The magnetic field line patterns show the relative strength of magnetic fields - close lines means a strong field. Repulsion is the only test of a magnet because magnets do attract other magnets opposite poles but also other magnetic materials but the only thing they will repel is the like pole of another magnet!
Magnetic forces 'act through' non-magnetic materials but not through magnetic materials - so magnetic materials can be used as a shield around a magnet. The idea that the subconscious mind has its own power can be a little “far out” – almost too much for many of us to understand, much less utilize on a daily basis.
Prayer has been described as “directed subconscious thought.” Meditation, becoming one with a higher consciousness, believing, faith… there are many words for the type of subconscious connections we can make. We know the attitudes we hold, whether positive or negative, about ourselves and our world can affect the outcomes and opportunities we experience. But as kids, we create and reshape the world around us into whatever we want them to be – we see the objects, people and environments as we WANT to see them, and we act accordingly. Linguistic, this is about the language and other communication both verbal and non-verbal that we use. But it can, with practice, like anything else, be trained to power up your dreams and help you accomplish things you never thought possible.

When you’re a child and playing pretend, you really feel like you’re in the role or place you are imagining. Sometimes these are requests from our clients to complete projects we’ve never done before, or we make deadlines that seem difficult to meet. That simply means that we process what we see, hear, feel, smell and taste into experience. We use the words to share (communicate) our interpretation of reality.This explains why we are often surprised when other people don’t see things the same way we do. The fact that over time, we have become ‘programmed’ to automatically repeat certain behaviours. The ‘field’ of NLP consists of a range of models and skills which when learnt, increase personal and professional effectiveness.
These are randomly orientated in an unmagnetized piece of metal but point in a particular direction in a magnetised piece.
Can we bring about the money, or happiness, or the job, or the relationship, we have always wanted?
But using our subconscious minds to see ourselves completing a task – and celebrating that – can be just what we need to get through the toughest parts of the assignment, regardless of previous experience or the timeframe we have to do the job.

The fascinating thing is that because we all do this slightly differently, each of us come to experience the same reality, differently. Some say we can, and that it’s just a matter of making the decision to have these things happen. Steven Covey titled it “Begin with the End in Mind”.  When we see the end of the project already in our imagination, the other parts fall in place to help us accomplish it… because we believe that “pretend” picture in our subconscious mind of the finish line. The good news is that if we can become programmed, then we can re-programme ourselves to deliver the behaviours that get the results we want. If we envision the result we want or need, and keep thinking about that result and how we’d live with it, then the healing energy or the earning energy or love energy is already on its way to us. In fact, we have to really get into a book or a movie to “suspend disbelief” and enjoy being in another space or time to be entertained. To get lost in a story, whether it’s a visual or literary one, is a rare escape for many busy adults.

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