In a talk entitled “The Next 20 Years: How Science Will Revolutionize the Economy, Medicine and Our Way of Life” delivered at Clarke University in Iowa this weekend, world-renowned theoretical physicist Dr, Michio Kaku argued that many of the imagined fantasies from science fiction movies are becoming realities, and we will see even more of this occurring in the next 20 years. Advertisements Apparently, all of these technologies are possible thanks to sophisticated high-tech brain imagining and mapping being developed by physicists. How about individual teleportation stations allowing us to jump from location to location by choice? What about an efficient way to more effectively harness solar power and provide free energy or water? Is there a scene or a concept from a Sci-Fi movie that you would love to see translated into reality?
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Last time, we started a discussion about what sets professional competitors apart from those striving for greatness. For a critically acclaimed coach of a sport with the highest average player fitness (unlike other sports where fitness varies by position) to say that the most important attribute is their decision making, is a powerful statement about greatness.
Lebanese gamers were a tiny community and this era was reminiscent of the great arcade era.
It was a small community and we were nowhere near as good as the greats playing online, and in other areas of the world, but everyone possessed pride, passion and a tremendous hunger to win… as well as have a good time.
If you asked anyone at that time, who was the luckiest player out there, the unanimous answer would be one person: my middle brother. Remember, we were young, and young people tend to attribute a lot of things to luck, so these recounted tales may or may not reflect reality. It’s from a great anime series that goes into some deep life topics and even the concepts such as talent, lack of talent, and the effect of training. After my sponsored gaming stint with Fnatic, I realized that although my strategic prowess was top notch, there was a lot preventing me from being the best I could, namely my ability to execute.
Learning how to focus, relax my nerves and be aware of the patterns of my mind has allowed me to harness my knowledge and focus on the present moment. That was a lengthy introduction to what I really want to talk about: If you haven’t seen the video I filmed with Curse (Video below), I advise you watch it now. Methods: The eye tracking was done using a Tobi X-60 device with Xsplit being used as an external recorder. While exhaustively searching for solutions to the frame rate issue, we were told by tech support that we would need a 600 dollar investment to fix the frame rate.
I like to think of eye tracking as a gateway into a player’s mind… it’s not perfect, but it’s the best we have.
I want you to keep scanning and shifting your eyes, never letting your gaze fix on one object.
Let’s come at it from another angle, what happens when you zone out and lose track of time? That’s all neat information but how does this relate to eye tracking and League of Legends. Observing Voy leads us to believe that he is definitely able to enter the zone and flow with his subconscious intuition.
In fact, there is plenty of evidence to support this visual processing difference between novice and experts in traditional athletics.
One example of this phenomenon is how quickly pro LOL players press tab and look at the information.
For those of you still thinking their reaction times govern their ability to react in team fights. Here is a video of Voyboy and D4 Lucian farming (I apologize for the quality, I’m recording on the road). In contrast, we can see that Voyboy has cultivated the restless habits that are needed for success in LOL. We have established two things: bad habits are easy to form and thinking deeply during the game is bad.
The two are probably related and lead to a host of common problems that plague aspiring league greats: tunnel vision, slow decision making and bad decision making.
There are two huge problems with bad habits: they are hard to recognize on your own, and they are even harder to change once you do. With Worlds already underway, everyone’s hedging their bets on who will win and which players are better. The dominant train of thought, with Monte as the heralding champion, is that Korea will dominate and I can see why he thinks that. The other factor that underlies the dominance of Korean teams is the level of teamwork they display. For my next article, I will add some data from the eye tracking videos to this article: average fixation rates, mini-map time spent, cooldown bar time spent,etc…I will also try and add in mechanical data taken from our cognitive test. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to our RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your personal feed reader.
UthgarI have been playing competitive games at a high level for 10 years, 2 of those years were spent playing WOW for Fnatic. You watch a dog leap into the air to catch a Frisbee at a park, frolicking with its owner on a clear, blue-sky day, and a huge smile creeps across your face. Mirror neurons are brain cells that respond the same when we perform an action or when we witness someone else perform the same action.
