Well, I can think of a few logical reasons for me personally, but as a country could we be making (read: saving) more to reach super savings status? Strain’s suggestions won’t have you searching for a new job or selling a car, they are simple changes with significant outcomes to benefit your savings goals and your net worth. Very good your text about the film, well done well placed, I would use to put in my blog I’m doing a tribute to the best movies I was okay for him?
You’re right that Slumdog is a feel-good movie, but I was impressed that it was a feel-good movie without feeling like a Disney movie. India is portrayed as a pathetic slum which west wanted to see as they do not want to tarnish the image which they comply with.

Rest stupidity of congress to take the credit is cheap and they should try to do something for country rather than taking a bath in the glory of some movie. Ok, after sitting through Slumdog Millionaire during the AMC Best Movie Showcase I can honestly say that I think it was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. It is just that it is made by a westerner and distributed by “Fox Searchlight Pictures and Warner Bros. I loved the movie but they have shown India too poor and dirty, which its not exactly like that.
And have you heard the term “house poor?” That could be another huge problem in your bank account’s success.

We talk about these things often here at the Pig, setting your savings on autopilot and making that monthly contribution to help reach your goals debt free. You pay #1 first and foremost and you spend completely within your means by saving for the things you want instead of buying on credit.

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