TBS has renewed the comedy series, ordering 13 episodes that are expected to launch in 2014. Get ready to see a whole new Sansa Stark in the new season of the hit drama Game of Thrones. Gone is the sweet and at times selfish Stark that fans have grown to love for the last four seasons according to her portrayer Sophie Turner.
Turner recently spoke to the Huffington Post about her character’s evolution and what season 5 has in store for her, and it looks like viewers better ready themselves. Turner also addressed her somewhat controversial storyline from last season, where Sansa and Little Finger shared a kiss. As far as season 5 goes, Turner says there will be more changes in store for her character.
Turner also shared her thoughts about Sansa’s changing looks, something that was teased in the season finale. About Latest Posts Follow MeErika RiveraErika Rivera is the Editor In Chief of 4 Your Excitement.
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Family Guy???’??s fourteenth season premiered on Fox in the United States on September 27, 2015. After learning that his colleagues had been lying to him about Mike’s non-existent Harvard degree, Louis confronted the one person who he thought was his close friend.
Then he went on to have a heated face-to-face with his former boss Jessica, showing off a confidence and bravado rarely seen in the oft overlooked lawyer. I know she got it last week, but Julianne Nicholson had me bawling this week in masters of sex.
Maybe tvline should permantley name this feature Performer of the week from Masters of Sex.

I love how Hoffman has taken this quirky jerk of a character and infused so much humanity in him. So Kudos to Rick Hoffman and his tour de force performance and kudos to the rest of this talented cast who didn’t try to one up him, but gave him the support to just devour this episode. I came here just to ascertain that Ann Dowd got her just desserts as Performer of the Week.
Yes, Louis is now party to the deception if he gets name partner through bribing Jessica and then keeps Mike’s secret. The show ranks as TBS's top original primetime series ever with adults 18-49 and total viewers. There’s like a lot going on this season. There’s also, you know, a lot of blood, a lot of death.
No matter if the cult leader’s just been staring daggers or breaking her vow of silence to utter apocalyptic BS with absolute conviction, her portrayer has made her pathetic, infuriating and scary as hell.
Even when the season ends they could still talk about actors from past episodes all year long. When Louis was talking to Jessica in her office at the end of the episode was just amazing.
From a lawyer that is often portrayed as a buffoon (and I say this lovingly ) to a powerhouse who is letting nothing stand ion his way. In this episode alone, he displayed such a range of emotions – from his despair over Sheila turning him away (again), to his rage-fueled demand to be made a name partner (which he has deserved for a while now). I’ve been slowly losing interest in this show all this season, but Louis has kept me tuning in week after week. They are frequently joined by Jules' 21-year-old son, Travis (Dan Byrd), who tends to be far more mature than anyone else in the group.

As part of "Cougar Town's" successful transition to cable, new episodes on TBS are drawing an audience whose median age is seven years younger than the show's last season on broadcast. Erika has been nurturing her passion for the written word for years, having works published while still in high school, fueling her love for writing. Hank Wade, Ted Levine popped like never before on the FX drama, charging at Jack Dobbs upon realizing that he years ago could have shared his suspicions about his murderous brother Jim, and thus kept him from subsequently targeting Lisa Cross. The downside is that Louis is getting his name on the door through blackmail and he is now party to the crime that is being committed by keeping Mike around. She was never fair to Louis and this revelation was the ultimate betrayal to him considering his loyalty & devotion to the firm. That show is full of great performances but he really stood out, taking his character through the emotional ringer. It’s supposed to be this very messed up, twisted relationship in which Sansa knows she can manipulate Little Finger to get what she wants, and he can do the same with her.
She currently has a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from the University of North Carolina Greensboro and works in the school systems as Before and Afterschool Assistant, with her expertise being in the arts and crafts area. Which now begs the question what’s the reason for keeping him around and not just firing him.

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