Mirror neurons were first discovered in the early 1990s, when a team of Italian researchers found individual neurons in the brains of macaque monkeys that fired both when the monkeys grabbed an object and also when the monkeys watched another primate grab the same object, though they weren’t doing anything. Advertisements Neuroscientist Giacomo Rizzolatti, MD, from the University of Parma first identified mirror neurons. If we take the implications of mirror neurons and the brain’s response to ‘outside’ stimuli all the way to its end, and we couple it with an understanding of karma, which is simply the most consistent way that our brains tend to think, and thus act, then we can more fully understand how all experience begins and ends within us. The way we see others is always a reflection, not in a metaphoric way, but in a physiological way, of how we see ourselves. First, take out a piece of paper, and without thinking too hard about it, write down three people you admire, or are attracted to, and underneath, the ten things about them that you like. The yogic sutras provide similar ways to ‘clean the mirror’ so that you can observe clearly, the ways in which you are creating your world. Meditation, for example, helps us to see what we are creating, but unveiling our reactions and attitudes. The Yoga Sutra scholar, Gary Kraftsow, says the yamas and niyamas represent the qualities of an integrated human being. What mirror neurons reiterate, is the ancient wisdom that WE generate our own actions, and our responses to others’ actions.
As Heyes wrote “[mirror neurons] intrigue both specialists and non-specialists, celebrated as a ‘revolution’ in understanding social behavior … and ‘the driving force’ behind ‘the great leap forward’ in human evolution…”. When you think of a child prodigy, you usually think of an exceptional young talent which has been recognized in a person’s early life and nurtured by those around them, who encourage their latent abilities to blossom and grow. Mozart, of course, springs immediately to mind – a rare and gifted talent in music who, on account of the culture and environment in which he was weaned, was able to develop into one of the greatest composers of all time.
By definition, child prodigies are not “normal” children – often, early age genius is intrinsically linked with conditions such as autism and Asperger Syndrome, and it is this intensity of interest in a particular subject or field which leads the child to excel.
This over-identification of mental health issues as a problem which needs addressing, rather than something which needs understanding with a view to nurturing a person’s inherent talents and abilities, is increasingly being ascribed to children across the spectrum. A far more troubling development came last year, when the APA introduced “oppositional defiance disorder” into the DSM-IV.
The rapid rise in mind-altering medication being prescribed to children, coupled with the effects of other toxic compounds found in food and water (a Harvard study recently confirmed what many have been saying about fluoride for many years, that it reduces the IQ levels in children) can only lead to a diminishment of critical thinking, creative children in society.

Advertisements Jacob Barnett was diagnosed by doctors as suffering from Asperger Syndrome who placed him on medication and into therapy – after being kicked out of school for allegedly not being able to learn, he went on to learn high school mathematics in two weeks before attending university. By the same token, another home-schooling family in Alabama recently opened up about their children, six of whom had began studying for their college degrees by the age of 12.
This assault on genuinely creative and original modes of thinking is inevitable, given that the ruling elites of the system are characterized by psychopathy, a personality trait which is inherently incapable of creative thought. Just yesterday quantum physicists announced they had made a huge advance in this arena, by successfully teleporting the quantum state of a photon into a crystal over a distance of 25 km. German Architect Andre Broessel recently designed a spherical stand-alone solar energy generator that is 35% more efficient that current systems.
Before we get into what separates good decision making from bad, allow me to preface this article with why I am fascinated enough to spend my life studying excellence and the optimization of performance. So, as the rest of the world was playing Starcraft and Warcraft online, Lebanese played everything in concentrated areas known as network cafes. Competition was fierce and everyone who played seriously knew who you were, provided you were good enough.
Players who grew up in an arcade environment have a different mentality that intense face to face competition breeds. BUT no one knew anyone else whose Warcraft 3 games would net 2 tomes of experience on lost temple from his 2 creep camps, on a consistent basis.
