your thoughts to be more positive and attract more in your life. Don’t you find it interesting too, that when we are more positive about one thing, that other things also are more upbeat, affirming, reassuring? I purchased it and this afternoon we brought it to the frame store to get a new mat and possibly new frame. While looking at the 45 different colors of white matts, Michael looked more closely at the print. Learn step-by-step the proven tools Wendy's clients use to achieve personal and business success in her bestselling book, Powerful Thinking on Purpose. Powerful Thinking on PurposeIt's been three years since our coaching sessions and I wanted to let you know that I use a lot of what you taught me to this day.
Wayne, PAPowerful Thinking on Purpose"I highly recommend reading Wendy's book "Powerful Thinking on Purpose".
I just love your add on of the five powerful words and I used them on an issue at work and got the support I wanted. Master Career Consultant and Life Options Retirement CoachPowerful Thinking on PurposeIn an effective and straightforward way, Wendy Merron shares simple steps that you can use immediately to take control of your thoughts and change your life. You may have read other books on "positive thinking" but in Powerful Thinking on Purpose you'll learn how to overcome worries and doubts and help your mind 100% “buy into” getting what you want.
Author of Reconstructing Eve and Authentic Living AdvocatePowerful Thinking on PurposeWith Wendy Merron's easy to follow blueprint, I was able to create positive thoughts right away and notice a great difference in my attitude and actions toward my goals. I've pretty much read countless books and articles about it because I simply can't get enough of the idea that surrounding yourself with positive energy truly effects what comes your way. Have your finite letdowns pushed you into the throes of despair, affirming you that there is nothing much you can do to revive yourself? Negative thoughts, on the other hand, sabotage your efforts towards getting healthy and fit. That release signals for the fight or flight response causing you two very important problems: On the one hand, it shuts down your digestion, and on the other hand, it constricts your blood vessels. This breakdown is associated with the reduction in anabolic hormones like IGF-1 and GH responsible for muscle growth.
At the same time, in direct response to the fight or flight effect, cortisol causes the release of fatty acids from within your fat cells and sends them to the muscles to be used for energy.
Remember, your aerobic and anabolic muscle fibers must recover from your workouts in order to grow and improve their capacity to exercise. You need to develop the certainty inside of you by doing the things that challenge you, even if you don?t know if they will work.
Caution, you need to be honest with yourself and analyze if the program is not working for you because it is out of your reach, kind of hard for you to stick to it, or because it is really not suitable for your physical characteristics and you need another type of program.
You will also find that your body is working more efficiently to help you achieve your simple healthy life.
Either they are born positive or their parents passed down positive thinking skills. The rest of us have to find our way to positive thinking through trial and error or stumble on someone who can teach us.
In the past when something didn’t go well I would hold on to that thought and worry for hours, even days.
At a craft show I bought a beautiful oriental print of birds and bamboo for our living room.
I always look on the bright side of any situation and it doesn’t even occur to me to look for the negative. It is only when we intentional focus on our thoughts on positive things that our lives changes for the better. Every morning and afternoon I've been saying “I like the idea that I can get control of these migraines”. It is the perfect accompaniment for those providing healing practices as well as their clients to gain a fresh perspective in viewing life from a more positive, creative point of view. I have studied a lot about Law of Attraction and Neurolinguistic Programming, and have used affirmations before and taught others to do so. As an author who likewise champions positive thinking, I eagerly delved into the book and was wowed by Wendy’s approach.
Anyway, when I saw this article in partnership with Hallmark and the power of positive thinking I knew it would be a great one to share on this lovely Sunday afternoon.
Then you need to pick up a history book to find real life examples of heroes, who by their sheer virtue of positive thinking and self-confidence have created wonders with their backs against the wall. In addition, to these changes, other biological changes occur that will affect your thinking, or how quickly your brain will react to a given situation.

The cortisol and adrenaline increase while DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone which produces androgens and estrogens) and testosterone decrease.
Since there is not a real threat (such as a fierce saber tooth tiger chasing you down), your body stores that glucose as fat, rather than converting it into energy. Pertaining to fitness and weight loss for example, do not look in the mirror or the scale to criticize yourself or focus on your “wrong parts “ or the little weight that you have lost.  Instead, notice every little thing that you achieve along the way. Therefore, if something doesn’t turn out the way you want it to, everything must be bad. If you really want to have positive feelings you must focus on what is going right, even if it is something small. To expect perfection is the best recipe for disappointment, which will lead to negative thoughts. Small daily actions as thinking of positive quotations, or just be grateful for what we have it?s a very good way to start. The second day of the workshop found me gazing out the window and half listening to the facilitator. From my experience there are two steps to the aim of reaching a positive and happiness me – a) as you pointed out very well, the fact that there ARE choices, and b) that one has to get out of their comfort zone sometimes and make the choice one is not that comfortable with.
Great for those new to this work, as well as for those who just need a gentle reminder."Gary Wietecha, MD, CHPowerful Thinking on PurposePowerful Thinking on Purpose is unique and simple. Your book brought up a good point: that if you don't believe the affirmation it has limited impact. Everyone who wants positive change in their life should read this book.Maria Lynn Fanelli, Director of Workplace Programs, U of P Health SystemPowerful Thinking on PurposeI just wanted to say that HONESTLY I LOVED YOUR BOOK. Here is a short anecdote: at the age of 12, William Ernest Henley, an English poet contracted tuberculosis of the bone. What matters is how you react and overcome those hurdles and these quotes will surely overwhelm you with positive energies. If you eat for instance a lot of sugar, you will feel a rush of energy for a bit, but then, when your blood sugar level drops you will get the emotional crash feeling of depression and tiredness.
If you aren’t in a good place it will help you get clear about yourself so you can move forward.
Otherwise there is no personal grow as we would always go the easy way, not realizing that the easy way is not always the one leading you to positive and happy land. However, the biggest life-changing moment most recently that I can think of was when I crossed that finish line in my marathon this year. After I finished the book I started using the techniques and I immediately noticed a drastic difference in how I feel.
Because Wendy skillfully took a complex topic and broke it down into an easily digestible format.
When I began to use one of the tools in your book I felt a "shift" or should I call it: THE TRUTH.
A few years later, the disease progressed to his foot, and physicians announced that the only way to save his life was to amputate directly below the knee.
Oprah Winfrey once said, always surround yourself with only positive people who are going to lift you higher.
This was always something I believed for other people, but had a more difficult time believing for me. Honestly I think this could compare to Don't Sweat the Small Stuff book by Richard Carlson (if not better). Positive thoughts will bring a positive day, which eventually leads to even more positive things in life.
This is true, people with negative thoughts will only drag you towards hate and anger, they does nothing but complain whereas positive people looks forward to the future and accept challenge with open arms. It merely exemplifies how positive thinking and positive assertion can transform your life. If there is one thing I learned in life, that is worrying about things you have no control over is a waste of energy and time.
Read this article to learn what the great minds said about the utilities of positive thinking. Thus, having a negative thinking is like forcing someone to change a situation based on your anger, which is not going to happen. I used to be great at positive thinking, but fell down the well of negativity for a while, the older I get the harder it seems to be positive all the time, but I am going to post that quote on my fridge for a little reminder! Below are 20 amazing quotes, they are designed to fit perfectly on your desktop or laptop as wallpaper, as for Instagram, it is crafted to fit perfectly in the 500px boxy square design. We would have learned what the wise have always known, that we are creative every moment in how we choose to think and that our life, like a mirror, reflects what we create.

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