Thought is an energy that consciousness produces to modify the subtle matter of the mental energy field or plane. When we habitually think the same thought or the same type of thought, the resulting thought form is produced quickly and accurately. The effects of thought are of two kinds: those that react on the thinker and those that affect others. The effects of our thoughts on others are through the mental field that unites them and us. In addition, because the mental and emotional energy fields are intermingled and interpenetrating, thought vibrations cause changes in the emotional atmosphere, just as wind affects the surface of the sea and stirs up great waves. Thought waves convey the general nature of the original thought, rather than its exact message.
Clairvoyants tell us that thought forms have shapes and colour pale or vivid, muddy or clear according to the type and character of the thought that created them. They also say that the definiteness or vagueness of a thought is reflected in the clarity of the outline of its form.
Type the characters you see in the picture; if you can't read them, submit the form and a new image will be generated. Less than six months after Lange gave the go ahead on the project, Fischer had a complete (and production ready) 6.7 liter V16 engine on a dynamometer on Christmas Eve in 1987. The engine block of the V16 was made using high silicone aluminum with the pistons running directly inside the bores that had been etched and honed during the manufacturing process so the iron-coated pistons would run against hard silicone crystals.
Cylinder dimensions, measured 84x75mm bore and stroke, were kept the same as the original M70 motor and raised the dimensions of the motor from 4988cc to 6651cc. Many of us would have loved nothing more than to see the V16 make it onto the roadways, but hopefully projects like this will continue to inspire engineers and designers to always push the envelope.
Nearly a year ago, BMWBLOG featured a story on the BMW secret 7 Series model that never made it to the production line. Under the program Project i20, BMW is preparing a future i5 or i6 electric car which will arrive in late 2021. BMWBLOG goes to Dallas to test drive the new 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost Series II When is a car not a car? Azurite is a copper ore (the oxidized portion) that's found in Africa, China, and Chile to name a few regions.
By uniting the conscious and subconscious mind, the azurite stone bypasses mental limits that are thought to be ordinary. When working with any gemstone it's advisable to make sure you do not work with them for more than an hour per session.
The properties of azurite stimulate the brain and more profound high faculties of the mind. When we think, we cause our mental body to vibrate in certain ways, and those vibrations are passed on to the surrounding matter of the mental world. On the other hand, when we attempt to think along new and, for us, unusual lines, the resulting thought form will be slow and uncertain because our mental body is not yet accustomed to that particular type of vibration. For example, a Christian might pick up the thought of awe or devotion of a Hindu worshipper of Sri Krishna.

If our thoughts are clear?and they can be clear in a harmful as well as a helpful way they will be resistant to being replaced by other thoughts.
When we dream it’s said that we are projecting our inner subconscious thoughts and our deepest desires in a consequence free environment.
Lange was responsible for powertrain developments, Fischer was involved with all obscure development projects and Weisbarth was most famously involved with the E31 8 Series coupe and E32 7 Series. Naturally the numbers on the V16 engine were nothing short of impressive boasting 408 bhp at 5200rpm and 461 ft lb of torque at 3900rpm, more than 100bhp and 100 ft lb torque than the 5.0 liter V12.
Extra space in the engine bay was nonexistent with the M70 so the addition of four extra cylinders posed a bit of a challenge. The V12 utilized a seven bearing forged steel crank shaft, so the V16’s crank shafted needed to be modified and utilized a nine bearing crank shaft just as the camshafts did.
Also both valve lift and timing remained the same between the V12 and V16 engines as well as the 91mm distance between the cylinder bore centers.
Bits of malachite can be found in azurite that's absorbed water (which alters its mineral signature). It aids in the release of old perceptions and opens communications with the world of spirit. The body does appear to need time to adjust, and prolonged exposure to energy that vibrates much more highly than the normal consciousness a person is accustomed to can open doors too fast. Those vibrations create thought forms, shapes in the mental energy field whose colours, shapes, definiteness of form, and persistence correspond to the quality, type, clarity, and intensity of the thought that produced them.
This is one explanation for the initial difficulty people sometimes experience in studying a new subject or thinking in new ways. Naturally, such mental - emotional vibrations can affect anyone coming within their range, just as a storm of wind and waves at sea affects ships caught in it. Prejudice, for example, can create rigid thought forms, hard to dissolve, whereas fairness creates forms that are adaptable but also strong.
It’s those dreams that make us wake up tomorrow and explore the ideas that seemed impossible last night before we went to sleep and try and make them a reality. It was from the mind of Lange that came the M70 5.0-liter V12 engine that was used in the 750i and the 750iL.
Fischer and his team of engineers did the simplest thing they possibly could and that was to move the cooling system in the E32 into the rear of the car. It can also treat disorders of the circulatory system, other bone disorders, and afflictions of the skin. It's best to see them out of your body before you work to open higher faculties too widely. The mental body resists because of the effort required to set aside habitual modes of thought and to strike out in new directions that lack the comfortable mental grooves (or vibrations) in which our thought is accustomed to flow. Just as you select a TV channel to watch, you can select a thought channel to participate in. Reason being, the 7 Series sedan that the V16 engine was fitted into was a golden color so the project was christened the Goldfish. Naturally this method would never be employed into a production ready vehicle from BMW, let alone any other automotive company, so it was done just for sake of the Secret Seven project and to deem the impossible….

This includes the intellectual function, but there is a distinct focus on the other-dimensional connection of the higher mind. Beautiful other-dimensional experiences can become scary ones without taking time to adjust to higher vibrations. Work with it to aid your flow, sense of direction, and comprehension of your capabilities as a universal being.
Like all forms of energy, thought can be used for both good and ill, just as electricity can be used to improve the quality of life or to destroy it.
They can spread rapidly over a wide area, being in that way more like radio or TV waves than air or water waves.
No, this post has nothing to do with Agent 007 and his infatuation with Bimmers, but rather an ambitious secret project involving a 7 Series by Dr. Since the action of every force has an equal and opposite reaction, and since thought is a power we all control to some degree, it is important to know just what thought is and how it can be used effectively. And it was from then that the Secret Seven project was born and BMW’s first V16 engine came into fruition. Naturally the addition of four more cylinders was going to cause some spacial issues when dropping into an unmodified E32 sedan. With the cooling equipment in the trunk, engineers hand made custom fiberglass gills and air scoops that sat on the rear quarter panels of the car to channel cool air into the trunk. One of the most exciting things about the Secret Seven project probably lies within the gearbox….
The stone's properties aid flow and will help energy to travel unfettered through the chakric system. The way to air out a badly ventilated room is to open its windows and flood it with fresh air; the way to clear a mind clogged with wrong thoughts is to fill it with right ones. Obviously it was important for BMW to keep the modifications minimal, just in case there were ever any plans to bring the Goldfish into productions.
Air was expelled through a custom made valance panel that sat in between the taillights of the car, which lead to the use of smaller tail lights eliminating the rear high intensity fog and reverse lights.
The chakra it is typically assigned to is the Ajna (6th) chakra (also known as the third eye). Our thoughts not only reinforce our habitual physical and emotional reactions, but they also build qualities into our causal body that form part of our permanent character, life after life. Although no such promise existed as Lange told Fischer that although he wanted the project to be production ready, he couldn’t promise it would ever see the light of day. Yes, there are enthusiasts behind those doors, probably thinking up more automobile bliss than one can imagine.

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