Their mistakes somehow transformed into bountiful opportunities, wherever they went and whatever game they played, a great mystical aura of good fortune would follow.
I would spend endless hours practicing combos, learning the move list and getting my timings down just to stay even with him. I decided I would learn a new character whose move-set was so unpredictable that there would be no way he could stand a chance when he came back. I had spent some time studying martial arts and reading a myriad of Zen philosophies, and decided to undertake a more serious exploration of meditation and focus. This was done to avoid frame rate issues with the video playback, as recording directly from league was causing massive stuttering making analysis and syncing impossible. Uses corneal reflection and when properly calibrated can detect individual’s gaze on the screen.
It allows us to gain some understanding of their thought process and the sequence of information processing leading up into their decisions. While doing this, I want you to think of something profound that requires some decision making or memory recall on your part: name everyone in your high school class, plan tomorrow, recall the last 5 champs you saw go godlike. It’s usually because you are deep in thought about something that has nothing to do with what is in front of you.
When you enter and hold a pose, you are taught to fixate on one point “without actually fixating” and never late your gaze wander.
He’s not really engaging in conscious thought, he’s not planning his next move, he’s not thinking about what item to build. All of us would like to think we have been in the zone at some point, but we definitely don’t play like Voy. In the first chapter of David Epstein’s “The Sports Gene” (a book I highly recommend for those interested in this topic), he discusses relevant research that shows differences between experts and professionals in the domains of chess and other sports. Disclaimer: I am NOT picking on our diamond 4, this is just the material I have to work with and greatly appreciate his willingness to allow data use and collection.
This doesn’t necessarily prove that he’s consciously thinking about his actions but merely he is not able to process the same amount of information.
Notice that even as an AD carry who doesn’t have to worry about smiting Dragon, he pays an abnormally large amount of attention to the dragon.
After an exciting but swingy regional finals where teams like Roccat and Fanatic changed leads massively within a game due to flawed decision making (engaging a 2 v 3? Having seen first hand the demeanor, discipline and effort Korean players bring to their game, it’s easy to hedge your bets on consistency. En el videojuego el jugador es un robot con el duro cometido de intentar sobrevivir en una en una base militar secreta excavada en la roca.
It all has to do with the fact that, as ancient spiritual teachings suggests, this world of experience is simply a holographic experience based on consciousness, or, as researchers have recently discovered in the field of neuroscience, it’s the way your mirror neurons respond to the witnessing of events outside yourself.
They have been proposed to be the neuronal substrate underlying a vast array of different functions. Rizzolatti says that these brain cells help to explain how and why we “read” other people’s minds and feel empathy for them.
The traits we see in others, are also traits, whether we want to admit it, that are prevalent within us.
What you see here is a list of all your most common traits – your good, bad, and ugly ‘Self’ as you have chosen to define it thus far in your life. A virtuous transformation can happen when we follow the eightfold path as outlined by Patanjali, of yamas, or ethical restraints like choosing not to lie or steal, as well as niyamas, or observances which will help us to experience more blue-sky days, and fewer arguments and drama.
And while it could be said that such an upbringing was overbearing and destroyed any chance of young Mozart leading a “normal” life, without it, it is highly unlikely that his incredible potential would have been fully realized. For some time now, the education system has been geared increasingly towards controlling children in an authoritarian environment (much research has been conducted into the comparison between schools and prisons), preparing them for a regimented series of arbitrary tests to make them suitable for a particular vocation – it’s hardly surprising, given that one of America’s wealthiest industrialists, John D. This higher function in one respect is often contrasted with other behavioral issues, particularly an inability to function in social circumstances. For years, restless and agitated children who rebel against the boredom-inducing regimentation of the classroom are being prescribed powerful anti-psychotics previously only given to adults with extreme cases of psychosis. ODD – which is characterized as an “ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behaviour” – takes the notion of labeling childhood behavior as a mental health problem to disturbing new extremes.
