Mindy Lahiri has one big problem to face -- how to tell her boyfriend Danny that she's pregnant.
Despite being so head over heels with Danny (Chris Messina), Mindy still couldn't think of the best way to break the news.
On Tuesday night's episode of "The Mindy Project", Mindy took 30 pregnancy tests to confirm her pregnancy and every single one showed that she really is.
Still, the very witty actress, Mindy Kaling, convinced herself that there's only a 96 percent chance that she could pregnant. While talking to her friend Neepa (Gita Reddy), Mindy focused on the fact that 1 out of her 30 pregnancy tests showed that she was not carrying a child. Finally, Mindy decided to tell Danny over the phone because he was in the Big Apple, but the plan backfired after Danny expressed his frustration over a screaming kid at the diner. Meanwhile, "The Mindy Project" lead star dished on her onscreen pregnancy and possible names for the baby. Kaling revealed that Mindy Lahiri is a good physician but she tends to be very irresponsible when it comes to her life choices. The hilarious actress also confirmed that she will be wearing a fake pregnancy suit on the show and revealed that it felt really uncomfortable during her recent fitting.

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Chad Johnson Is Turning It Up For Bachelor in Paradise: This Is Everything Amplified Times A Million. The Twins: We still deeply love Hailey and Emily so we were delighted to learn that as long as one of them gets a rose, both of them stay.
And Harrison admitted it really "pissed" him off when Chad didn't take responsibility for his behavior the next morning when he sat the cast down to address his inappropriate behavior. If that were the case, she would rather hold on to the remaining four percent, according to People. Well, not all.As any loyal member of Bachelor Nation knows, not every couple that ends the season together actually STAYS together once the cameras stop rolling. Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. Let's just let all these lovable wackos make a new first impression on us and see how it goes!So how did it go? Nice new Chad lasted about ten minutes before he started drinking, yelling, throwing around rude names, engaging in a volatile 2-hour relationship with Lace, and even throwing a few punches in the direction of his BFF Canadian Daniel.

He "can't even deal" with how cute Amanda is with her cute little kids, and we're kind of ready to ship them and their new generation of The Brady Bunch. Pretty bad, to be honest, and it's all because of Chad.At first, our most favorite thing about that premiere was how all of the guys (minus his BFF Canadian Daniel) were terrified of the moment Chad was inevitably going to show up, and all the girls couldn't wait to find out what the guy was really like. We're not sure what that says about the girls or about us, but we really had high hopes for his comeback.
He's still a bit horrible, but he's an entertaining, hopefully harmless horrible, even when he's comparing women he doesn't find attractive to overripe fruits. Or something.And on Monday night, JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette came to an end, with Jordan Rodgers getting down on one knee and proposing.
Time will tell if JoJo and Jordan, who admitted they struggled with all the negative tabloid attention and rumors during the last few months, will actually make it down the aisle, but we're hoping these two crazy kids follow in the footsteps of recent couples like Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell, and Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth.So which couples are still together?
After he goes to a certain length, you see him get very sad and very sorrowful and very apologetic, and you can tell he doesn't like that, he doesn't want to be that person.

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