We’ll be celebrating it while camping with friends again, just like his watertastic party last year. It’s exactly how it sounds—instead of an actual pinata, just use a multiple water balloons to hang from a string. Set up a tarp in the backyard, and have the kids bring their own clothes to get “messy” in. With all of these different and fun activities for the summer birthday parties, your kids and their friends are going to have the best time.
It means that his party can be outside, we can get wet and messy and all the mess stays out of my house!
With the weather being on our side (finally) there are a bunch of fun and simple activities to put together for your child’s birthday party.

Set up a station of ice cream—set out bowls (preferably paper plates) of different toppings for the ice cream, like sprinkles, cherries, gummy bears, fruit, and whipped cream.
Tape (or nail) ends of balloons to a cardboard headboard to put in the backyard that are filled with different colors. Place fun tinker toys in the sand like bead necklaces, bubble containers, candy, etc., and place little shovels for each of the kids. Sticking to one flavor of ice cream, like vanilla, will help things go smoother, and for those picky eaters. Just make sure that each child gets their own turn to swing, and that all of the other children are a far enough distance away from being hit.
After each toss to their partner, they should each take one step back, until they get further and further away from each other.

We may even do a little water balloon toss too, which always turns into a water fight (especially when the dads get involved!). Sometimes it is hard to create a nice looking design on short nails because the nail tech don’t have much room to work with on short nails, but Michelle Wurtz  has done it with this one.

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