And the contrast between how the state react to such children compared to the individual couldn’t be much clearer than in the following two cases. Several of the siblings went on to become a doctor, a spacecraft designer and an architect. This is ironically perhaps the most significant psychological characteristic when it comes to negative impacts on the well-being of any given society, but one which is rarely discussed and ultimately encouraged in the halls of political and corporate power. It's Kind of Shocking The Mind UnleashedThe Mind Unleashed is a News and Consciousness dissemination organization that seeks to break the chains of conventional thinking. There is even a new invention that can help solve the water crisis by pulling it directly out of the air!
I know so many people are also still hoping for Back to the Future-like Hover-boards and were deeply disappointed about this hoax. Kelly Neff is a renowned psychologist, author, founder of The Lucid Planet and the host of the hit new show, Lucid Planet Radio. Being extremely competitive, I hated to lose at any game and practiced my ass off whenever I could, or rather my parents said I could. There were a few prestigious networks scattered across the country that housed the greatest talent and players would travel through the nightmare traffic of Beirut to challenge each other.
When we would play vs people in the arcade, I would be taking names and he would drop in beat me, lose to the next guy and casually shrug it off.
I would like to thank my colleague and friend Robert Wentz for helping me get through portions of the setup. This article will dive into that thought process a little more, but before we do let’s think about a few basic concepts behind your gaze, focus, fixation, and the thoughts that govern these mechanisms.
Players do this by chunking the information in their environment, associating related processes and the important information to make snap decisions. I have made it a high priority objective to learn how to tab and pick out the important information. Of interest, no statistically significant difference between pro baseball players and random college kids has been shown.

First of all, due to less practice and repetition, his LOL information superhighway isn’t as big as Voy’s.
A fantastic recent study in Starcraft 2 players shows the disparity of information processing and acting capabilities of players at different skill and age levels. In a world where western income is dominated by popularity and streaming, it’s hard to bet against the machine-like effectiveness of Korean infrastructure. My research focuses on understanding optimal performance in extreme environments ( think Mountains Climbers and Fighter Pilots), specifically cognitive performance. Let it permeate your most stubborn assumptions that ‘they’ or ‘it’ is causing the way you feel right now. On the other hand, you have a long and tedious argument with a loved one over the same topic that seems to come up repeatedly, a broken record with no one willing or able to simply pick up the needle to place it on the vinyl in a location that will make music instead of a horrible, screeching noise, and it depletes you. If we experience mostly calm, centered, happy people, this reflects our most consistent state of mind. Pratyahara, or sense withdrawal, allows us to see that our five senses keep us entrenched in an outward experience, usually causing us to forget that all things are created within. Eventually through Dhyana, or meditation, we connect with the Divine so profoundly, that there is no separation between object and subject. Rockefeller, was instrumental in the establishment of the General Education Board, which many believe was designed not to elevate the American people towards a position of creative, free-thinking individuals but compliant workers. G. The psychiatric profession inevitably came to diagnose this as a disorder or disability, and despite a growing movement to have this removed from the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostics and Statistical Manual, much in the same way that homosexuality was eventually removed, the identification of these personality and cognitive traits as a “problem” continues to this day. Not content with fabricating new disorders to justify this assault on the minds of children (a number of prominent researchers have gone on record to state that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is “not a real disease”), the American Psychiatric Association continues to expand its list of mental disorders, with each volume of the DSM significantly larger than the last.
With symptoms which include questioning authority the writing is on the wall – non-conformity and free thinking is taboo to the establishment. Their parents attribute their incredible success to focusing on what it was they were passionate about, much like the scenario for child prodigies throughout history.
As long as a system which demands obedience to the state and conformity to its rules continues to exist, the assault on the free-thinking and creative spirit in children will continue unabated.
If you resonate with what you see here, you can follow us by clicking any of the social icons below. She has reached millions of people with her articles on psychology, transformation, and wellness, which have been featured on websites like The Mind Unleashed, Mind Body Green, Wake-Up-World, My Tiny Secrets, and now, The Lucid Planet. This debate has raged on long before I was born, and will continue to rage on long after I am gone. Lebanon also didn’t have that fancy thing the rest of the world did at the time, the internet.
