Can you use the law of attraction to resolve things with your ex or should you focus on attracting someone new? This is an awesome question that was posed to me last week.  I’m so grateful this was asked because it brings up some very important points about the law of attraction and your ability to deliberately attract the things you want into your life.
For example, if your recent breakup has made you realize that you are really ready for someone that wants you as a partner for life, then focus on that.  How does he treat you?  How does he speak with you?  What do you do when you’re together?  How do you know you’re his one and vice versa?  How do you feel when you’re together?  How does your relationship feel even when you’re not together? And you’re allowing the space for the Universe to bring the love and partnership that is your divine right to you. Want to know more about deliberately attracting your soul mate?  If you liked this then you will enjoy my two audios, Six Ways To Begin Deliberately Attracting Your Soul Mate Now and Five Ways To Shift Into Love.  Please sign up at the top of the page to download them for free! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
The State Lottery provides a wonderful and effective tool for manifesting wealth using the Law of Attraction. Hello everybody I have a little secret to share with everybody I have been in the street of London with nothing in my pocket and totally financially down, I meant an old school friend of mine and he was so rich and I wonder how he make all this money. We were stranded in central Phoenix and late for a plane when Giovanni agreed to give us a ride to the airport. So we have slowness and we have status quo in a society where everything is about instantaneous change.
Lance: What you ought to do is feed me out there so some people can put me together, like Humpty Dumpty.
I had to learn how to walk and stuff again, so therefore, right now, I just get my disabilities.
As a matter of fact, Snoop passed me a blunt, I smoked it on top of the Empire State Building. Well, you have to be careful here because just about every other person tells you they’re a director or something. From there, I saw a white light, like brighter than white, like super white, pure white, descending from down. After donating $1 million to the Geffen Playhouse to fund an art program for children, she is becoming known as one of the biggest philanthropists in Los Angeles.

We had a conversation why we had a drink together and he told if I want to be rich like him and I urgently tell him yes and he introduced me to an Africa voodoo temple and tell me that he is the secret to riches and surely I contacted this temple and I tell him I want to win a lottery and he told me I have nothing to worry about.
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Well, it’s easy when you have the business or when you work you can get a house, easy, with your—what do you call it? I simultaneously read that the gap between rich and poor in my city, post-recession, is more than it was before. There’s too many people at the bottom, there will never be that many at the top, so how do we keep that middle piece – whereas it used to be shop class that could take you to a factory job, how do we teach computer coding so that you can be working on Silicon Beach without a college degree for seventy grand? I’m like the Google car that drives around the city, but for the inside of businesses.
You click on an arrow and it goes into a wall and through to the next room or something like that. And I was gone for a week, I went out on an escapade and I came back and they said I was evacuated. I wanted to see, but I couldn’t see, but I just got to see his hand touch me on my left shoulder.
The Lottery is one of the few tools that can easily leverage the power, of the Law Of Attraction, to make you wealthy.
At the same time, the average job pays more than before that, but the people we’re hiring increasingly come from outside LA.
I don’t know when we moved from the telegraph to the telephone companies, but at the time the telegraph companies had union operators who knew how to do Morse code. I’m not doing it because I want my name in the paper, because I want my name on a bill. I have to use a special camera, a special lens, and so we go in there, take all the shots, takes hundreds to thousands of shots to do a full business, then come back and produce it on the computer and upload it on the software. The magic square gives you that diagonal, which would be like, in math, as soon as you have multiplication and division, you all of a sudden climb exponentially from the meaning of subtraction and addition, right?
But I never know that winning was so easy until the day I meant the spell caster online which so many people has talked about that he is very great in casting lottery spell,so I decide to give it a try.I contacted this great Dr and he did a spell and he gave me the winning lottery numbers.

I wanted to create a borough system many years ago in Los Angeles, where instead of having a quarter of a million people or larger, representatives representing 60, 70,000 people, I wanted to create a unicameral legislature, with smaller units. Man, I kid you not, no matter who you ever meet, if you look me up and bring out my story, and what would happen is I’d break into the economy.
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She got murdered long after we broke up and, you know, I haven’t really found one to match.
All of the sudden you come in and you do telephones and you know it’s a great idea, but guess what?
And so the reengineering, the re-architecture that’s required is: How do you create a system that creates participation, gives people a voice, still has instantaneous speed to market, and absorbs change quickly as a positive? But I was saying, like, if you was tired you could have just told me and I would have kept on driving.
Leadership at every level means having a point of view and knowing how to go from point A to point B. Shit, they don’t need to waste their money on Viagra if they smoke a hit of that shit.
And what happens now is that all these guys, they listen to these ratfink political consultants who tell you what to say.
And secondarily we create all these checks and balances, so we’re worried about corruption. It’s just like any bureaucracy, everybody is scared to take risks, everybody is worried about sticking their head up.
Status quo is bullshit and we’re going the wrong way fast, so figured I would fix it or get the hell out of the way is my philosophy.

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