The law of attraction states that whatever you get in your life is attracted, invited and created by you.
Conscious-When you make all the choices deliberately, know your true hearta€™s desire and work with it instead of against it, you create what you truly believe and deserve.
Unconscious-When the creation process becomes autonomic due to the past conditioning, you work in the default mode.
Collective Consciousness-When you give out something positive to others, it comes back to you in a multiplied form; also when you give something negative to others, it comes to you in a multiplied form.
When your brain is conditioned, you consciously or unconsciously attract the past experiences. In physics, a wave is a disturbance that travels through space and time, usually accompanied by the transfer of energy. Focused, Energetic, Creative, Consistent thoughts would be realized with one hundred percent accuracy.
Poverty, Scarcity, Victimization in the outer world is the unconscious result or the wrong application of the law of attraction.
The application of law of attraction lets you make the best use of the conscious and subconscious minds.
I always spent my half an hour to read this website's posts everyday along with a mug of coffee.
In my line of work, I find that most people are dreamers, not doers.  They think about being king of the world, but they are too afraid to reach out and grab that purple staff of change.  Why is there still resistance?
The doing is what truly separates us from the slaves, the cronies, the victims and the supporting characters of life.  Before I achieved my empire and my castle, I made it a point to speak to my subconscious mind.
Then, as you grin from ear to ear, reveling in the rape and murder that is your legacy, that inevitable moment will transpire before your eyes, even as the cynics and scoffers bear witness to your glory.  How clearly I remember that moment for me.  When I, Skeletor, became Master of the Universe! All the great humans have known this from Pope Borgia to Charlie Sheen, look, he drinks mother-effin-TigerBlood! Now if he ever got around to taking out his archnemesis, however, then he could claim unrivaled mastery of the universe (which would really boost the sales of his new book, BTW…). This last week there has been tons of traffic to my site, from people who are searching for information on Vision Boards … I think that is in large part due to Oprah’s recent show with Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson and Martha Beck.
Vision boards, also known as vision collages, dream boards or treasure maps are a great visioning activity.
Below are some examples of Vision Boards and also a link to a fuller post that I did last year with full directions. Also, if you are a Visual Learner and appreciate the graphic approach, check out my Essential Extracts e-Book (which will walk you through a full Vision Board exercise). Christina Merkley, "The SHIFT-IT Coach" is a Visioning and Strategic Planning Expert specializing in Visual Thinking and Energy Work. Sign Up for our twice-monthly newsletter to recieve important coaching updates, workshop dates and tips to becoming a better you! I know the power of our feelings and thoughts – they shape who we are, our future and our destiny.
The funny thing is – I KNOW that the Universe can only help us when we surrender to the outcome and trust the process. And just to be clear – when I am talking about letting go, I mean letting go of the emotional struggle and resistance that you are holding onto.

Today, I want to declare and commit that I will surrender, and make peace with where I am and what I have right now.
Another thing I have realized is that I feel so much more in tuned with my soul when I let go.
It’s so true that holding on to things lightly and gently creates much more space for wonderful things to unfold.
Also, when compared to the energy required to hold on to things rigidly-tightly-fiercely, it just plain feels better!!! Accepting and letting go of things we cannot change can be a huge barrier breakdown-positive . Enter your name + email address above to receive more behind-the-scenes tips and inspiration on creating the life you desire! Whatever you think, feel and imagine in your mind will create the life on the physical plane. For instance, when you contemplate about your weak financial condition, you will make your financial condition more weak as you are focusing on the dona€™t wants. In this case, it is mandatory to reprogram your mind, break the self-destructive comfort zone and focus over your desire. Here it is necessary to associate yourself with high energy people and create a positive environment. When your brain is in perfect alignment with your true hearta€™s desire, you consciously or unconsciously attract the desire and manifest it in outer world. A lot of times it's very difficult to get that perfect balance between user friendliness and visual appearance.
I could have sworn I've visited your blog before but after browsing through many of the posts I realized it's new to me. However, after reading Skeletor’s book and seeing things from a different perspective, I realized that all of it is true. They talked about The Law of Attraction, visioning and they must have also talked about vision boards from the many people who are searching on that term. Downloadable SHIFT-IT Home Retreat Kit (includes life maps, visioning maps, planning maps, and other excellent, easy to use visual tools to align your energy and work through the blocks that are interfering with your own manifestation of what you want). Based in charming Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, she works deeply with individuals, partners and conscious businesses to define and manifest what they truly want.
Make sure you grab my free manifesto & goal completion worksheet to get started — it's yours for FREE on the right. Since knowing this, I’ve been saturating my mind with positive thoughts and affirmations. Perhaps you were trying to find something (like a book), and you have cracked your mind open thinking and searching in every possible place – to no success? I feel in a state of knowing, I feel happy, more connected and everything that is happening just seems to ..
Grab my FREE Live Your Vision & Rock Your Goals Workbook (Value: $17) - my gift to you! And yes, it feels v good to be true to oneself, and follow a career path that isn’t guided by fears and false feelings of obligation! So much positivity and I do also feel a shift in the universe :) So much great energy coming from you and other B-School Babes!

If you can believe in your desire and focus your mind over it, you will manifest the same in the outside world.
Instead if you focus over strong financial state, you will make yourself stronger financially as you are concentrating here on the wants. When you think something, your brain generates energy waves and creates energy field around you and your environment; so your thoughts are the energy waves [vibrations] or electromagnetic waves. Anyhow, I'm certainly delighted I stumbled upon it and I'll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently! There is a heck of a lot more involved in SHIFTing your life and attracting what you want than just clipping out pictures!.  However, Vision Boards are a great step along the way, and i love doing them and helping others do them. I’ve created a portable vision board, when vision is as important to you as it is me, you can’t leave it on a wall! You find the book you were looking for – just as you have let go of the need of finding it (resistance). We humans often complicate things more than necessary so letting go and just being but moving forward can bring us further than we ever can if we try. Personal development or self-improvement is also governed by the law of attraction, an absolute law of the universe. The bottom line: ita€™s not a get quick rich plan, but you will invite and attract a lot more new ideas, strategies, resources and tactics which on further application will make you a rich person.
Your conscious mind is limited by the logic and the effects of the past conditioning, but your subconscious mind is always ready to supply you with most innovative and advanced ideas which are guided by the god or the universal power.
Looking into the past, I certainly have manifested a lot of experiences into my life when I was completely detached from the outcome. Also, I was so interested to hear that you lived in Queenstown for a time – that is where I live! Wealth in turn gives many good things to you and the people around you; this further creates encouraging environment to grow, develop and expand the law of attraction. I want to hear their broken words, I want their agony to warm me at night.  The loneliness of evil can only be alleviated by the suffering of innocents. So, when you are holding onto something so tightly and unwilling to let go, you are only creating resistance, and the Law of Attraction cannot work in your favour. Human being is a spiritual multidimensional life who has the infinite potential to serve the humanity and the society; ita€™s not limited by the logic of the science and conscious mind. Energy and mass are inter-convertible; subsequently, your thoughts have been converted into products or creation. When your thoughts are in perfect alignment or agreement with your true self or desire, you consciously or unconsciously feel positive and attract positive energy, but when your thoughts are in contradiction with your true self or desire, you feel negative and attract negative energy and vibrations.
Your present circumstances are the result of the past thoughts, and the choices that you have made.
Your thoughts also have a fixed vibration frequency, and similar thoughts attract similar vibrations or energy. Positive thoughts attract positive emotions, positive energy and produce positive creation whereas negative thoughts attract negative emotions, negative energy and produce negative results.

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