Subliminal audio messages can program your subconscious mind to make empowering, healthy and life enriching decisions in your day to day life. How would you like to automatically make choices and decisions that lead to your greatest health, abundance and success? Subliminal audio messages are a steady stream of positive affirmations, hundreds of empowering positive affirmations embedded into another audio track, ideally soothing, relaxing, background sounds designed to put your mind into a deep theta wave and mildly hypnotic receptive state.
Exposing your subconscious to affirmations is very powerful as the subconscious brain is easily impressionable.
The subconscious is a big part of all of actions we take and the choices and decisions that we make each day. In order to live your highest potential and bring into your life the things you really want, you must be deeply convinced that you really want these things. There is a frequency that the subconscious hears and picks up that is just below the level that your conscious brain picks up. With subliminal audios you can bypass the conscious mind barrier and instate positive thoughts directly onto your subconscious. Now, making positive changes in your life and taking action towards the life of your dreams will be effortless and fun. 12 albums of subliminal audio messages to empower you to live your richest, happiest and healthiest life!
I personally have used subliminal audios several times to help me achieve goals in my life: losing weight, getting fit and even to learn Spanish.
With affirmation tracks on Self-healing, Healthy Body, Vibrant Vitality, Total Well-being and more. With affirmation tracks on Fast Metabolism and Slim Body, Rejuvenation, Healthy Weight Loss, Nutritious Eating and more.
With affirmation tracks on Genius mind – High IQ, Quick Thinking, Great Memory, Focus and Concentration and more. With affirmation tracks on Financial Wealth, Fame and Charisma, Communication and Persuasion, Love my Work and more. With affirmation tracks on Love to Exercise, Body Image Self Confidence, Build Muscle and Sculpt Body and more. With affirmation tracks on Motivated to Succeed, Productive and Energized, Enthusiasm, Success and more. Each of the affirmation tracks is being embedded into 4 different relaxing background sounds. There will also be a silent track for each set of affirmations that can be played unnoticed in the background anywhere! Get Free Recipes and Love Notes!Sent every 2nd Sunday + Get my 20 Quick & Easy Raw Recipes ebook FREE! Ari anchor telah banyak mencetak hipnotis dan hipnoterapis profesional sejak tahun 2008 hingga saat ini.
Hingga detik ini ari anchor banyak memberikan pelatihan-pelatihan peningkatan kualitas sumber daya manusia (SDM) baik berupa public training maupun in-house training. Mereka yang telah mempelajari hipnotis atau hipnoterapi di Ari Anchor Awareness Academy rata-rata adalah para professional yang memang tidak ingin mempelajari hipnotis dan hipnoterapi secara setengah-setengah.
Dengan mempelajari Hypnosis dan Hypnotherapy, kita akan mengerti dunia pikiran bawah sadar yang sangat powerfull untuk menunjang bisnis, karier, dan kesuksesan manusia.

