A leader reaches their post in the corporate structure because they’re strong; strong-willed, strong-minded, strong-armed. Even the most seasoned leaders can find themselves butting heads with other company decision-makers. But it’s important for leaders to keep their cool and still be able to carry out the tasks and people-managing their job requires.
It’s hard to admit fault, especially if you really haven’t committed any powerful wrongdoing.
It may be time for you and your disagreeing colleague to sit down mano-a-mano and discuss the conflict face-to-face.
Do you want to motivate and lead your staff more effectively? My executive coaching services can help you hone your leadership skills and clearly define your goals and objectives. For the past few months, rumors have swirled that singer Keri Hilson and her NBA baller Serge Ibaka had officially called it quits.
A modern-day warrior and single mom hides from a government out to get her and her teenage son.
This is a story of Eva González, a young girl from the south of California who has to reside in Los Angeles for unknown reasons with her family. A resume, also called CV or curriculum vitae, is what creates your first impression to the potential employer.
Mind you, we are not only sharing the Word templates but this article also contains a brief guide for drafting perfect resumes. Since you came here looking for resume templates, here is the list of top 100 Microsoft Word resume templates.
Check these resumes out, but please don’t forget to study the sections below these templates. It’s quite a contemporary design, ideal for designers and communication personnel but not that great for managerial staff. It does look cool while maintaining a cool outlook, but make sure the hiring company prints out resumes on color printers, otherwise the orange color will just come out as dull gray. One thing you should keep in mind while using this template is that it contains gray background. The dark colors look really cool but you must make sure that you don’t send it anywhere they have to get a print out of it.
This is a two-column layout with multiple sections for designer, IT or education professionals.
This is a personal branding template for a marketer, public relations, sales, or accountant. This template comes with flow short design as the main graphical element for the template for you to download. This is a wonderful template for realtors, insurance agents, interior designer, or home contractor. This one is an HTML CV but I’m adding it in this list anyway because you can edit it in Notepad or Microsoft Word. Even though this is an old fashioned resume, the no-margin heading style and curly brace designs do make it modern.
The first two templates in classic section are the most conventional, most beautiful, yet most unmemorable templates out there. Large font section in colored font for main focus point, and bulleted list for qualifications summary.

This is a pretty cool design for a one page resume where you can place your work history, awards and skills in plain view. This template and the next one are created by the same one who produced the first two templates in classic section. There are 7 variations of the following templates, I’m sharing the 2 best ones but you can follow the link and find the other ones. This resume template for Word seems ideal for professionals of IT, customer service or engineering. Your contact information is printed vertically from top to bottom down the right side of the page.
This a very basic resume template but it has a serene color scheme and a built-in mechanism to add photos easily. This is another responsive HTML resume that you can edit in Notepad, Word or a specialist HTML editor such as Dreamweaver. This template comes in when you want to add a personal touch in an ordinary design and make it extraordinary. These are not really resume templates but portfolio templates that you can edit in Microsoft Word.
A visually appealing resume template that highlights photographic ability on a single page.
The incorporated charts and graphs in this template make it easy to showcase your skills as well as your work. A template can only help in the design part; you will have to focus on the content as well.
The basic idea is to write a personal statement that describes what you want to become or do eventually. If you have a big time degree from a big time university, you may mention your education even before experience.
If you have won any awards, maybe in university for your research papers or maybe in your professional life, whatever awards you have won, you should mention them here. Be careful about writing your interests because you don’t want to give a wrong impression about yourself. Of course, there are many other resume power words in English, but these are the basic ones. One tip I want to give you is that when you are using hard copies of your resume, make sure the paper is of the finest quality and the paper suits your resume design. Typography is very important part of the layout and Times New Roman just kills the typography because it is used too much. While those qualities may be a great asset to the job in many circumstances, it may be a detriment when it comes to conflict. With so much at stake and such powerful people at the wheel, any conflict big or small could cause quite the office battle. Even if you’ve managed to keep your struggle quiet, employees can tell when their leaders are under the wrong kind of pressure. But it’s important to adjust your perspective to include your own shortcomings and how they may have an effect on the conflict.
It should be possible to resolve an executive conflict internally; after all, leading by example is something you’ve mastered by now.
Don’t rehash your disagreeing viewpoints, speak productively with the best interest of the company and employees in mind.

The 31-year-old writer and songstress has yet to release an official statement, but when we caught up with her last night (at the About Last Night premiere), she seemed to be recovering well. Several days to her trip to the big city, she receives a letter from her Aunt Augusta (Sonia Noemí) who writes to her niece that her future is dark and she will meet a man in her life who is a heaven and hell at the same time.
This guide includes methodology, theory and practical ways of creating captivating resumes.
That part guides you for editing these templates and even creating your own resume template. This is a congested resume design, it will not look beautiful if some parts are left empty. I personally don’t like this idea that the reader would have to rotate your document in order to make sense of it, but hey, Microsoft designed it.
However, for certain professionals such as photographers, portfolios alone may serve the purpose of resume.
Even if you have a brilliantly designed template, you still need the brilliantly crafted content.
If you don’t have any commendable experience, place the experience tab below education tab and vice versa if you don’t have a big degree. This used to be a very important part of the resume, but now it has become sort of a cliche that almost never contains the 100% truth.
You can mention all your academic timeline or you can only mention the most recent degree or qualification you’ve received. For instance a company asks you to send your resume, or maybe you already know someone in the company and you just need to send is an official document containing the important facts. Always double-check your resume yourself and then get it checked by your friends, colleagues and family members.
And when the benefit of the company is at stake because executives can’t find common ground, a lot more than just your pride is on the line. It is Daniel Villanueva who is the widower in Los Angeles being a good catch and a womanizer. Even though it is such a vital tool of networking, a study shows that over 90% of resumes in the world contain mistakes; and those mistakes cause unemployment. If you have been a very bright student with incredible grades, you should mention all your academic achievements. For instance, if you are a stock broker, you would want a resume that looks very organized and clean but if you are a graphic designer, you would do something out of the ordinary. Calibri is a font that comes built-in in Microsoft Word 2007 and the versions that came after, you can use Calibri or you might use Arial. You may change the personal statement according to the company or job you are applying to… but don’t just make one-goes-for-all kind of personal statement.
Now’s the time to claim your part in this conflict.  Admitting to wrongdoing and working toward fixing it is always a mutually beneficial thing to do, so be sure you’re in good standing with your colleagues, direct reports and manager.
So take it slow and remember you’re all experienced, educated human beings – you’ve got this. Today we are sharing Microsoft Word resume templates that are designed and crafted so perfectly that you will never have any problem creating a resume ever again.

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