You’re planting seeds of thought in your subconscious mind all day every day, often out of habit and unaware. If you’re familiar with Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Well, reading The Power of My Subconscious Mind was the start of my recommitment to “getting my life” and I’d love if you’d join me. Even if you don’t believe in this “New Age airy fairy woo woo stuff”, how could you not be substantially benefitted by being grateful and more mindful of your thoughts, monitoring your self talk in particular, creating and reciting affirmations, visualizing the life you desire and having faith in yourself and the Universe? If you’re going to check it out, I should mention that verses from the Bible are occasionally referenced throughout the book, presumably  to prove that these principles are not actually new and assuage the guilt of anyone who might feel like recognizing and owning their power as a creator is somehow blasphemous to God. Jungian psychoanalysts place great emphasis on the workings of a patient's subconscious mind. Psychoanalysis techniques help a therapist find patterns in a client's behavior and thoughts that reveal information about their unconscious mind.
Authors Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe lived across from each other in Hartford, Connecticut. In Freud’s interpretation, important emotions, impulses, and ideas take shape and exist in the unconscious part of the mind.
Another one of the psychoanalysis therapy techniques an analyst might use is analyzing transference. Freud believed that dreams are full of symbolism and meaning and give a view of the unconscious. I started free association therapy a few weeks ago and to be honest, I'm not very happy with it. I don't think I understand free association in the first place and it feels like all I'm doing is making myself more upset and anxious in the process.
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If I had ONE wish for girls today, I would wish that we would change the way we see ourselves–and each other.

If we went around pointing out each other’s beautiful qualities, we could change the entire world of social media! Your beauty should not come from outward adornment such as cute hair, fun jewelry and trendy clothes. Your life, as a result, including but not limited to, the financial, professional, social and physical, is a perfect reflection of the ideas you have of yourself.
I have also focused on (more like obsessed about) negative scenarios and therefore attracted some pretty devastating experiences as well. How could your life not be forever changed for the better by deliberately choosing to feel better?
If you’re new to, or curious about the Law of Attraction, or would just prefer the learning without the sermons aka Christian references, might I suggest you start with either Ask and It’s Given or Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting. This is the part of the mind that controls your bodily functions in such a way that you never have to consciously think about making your heart beat, or your eye blink, or your hair growing.
Here are a collection of steps that I have been using over a period of time, and it has revolutionised my life.
Your conscious mind needs to be inundated with material that expands your awareness and brings you closer to the future lifestyle you desire in order for it to seep into your subconscious mind. But I strongly urge you to stick with it, because it does get better and it will help you. Association therapy can be very overwhelming for some people because many thoughts and emotions that have been kept hidden come out during this therapy. I have been drawing fox-women with pure red hair for such a long time and never believed that I will create an actual character out of my throught and subconscious scribbling. I spent most of the time working on the plating and correcting mistakes that have been sneaked in with the sketch. That we would choose to ACCENTUATE others’ beauty and not be tempted to tear them down just to make us feel better. Consider it more like a Think and Grow Wealthy, Healthy and Happy; a much-needed reminder of what is possible for ALL of us. These things and much more happen automatically, because they are regulated by the subconscious mind.

From higher levels of self satisfaction and self fulfillment to increased levels of energy and health, it all resides within you. Once your subconscious mind takes hold of this information, your body will begin to start acting in line with the lifestyle you desire. People feel scared to be facing them and it can feel like you are not able to control your emotions. Now an important point to consider is that not only is our bodily functions dictated by our subconscious mind, our character, beliefs, and results are also dictated by this part of the mind. To change the results you will be enjoying in the future, your subconscious mind needs different commands on a consistent basis. It's absolutely normal to feel angry and sad after the sessions because therapy is not possible without getting though these emotions. Girls (if they are honest) would tell you that they spend a lot of their day looking at and analyzing these pics of each other. To be quick to point out something beautiful about someone who may be struggling to even look in the mirror.
I wish we had the strength to embrace the things about ourselves that we see as flaws…and realize that they are the very things that make us special! But slowly, as you work with your therapist and as the unconscious become conscious, it will get easier. We look at everyone else and compare their nose, their body, their clothes, their friends, their life, their hair, their makeup, their confidence, their insecurities, etc…to our own. We decide in our own mind what we think is beautiful…blue eyes, curly hair, tall, skinny, tan.

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