So part of me is going is it actually WORTH anything and the rest of me is going HELL YEAH, WELL DONE. Bob (my wonderful, friendly Alien) was so happy, he asked if he could come and do his happy dance for you! Join our advertising group and learn about placing ads on Powerful Intentions and the rates. Powerful Intentions is a unique, online community of people from all walks of life who possess three very important and focused qualities.
You believe in the Power of Intentions And The Law Of Attraction And You Are Enthusiastically "Attracted" to be here By Inspired Action! Brilliance, Fun, Luck, Joy and Ease can't help but rub off on them to positively raise their vibration!
Unlimited numbers of the "right" people attracted to P.I., collectively co-creating the most abundant and brilliant ideas, actions and manifestations that have ever been experienced on this planet!
Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use Powerful Intentions: Law of Attraction Community. Read on…… Enjoy, soak it up, then go on out there and become the grandest greatest most amazing version of you! To see the Law of Attraction in Action we must take inspired action.  To manifest the things we desire we must engage in actions which support our desires as well as our thoughts, dreams, emotions and words. This entry was posted in ¦ 12 Universal Laws ¦ and tagged 12 universal laws, 21 charater traits, 21 sub laws, law of attraction, law of polarity, The Law of Action, The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Compensation, The Law of Correspondence, The Law of Divine Oneness, The Law of Gender, The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, The Law of Relativity, the law of the universe, The Law of Vibration, universal laws made easy by Liz Green. In 1987 he was a manager of a moderately successful troupe that performed exclusively in Canada. Eventually he took a $700 loan and created John Paul Mitchell Systems, a hair product company, selling the company’s shampoo door-to-door.
Kamprad was born in a small village in Sweden and he was expected to stay on his family farm.

Wanting to expand his business Kamprad took the money his father gave him as a reward for good grades and created a mail-order business that later became IKEA. She was living on welfare at the time, but she persisted. The Harry Potter franchise has become a worldwide success. You know her all right – but did you know that she spent the first six years of her life living with her grandmother wearing dresses made out of potato sacks?
We are being shown more and more that the earth is a living being, that it reacts to the way that we treat it.
Crystals have been formed over many thousands of years, they contain the energy of planet earth over those years that they formed.
Crystals that were formed whilst in the prescence of healing human beings, or advanced humans who were capable of building structures that we still don’t understand why or how were made, contain that healing and advanced knowledge energy, too. For instance, you’re heart broken, you feel like you will not recover because your heart hurts so much.
Claire Louise Hay of Be Healing personally selects crystals and makes them into healing crystal kits.
I could really do with the relationship Harmony kit, to help me resolve some issues and negativity with my daughter. I feel I would benefit most from the Harmonious relationship Kit, as for the past year my partner of 15 years fight constantly over my family and it drives me crazy..
I am in need of a manifestation kit at the present time,in order to promote my online dream therapy course.
I am loving using crystals and Reiki together, I think the Intuitive Activation set of crystals would prove most beneficial right now as working with my guides in the next phase in my spiritual & healing development. I’ve known nothing about crystals until the Angel weekend retreat, was telling my husband and he said oh, we have one in the till that we were given by the landlord!
Thank you for sharing and doing YOUR part in creating a better, more inclusive world through increasing the consciousness of these primal Truths.

I admire the work you do and can’t get enought of your positivity I look forward everyday to see your post and videos. We bring you these stories to help you to open your eyes to the opportunities you’re perhaps missing, or misinterpreting as risks. Then he decided to risk everything and to take his circus to the Los Angeles Arts Festival. But he had a knack for business – he started buying matches in bulk, later expanded to fish, Christmas decorations, and pens, and selling them to his neighbors. She was later molested by by two members of her family and a family friend so she ran away from home when she was 13. I always believed in the power of crystals and my home is filled with many wonderful crystals.
I think I would benefit from the anxiety kit as I am struggling with day to day life at the moment. I would definitely benefit from the Anxiety Kit as have become a bit of a worry wart of late and want to get back to my soul —- which is carefree and happy!!!!
I have always found crystals to be so gorgeous and have always looked at them and pondered over them but have never purchased any.
We are attracted to the crystals that we need via the law of attraction, which states that like-energy attracts like-energy.
I believe in the vibrations they give out and was amazed at a healing course I went to when they were used during a charka clearing.
I yell at the kids too much also but then I read things like the first comment & feel so bad that I am whinging when others have it so much harder.

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