Long story, but my brother was one of the first people who made me question talent vs training, so you have him to thank, or hate, for this article. I want to share with you some of the observations I have found through experience and science.
Sure, you can add more lanes to the highway, but there’s only so much space, and so much time. I bet he spends a lot of time outside the game thinking about what he does or did, but not while he’s doing it. My theory is that our natural reaction to stressful situations where we are being overwhelmed with information is to tunnel in on the information we CAN process. Focusing on what you CAN understand is a quick way to do well, so the Lucian is probably Diamond 4 because he has identified what to focus on with his limited experience. One explanation is he could be plotting his next series of moves or even talking to some people around him during the testing. Notice that Voy spends considerably less time and uses the down time to plan ahead while scanning the environment.
Series that I fell asleep watching turned around from 2-0 to 3-2, leaving me shocked and heart broken.
But the unknown is what sports is about… Inconsistency means nothing when passion can fuel a team to play at 130%. Below is a terrible picture of me caught in the act of watching worlds while I should be paying attention to our subject. This information is incredibly freeing, though heavy at first, once we accept it, and fully understand it. If we experience mostly turmoil and drama, this also reflects what we think of ourselves at the most profound, subconscious level.
Edward Griffin stated that “the goal was — and is — to create citizens who were educated enough for productive work under supervision but not enough to question authority or seek to rise above their class.” He continued, “True education was to be restricted to the sons and daughters of the elite. Free and critical thinking is a crucial component of any society or culture which wishes to progress, and many historical developments which have improved both our understanding of the universe around us and improved our condition have arisen from those who are willing to challenge orthodox thinking. Remove a child from the education system, it seems, and their latent abilities will flourish, realizing their true potential.
There are also SO many inventions that could be created to help bring people together, to heal disease, to provide energy, education, clean water, and to make human beings smarter, more empathic, and more evolved.
The game of choice at the time was Tekken 3, arguably the best Tekken ever, and the definitive 3D fighter of that time.
Baseballs reach home plate approximately 400ms after leaving the pitchers hand… It definitely can’t be reaction time that allows good batters to hit consistently. When you start getting emotionally involved in other players bad plays (something very easy to do in League), it takes a few lanes out of your super highway and degrades your awareness and decision making ability. We could also look at the amount of silence in voice communication, as quantifying silence is a lot easier than voice. The sooner we can come to terms with the mirrored emotions in others, the sooner we can quash negative reactions to other people’s moods, and actions.
For the rest, it would be better to productive skilled workers with no particular aspirations other than to enjoy life.” Indeed, this is precisely the kind of stratification we see in contemporary education to this day.
But conformity demands compliance, and in defining non-compliance as a mental illness in children and proceeding to medicate them with psychotropic drugs, the social engineers ensure that their authority – be it intellectual, political or ideological – remains unchallenged.
Neff spent seven years as a psychology professor where she helped thousands of students learn about health, relationships, love and sexuality, and co-authored the groundbreaking manual in her field, Teaching Psychology Online.
The amount of frustration stored up inside me would have shamed any of those nerd rage videos (shown below) circulating on the internet today.
This is a point I will expand upon in the next article, which focuses on exploring the mechanical aspects of league play. I would argue better teams keep comm channels clear, but I don’t know what the average amount of chatter for a good team is. List ten reasons under each experience that caused you to feel either good or bad about the outcome, or the experience itself while you were having it. My brother would go on to continue having an edge on me in fighting games well into my mid 20s.
Overwatch es uno de los mejores videojuegos de accion multijugador que han pasado por nuestras manos.
He would humiliate me by winning a Soul Calibur series to 10 without using his weapon (he was only allowed to kick and evade, while I could use all the buttons… the shame still haunts me!).
Neff is an avid participant in the visionary art, music and culture scene in her home state of Colorado and beyond. You might find her traveling the globe to give workshops, speeches and do research at transformational festivals.

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