You may ask why an entire list is dedicated to Sigmund Freud, but the man is famous the world over. While some of his theories may seem quite wild, the field of psychology today would not be what it is without his influence and early work. Sigmund Freud abused drugs, and when we say that, what we mean is that Freud really, really, really liked cocaine.
Freud had a collection of very strange theories, many of which are pretty much discredited today.
Freud is famous for being the inventor of psychoanalysis, though some argue whether he was the first to use the method.
Some of Freuda€™s contemporaries were women, and a bit more feminist than he was (then again, it sounds like just about everybody is more feminist than Freud.) In response to his belief that many of womena€™s ills belonged to the fact that they did not have a penis and were jealous of men for having one, a female contemporary came up with the alternate theory of womb envy. Sigmund Freud placed a lot of importance on the unconscious, so perhaps not all too surprisingly he had quite a hang up on dreams. Freud was one of the first to really propose serious theories on the unconscious, and it was truly a cornerstone of nearly all of what he believed.
There is a popular story that Freud was once with a class smoking one of his favorite cigars when one of his students suggested that perhaps his constant need to have something in his mouth meant that he had an oral fixation, basically pinning him with his own made-up disorder.
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Er ist ein moderner Yogi, ein internationaler Redner und ein Mentor, der Yoga als Kunst und Wissenschaft des positiven Lebens teilt. Swami Mukti  received direct training living in India for 16 years and has been based in New Zealand since 1996 when he co-founded Anahata Yoga Retreat.

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Swami Mukti’s teachings combine an ancient wisdom with the simplicity, fun and compassion of a light mind.
He is renowned for his theories on the unconscious and for essentially pioneering psychotherapy, even if there is some argument as to whether he was the first to actually invent it. Sigmund Freud is proof positive that you can be both a genius who essentially creates an entire field and a complete quack, both at the same time. This was mainly due to his constant habit of smoking cigars, leading to mouth cancer later in life.
Freud, though, was unquestionably the first to popularize the method, and influenced many great psychologists such as Carl Jung. Also known as vagina envy, this is an alternate theory that states men are actually jealous of women, because they do not have a womb and thus cannot create life.
The unconscious, for our purposes, is supposed to be all of the processes in our brain that we perform without really thinking.
To this, Freud famously replied a€?sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.a€? Funnily enough, it turns out that some people have investigated this quote and discovered that the entire thing probably never even happened. And Sigmund Freud was a serious polyglot, with a strong knowledge of German, Italian, Greek, English, Spanish, Hebrew and Latin.
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Freud is also infamous for his theories on psychosexual development, and the fact that his worldview was fairly misogynistic even for his time. While that may be the greatest excuse for drug use ever, he also did write several papers on the wonders of this drug, touting its use in all sorts of things, including anesthesia. Freud believed that womena€™s problems stemmed essentially from them not having a male sex organ, and felt that women didna€™t have a good sense of justice. At one point Freud managed to actually quit for over a year, but eventually went back to the habit again full-time. Psychoanalysis often involves attempting to understand a patient through their childhood development and greatly involves the unconscious.A His psychoanalysis has been criticized, and still enjoys a certain controversy among the psychology community today.
To make up for this jealousy, men try to construct businesses instead so it feels like they are creating something. His theory was that what you actually remembered was just something that represented what you were actually thinking during the dream, and that it was meant to disguise the true thought.
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Whether it's showing you how to find work from home jobs, set up an online business, sell products on eBay or make money from your website, we'll provide you with expert advice, reviews and solutions. However, he did enjoy the high that the drug gave him, and definitely used it for more than just medicinal reasons. He also considered women to be weak socially, to have a jealous nature, and to be exceedingly vain. Someone with an oral fixation gained in this early stage may end up constantly needing to chew on something, or have something in their mouth, while someone who wasna€™t raised properly during the anal stage could be anal-retentive, which is where the expression comes from. According to some, he smoked as many as twenty cigars in a typical day and had to go through 34 operations, still eventually succumbing to cancer. His beliefs have always been considered controversial, but his contribution to the field of psychology and his influence cannot be denied.
One feminist even makes the argument that Mary Shelleya€™s Frankenstein is essentially a story about a man with womb envy.
Freud even wrote a book on dreams called, creatively titled a€?The Interpretation of Dreams.a€? A His main belief at the time was that dreams are a way of fulfilling things we wish we could do while conscious, but were unable. He believed that the unconscious drives how we behave, often acting on feelings that have been repressed inside us since he were very young.
He was been quoted as saying that cigars were essential to his life, and he believed that they improved his work.
Freud was also quite the little genius, already reading Shakespeare at the tender age of eight. They are commonly seen on user interfaces to describe what the application does at a glance.
Freud was also known to believe women to be the problem in society, especially when it came to sexual tension between the genders. He also had theories involving the Oedipus Complex, which had young boys attracted to their mothers, and the Elektra Complex, which had young girls attracted to their fathers.
He believed very strongly that nearly all actions that people performed were the result of unconscious processes, which would mean that our free will does not perform quite the way we first thought. He was also accepted into a prestigious high school and graduated with honors, eventually proving himself as the kookiest psychologist ever to walk the Earth. Simple logos can be scaled with ease without looking distorted.  If a logo becomes a blob on a business card, the brand loses meaning. Icons are used in mobile apps and help users understand information without a scaled logo which could become distorted when viewed on mobiles. You also gain access to your subconscious and unconscious mind to boost creativity, dissolve deep-rooted impressions and plant a seed to transform your life from the inside-out. While it is certain that we do have an unconscious mind, it is hard to say just how many of Freuda€™s theories regarding it are actually true, or even have elements of truth to them.

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