Mengenal pikiran bawah sadar berarti kita telah mengetahui dan memahami adanya memori terbesar dalam kehidupan manusia yang dapat kita modifikasi. Pikiran bawah sadar adalah database penting layaknya sebuah harddisk yang berisi program-program dalam sebuah komputer sehingga dengan mengetahui serta memahami pikiran bawah sadar, kita akan mampu memperbaiki program-program yang salah di dalam pikiran bawah sadar diri kita maupun orang lain. Dengan mempelajari hypnotherapy kita akan memahami cara memberdayakan kekuatan terbesar manusia, untuk membangkitkan motivasi, dan menyelesaikan berbagai hambatan psikologis, untuk diri sendiri, maupun untuk orang lain. Memiliki kemampuan sebagai Hypnotists merupakan sesuatu yang langka dan ajaib sehingga mampu membuat diri kita berbeda dengan orang lainnya.
Menjadi seorang Hypnotherapists akan membuat kita mampu membantu banyak orang yang bermasalah dengan berbagai masalah psikologis seperti, Trauma, Depresi, Insomnia, Stress, Phobia, Kelainan Sexual, Kecemasan Berlebihan, dll.
Dengan menjadi seorang Hypnotists atau Hypnotherapists akan membuat kita memiliki peluang bisnis baru sebagai Trainer ataupun sebagai Hypnotherapists dengan rata-rata income 5 Juta – 100 Juta per bulan. Memahami dunia pikiran akan mengantarkan kita untuk memiliki ketrampilan dalam berkomunikasi yang sangat efektif dan powerfull yang bisa kita gunakan untuk berbagai bidang seperti, penjualan, pendidikan, dan peningkatan kualitas SDM. Masih banyak alasan lainnya mengapa mereka para professional mempelajari Hypnosis dan Hypnotherapy.
Quantum Mind Power is a new technology that is developed based on 15 years of development and scientific research. Tap into their subconscious mind as well as unlock the door to their inner potential which will enable users become the person they want to become.
Enhance dramatically their mental power to grasp original concepts faster, increase considerably their memory retention, and improve their creativity and their mental clarity.
Song Chengxiang is the developer of this program, who has spent over 15 years on researching and testing for brainwave technology.
Covers detailed instructions of a audios system that is designed based on The Morry Method. User can save a relationships as they win easily new friends as well as influence positively everyone around them. Picture themselves dramatically boost their self confidence together with personal power so much that it can cause people to stand back as well as take notice of them like never before. With this program, users gain a larger impression on their brain and as a result more effective and much faster results.
Song Chengxiangoffers a policy of back money within 8 weeks if Quantum Mind Power does not work for users. VKool encourages comments, but please remember: Play nice, keep it clean, stay on-topic, and avoid promotional content.
Listening to subliminal audios is an effective way to change your deepest internal thoughts that govern all of your actions. The affirmations are recorded subliminally, just below the audible threshold, at a level that is perfect to bypass the critical conscious thinking mind and be picked up by the receptive and sensitive subconscious mind. It is responsible for our likes and dislikes, our beliefs and also influences our emotions and moods. To create subliminal audios, affirmations and positive messages are embedded into other audio tracks at an ideal level that the subconscious can hear. When information bypasses the conscious brain, it is processed by the subconscious brain as true. These have worked every time for me and I deeply believe in their power to help you achieve the things you would like in your life.

2 of the backgrounds include binaural beats, a certain frequency (that is different in each ear) shown to more greatly impact our subconscious when listening to subliminal audios. We are all capable of so much, and what is holding almost every one of us back from our dreams and goals is our minds programming.
Kepiawaiannya dalam melakukan komunikasi membuatnya mampu menjadi seorang trainer sekaligus hypnotherapist yang mumpuni. Ari anchor juga terus menggunakan serta meningkatkan kemampuannya sebagai pakar dunia bawah sadar didalam setiap praktek hipnoterapi yang ia lakukan pada klinik hypnotherapi centre dan konsultan hati.
Sudah ribuan orang dengan ratusan jenis profesi yang mempelajari hipnotis dan hipnoterapi di Ari Anchor Awareness Academy “AAAA”. The author claims that this system is called as the greatest breakthrough forA personal development course.
This TMM applies a proprietary methodology that is based on Isochronic together with monaural tones which is much faster acting and more effective. How wonderful would it be to naturally, subconsciously, choose the situations and things in life that would lead to our highest potential?
The subconscious just accepts and acts on what it is given, which with positive affirming subliminal audio messages is: powerful, abundant and healthful life-affirming information. The subconscious mind is responsible for both our conscious and subconscious habits and actions. This is usually the tricky part, to bypass the often conflicted and dual thinking conscious mind. These messages are then picked up and imprinted into the deeper governing and impressionable subconscious mind. Old negative thoughts will be replaced by new positive thoughts that will change the way you look at yourself and the world around you. The blocks you held against your highest wellbeing will disappear and the abundance of the world will naturally and easily flow to you. If we can’t do something, it is almost always because we have blocks against it, and faulty programming that is telling us we can’t do those things we want to do, or have the things we want, in our life. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! With this program, users only have to spend 30 minutes per day, and only in 2 months, they can master their mind power as well as transform entirely their life with not having to use any will power. I believe in them so strongly that I am creating the ultimate 12 album set of powerful subliminal audios. In addition, the author makes sure that if users do not see a dramatic improvement on their mental power or other aspects of their life, they do not pay a penny. They will program you to think abundantly, healthfully and successfully both with your conscious and subconscious mind.

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