Since they’re going to be living together, you’ll want to select varieties that are going to get along.
Unless you have a empty container full of potting soil floating around your yard, you’ll probably need more of it for this project.
I personally like to use washed playground sand as a topper for Mediterranean herbs because it improves drainage and helps prevent stem rot. Most herbs, including the ones shown here, will eventually have to be transplanted into bigger and probably separate containers.
Another foundational author is Louis Paul Boon (Summer in Termuren), who wrote on the other side of Belgian’s linguistic divide. This bifurcated sensibility contributes to an off-kilter creative tradition (think about the visual surrealism of painter Rene Magritte) that continues today in the work of writers such as Amelie Nothomb and Jean-Philippe Toussaint.
That city is also the headquarters of the European Union, so it’s considered by many to be the heart of Europe. Good as the eating is in Belgium, it’s not with food but with drink that the country really makes its mark.
Turns out there’s a stronger connection between books and chocolate than previously thought. An extensive amount of research was conducted to determine the offering of other establishments in Rosebank, the character of this vibrant multi-cultural district and the niche preferences of the discerning business and leisure traveller to the node.  With this in mind, Tsogo Sun started renovations to the property in late 2011. Tsogo Sun consulted with Brash Brands, an internationally renowned brand consultancy, to determine the vision and character of the new hotel. Along with the renovations and vision came the need to change the name to reflect the distinctive experience, the modernisation and the urban chic personality of the hotel.
Strategically positioned in Rosebank, 54 On Bath will provide a deal and personalised experience to travellers from anywhere in the world.  Rosebank is emerging as an exciting business and leisure node appealing to the local residents and the traveller alike.
The hotel will reflect the energy, character and sophistication to satisfy the needs of the discerning business and leisure traveller. Art is a strong feature in 54 On Bath, with many of the photographic pieces having been especially commissioned. Guests and local residents will be thrilled with the leisure and fine dining options available. Gerard Vingerling, the Executive Chef and Craig Smith the Restaurant Manager with their staff are putting together a restaurant in which all the incumbents will be given credit for their contribution towards the guests dining experience.  The restaurant offering will be targeted to service residents of Rosebank and surrounds. Leisure and business guests have easy access to designer shops, boutiques and entertainment facilities at the Rosebank Mall through the hotel’s link from the second floor. Jacques-Louis Moolman, who moves across from Tsogo Sun’s Southern Sun Resorts Division, will take the reins at 54 On Bath as General Manager. Jacques is keen and excited to be part of the deluxe boutique offering and is eager to start delivering a unique guest experiences to all his guests. Although you can go the boring route of buying jars of herbs, there is something extra rewarding and extra tasty about using herbs you grow yourself. Line up all your supplies and make sure you have everything you’re going to need in one place. Pour in the dirt until you can sit the plants on top of it so that they’re slightly below the level of the rim.

This is why I’m always surprised that a lot of garden magazines try to convince their readers to cram a whole bunch of plants into one tiny pot without pointing out that they won’t be happy with this arrangement indefinitely. Its most famous fictional citizen, detective Hercule Poirot, is recognized worldwide, but he doesn’t really count since he was created by an Englishwoman, Agatha Christie.
Francois Schuiten and Benoit Peeters contrived an epic, literally fantastic series called Les Cites obscures (The Obscure Cities) that’s a must read. He was really Argentinian and wrote in Spanish, but he was born in Brussels to diplomat parents, so his Hopscotch gets in on a technicality.
Well, according to a survey of Europeans, Belgium has the tenth best cuisine on the continent, so you’re probably in good shape regardless of what you choose. No mixtape of Belgian music could leave out the masterful guitar of Django Reinhardt or the sarcastic chansons of Jacques Brel. One study shows that piping the scent of chocolate into bookstores leads to a measurable, significant increase in the amount of time customers spend in the shop and in the number of purchases they make. The acquisition promises good growth potential for Tsogo Sun, adding the Rosebank node to their existing footprint.
