Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. And now that I'm no longer in the classroom--I resigned from my school district June 30, 2008 after thirty-one years of teaching and three years of a leave of absence--I've been sharing this same strategy as a part of the discipline seminar I present at schools and districts. Lately, though, I've received a number of email requests about the idea from teachers who had heard about it from another teacher and were looking for a bit more information about how it all works.
The book will show you how to get started, how to use the included blackline masters, and how to add new features to make the whole thing really click with your students. Although the Clip Chart teacher's guide will show you how you can make your own chart, a lot of teaches prefer the professional look and feel of the Clip Chart we sell. Draw a stripe on the front end of the clip (a short line across the width of the clip, not the length).
It will be easier for your students to move their clothespins if there is a gap between the chart and the wall from which it hangs.

Cut around the circle with an exacto knife, remove the cut piece, and pop the bottom half of a grommet up through the opening. Adding another Parent Contact level above Outstanding makes the Clip Chart that much more positive and rewarding for the students.
Maybe a little half-page rah-rah thing you could hand the student in the presence of the parents. Another way to communicate the child's success with the parents would be to have the student place a phone call home as soon as the clip hits the new Parent Contact level. Note: You do have the issue of a student making a call and then doing something that causes the clip to go down a level. It's a wonderfully simple strategy that I was able to use in my own classroom with great success. It would also help to portray the teacher as someone who has a balanced approach to parent communication.

This was something I did in my own room for years as a way for good news to be sent without me having to place a call later.
But I think that's a minor issue and shouldn't trump the fact that the level was reached in the first place. You could make a sweet little star-shaped sign for the students who go above and beyond the others. Whether it was for outstanding behavior, having the top score on a test, or some special accomplishment, it was always fun to watch a student--using our classroom phone--share the good news with the folks. And although it may be a bit of a bumpy ride at first due to the novelty of the addition, rest assured that you can always fine-tune the details as you and your students gain experience and insight with the new feature.

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