Dr Stephanie Harrison, who led the study at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, asked six volunteers to look at different images on a screen – one of a circle with almost horizontal lines across it and one of a circle with almost vertical lines across it. As they were shown the images, monitoring showed that different sides of their brains had lit up. They were then asked to remember one particular circle and, from looking at the pattern of brain activity, the researchers were able to tell with considerable accuracy which one they were thinking of.
While the study does not unlock the secrets of mind-reading or thought prediction, it does allow scientists to determine which parts of the brain are involved in short-term visual memory. Previously, scientists in California asked volunteers to look at 1,750 images then used MRI scans to correctly judge, in nine out of ten cases, which one they were thinking of. Imagine how books could be different; they might one day have mini screens built-in to watch DVD clips of the content. Take a journey back one hundred years and it is easy to see how quickly human ingenuity and technology transforms our lives. We take many things for granted and lose sight of how brilliant the human mind is in creating everyday objects; life changing and life bettering inventions.
Fast forward back again to now and the items have greater meaning; you can be truly thankful of how relatively easy modern life is in comparison to how our ancestors lived. I hope you enjoy viewing my Mind Maps – there are hundreds more planned here at the Mind Map Inspiration Blog plus ongoing creativity and drawing tips.

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NewTechArticles is inspired by some famous blogs of technology and their contribution to world for spreading technology updates. Nirupam is a student of Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. Developing Mind Reading TechnologyThe use of scanners to read brain signals allowed the researchers to correctly determine which of two images their guinea pigs were looking at 80 per cent of the time. Books have stayed relatively the same for many years, fridges, doors, beds, cars; endless possibilities that you can imagine with a difference. Fridges – might they one day read the barcodes and stock check the contents, perhaps even re-order items automatically? From the best lists by our authors you can feel comfort in deciding the best resource according to your desire.

These inspirations led us to create and launch a beautiful and fully functioned site on technology. The test is one in a series in which scientists have read minds using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners, which are normally used in hospitals to detect the flow of blood around the brain using a radiomagnetic field and radio waves.
Science-fiction writers have imagined future worlds and their imaginings have evolved into reality. The rate of change every year now is astonishing – so what about 2110 – a hundred years from now?
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