The vision of this new deluxe boutique property is to provide a unique guest experience combined with a personalised approach and intense attention to detail. Consistent small changes to the offering promise a new experience every time you visit.
Tsogo Sun adopted the address of the property as the name of the new deluxe boutique hotel, 54 On Bath. The Gautrain has boosted development and changes in the immediate precinct are underway with major construction and refurbishments taking place. Guests can choose to relax in the intimate champagne bar on the fourth floor, enjoy the boutique coffee bar in the lobby lounge or have traditional afternoon tea which will be served on the terrace and in the lounge. They are all being specially trained to deliver an energetic and vibrant personalised and professional experience ensuring that we deliver on the distinctive 54 On Bath promise”, notes Wood.
You should ideally select herbs that will stay small for a least a season but I fudged a bit with the sage plant. But this is only true if the former occupant died of something like an encounter with Jack Frost instead of disease or pest problems.
After all, slightly grimy pots can easily be restored to their former glory with a little bit of soap and some scrubbing.
Gently take them out of their containers and squish the roots apart a little so that the plants are no longer pot shaped. Then place the container in an appropriate spot, sun for sun plants or shade for shade plants, in case that wasn’t obvious! Just be sure the container remains only a few steps away from your kitchen door so that you can pop out and grab a handful of culinary herbs whenever the mood strikes you. For authentic Belgian mystery we have to turn to the prolific Georges Simenon, many of whose novels (he wrote almost 200) are published by New York Review Books. In the southern section of Wallonia they speak French, while in the northern region of Flanders they speak Dutch. Belgium is home to arguably the finest confectioners in the world, including Godiva, Leonidas, Pierre Marcolini, and too many other small chocolateries to count.
This landmark building has been given an interior that is urban chic yet classic, and is all about a revival, not only of the hotel, but of the commercial node of Rosebank, making the design both exciting and uplifting”, says Muirhead.
The original brass chandeliers in the lobby lounge create a modern combination of the old and new against a backdrop of classic wall coverings.

The restaurant is an uncomplicated yet elegant space that allows for intimate and comfortable dining and opens up to the renowned fourth floor roof terrace and garden.
If you feel the need to add some herbs to your kitchen garden, why not try filling a planter with them in the near future? Local nurseries might also be a good place to look for varieties to fill your herb container garden. It would probably be a good idea to get a larger container than the one I used if you plan on going with bigger herbs like rosemary or lavender.
I had a number of plastic planters that I could have used instead but since I chose to go with herbs that don’t like especially moist soil conditions, I opted for a terracotta planter to keep them happy.
If you’re worried that the pot in question might have contained a sick plant at some point, don’t skip this step. Almost all of his brief, sardonic whodunits are rewarding, but the atypical Pedigree, an autobiographical coming-of-age story set in the early years of the 20th century, gives you a sense of the man himself. In some places, Walloon regions encircle parts of Flanders which in turn encompass tinier Walloon outposts. You can start off with an authentic waterzooi, a creamy Flemish stew that usually contains fish or chicken, or in a month without an R, you can have moules-frites—mussels with fries. If chocolate’s not your thing, you might want to try a traditional speculoos cookie, a ginger snap-like treat, on your coffee break instead.
The diversity of styles on offer, from fruity lambics to light saisons, is staggering (and so is the alcohol content on some of those Tripels). You need to know what you’re looking for (perennials that are in good shape) to make the most of the situation. If they’re no longer sitting level with the top of the container, add a little dirt under them so that they are.
Even so, don’t plan on leaving the container exactly like this for more than a season or two. Laws change from block to block, and there are even homes and businesses that are divided in half.
Many have called the Westvleteren XII, produced only in tiny quantities at a Trappist monastery, the finest beer in the world, but you could spend a lifetime tasting your way across the landscape, happily trying to prove them wrong. If the fumes don’t make you sick, a mild bleach and water solution also works great as a disinfectant. Plan on taking one or two herbs out to be repotted in the near future to keep them healthy.
When it’s closing time on one side of the bar, you can pick up your drink, cross the room and carry on.
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