Simply by following any one or more self help and self development routines given on this site!We are all born with a clean slate for a mind.
Fortunately, there are ways to clean this water:Simply pour more clean water into the glass!The dirty water will first get diluted, and as more and more clean water is poured, it will get cleaner and cleaner.If we keep on pouring clean water in, a stage will come when the water in the glass will become almost as pure as it was initially! The subconscious mind makes up 90% of the mind and stores habits and beliefs, memory, personality, self image and such things.It is estimated that we are bombarded with more than ten thousand external stimuli every day.
For example, remember your experience of buying a new piece of apparel, say a leather jacket.
If you want to live a full, satisfying life, you have to fill your subconscious mind with thoughts of the kind of life that you desire.
July 26, 2014 by Andy Harry Leave a Comment Would you like to have an ability to hypnotize another person instantly? Eye-focusing exercises are designed to improve eye focus and strengthen the power of eye accommodation. Your best friend or other one who trusts you will easily follow your orders and shows great suggestibility.
Instruct your partner to focus his eyes on a spot beneath your right eye and avoid breaking the gaze unless you instructed to do so.
Recently, I was inspired to pen an article that explored the topic: What is my spirit animal?
The conversation with my friend reminded me a bit of Carl Jung, who helped to coin the phrase, active imagination. Various forms of active imagination can be found within numerous philosophical, religious and spiritual traditions. Jung often used active imagining exercises with clients as part of dream exploration, understanding fantasy and to a lesser or greater degree, neurosis. And it should be noted that some psychologists believe that forms of guided imagery and meditation act as stimulants to the hypothalamus, which in turn causes a state of peace and happiness for the meditating individual.
While in this “place” of calm – the subconscious mind sends messages to the person in the form of different creatures as a way of providing visual cues to things we need to focus on.
Native Indian culture places a great premium on all forms of life and particularly, animals.
Here are a few examples of animals that I jotted down when talking to Ben, including their specific lesson “traits”.

Readers of this blog know that I will sometimes write about topics that are non-traditional in nature but relate in some way to psychology, wellness and goal attainment. And so I have some fun but very real questions for you: Do you believe in spirit animal guides? Finally (and this will require courage on your part to answer) do you have a spirit animal guide?  I look forward to reading your responses and I bet others will too! Last updated: 11 Sep 2014Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed.
But all the garbage that we are fed with during the process of growing up spoils the slate that was initially clean.The mind of the baby is like a glass of pure, crystal clear water.
There are a variety of ways of impressing the subconscious mind with the thoughts and ideas of our desire.All the techniques are discussed in the following pages. This will help you keep in touch with self development as it is an on going exercise and not a one time effort. I am in recovery from alcohol, and I would like to share your teachings and affirmations in classes that are in group settings.
Look closely at your partner for any changes in breathing pattern which will suggest the state of your partner’s subconscious mind. Then look into your partner’s eyes and maintain a strong and unwavering eye-to-eye contact without blinking.
The desire to write this piece came to me after speaking with a friend of mine, Ben, who is a member of the Oneida Tribe of Indians. The long and the short of the belief is that a higher power (a creator) makes these animals available to people as a way of communicating important life lessons. At its core, active imagining is a cognitive approach that uses the imagination as a conduit to deeper understanding. My friend Ben shared with me several of the more common animals that appear as “spirit friends” to us. You can find a more extensive list of animals and what they symbolize from the Manataka American Indian Council. Are they a figment of our imagination or do animals truly have spirits which have been sent to us from a higher power to teach us things? John Moore infuses current events, pop-culture and a bit of Hollywood into his posts as a way of communicating wider points on issues related to wellness and goal attainment.

You will be privy to new articles, success stories and new tips and techniques on self development. There are 20 or so in the group, and I would love to have your permission to copy your teachings. I was searching for affirmations that I could use in my daily life and you provided me with more than I could handle. Eye contact can trigger someone to enter into such a state of mind with a hypnotic induction. Blinking will break eye contact connection with the subject and make it hard to hypnotize a person. He shared that each animal has its own “life lesson” to impart to us when they appear in corporeal form during meditation.
A person may need self help for any of the following (or more):to come out of depressionto manage stressto make money (and fast)to boost self esteem. This filter scans all the incoming stimuli from the outside world and decides the priority of each item.
If they have helped me bring my life around to staying sober, it may help others in the group.
By looking directly into the subject’s eyes without blinking, hypnotists can easily hypnotize another person.
So practice your eye to have the ability to maintain eye contact without blinking, which is very important to the success of hypnosis.
If you understand the art of conversational hypnosis, it becomes less difficult for you to hypnotize someone with your eyes and words.
It is then sorted and some information is sent to the conscious mind and some to the subconscious mind.
I am still in the process of training myself not to think negatively but I catch myself doing it at times. A simple method is to look at the nearby pencil point or any close object, then at some distant object; return to the pencil point and continue.

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