Our once beloved show sent out a very interesting tweet which links to a countdown clock that claims "It's almost a new day". This week, Barry manipulates Erica into getting him a fake id after catching her with her own; after bragging about said ID in public he gets pressured into delivering booze to popular jock Dwayne Martin’s senior party, resulting in a desperate mission to find somebody who will accept the ID or buy the booze for him. As always, The Goldbergs manages to combine nostalgia with old fashioned sitcom goodness with a proper edge and darker underbelly – and sense of time and place that fits without seeming ersatz. The show doesn’t side-step the difficulties of watching your children grow – there’s something really sweet and sad about the constant undercurrent of melancholy loneliness in Beverly’s need for love and attention from her children; the comedy naturally stretches her smothering behavior so the bitter is leavened with the sweet, but it’s still quite touching to watch. As for the Barry plot, while it’s enjoyable and in character for him at the moment, the writers are starting to dip their toes into the ‘too stupid to live’ category with his characterization.
The retro-ish production continues to be fitting, but the producers could stand to go to an actual laser light show – those graphics looked super CGI’d and smooth instead of rough and awkward as they would be in reality. But even though it’s flawed, “Love is a Mixtape” works beautifully as a solid example of sitcom goodness.

It feels like this particular ep is set in 1989-something; Paula Abdul’s big hit “Opposites Attract” is referenced, and Adam yearns to see the big hit action movie of that year, Die Hard. The Actual Home Video Footage for this week’s episode is a shot of the real Adam Goldberg’s mixtape for the real Dana Caldwell.
And yep, that was a laser-light version of Bev tucking Dana and Adam to her angelic bosom for a split-second during the show. Next Week: Adam doesn’t get the part he wanted in his school play, which causes Beverly to drag him into the wondrous world of community theatre and Pops grows tired of Murray’s habit of leaving sporting events early to avoid the traffic in ‘Mama Drama’.
Remember when Bart and Milhouse drank too much squishee and Milhouse got a dirty word shaved into the back of his head?
What about when Milhouse finally realises he is a nerd when he sees his reflection in Bart's new glasses? Or when Milhouse and Lisa are on a date and he cries when Lisa says she doesn't plan to ever get married?

On the other hand, Barry and Murray’s quiet parallels and similarities, and their father-son bond, continue to be fun to laugh at and note. There are many reasons to love Milhouse, and now's your chance to bring him home with the The Simpsons Milhouse Cardboard Stand-Up.
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