In "Infected," you'll travel to the Sibiran system to investigate Starbase 82, a Federation space station that has ceased communicating with Starfleet.
I have been a long time fan of Star Trek, watching old reruns on Saturday afternoons back in the mid-1970s.
I was at last August’s Star Trek Convention, and was 15th in line to see the preview of the game.
With their backs against the wall and the temporal prime directive in mind, the alliance is poised to make an unthinkable decision. These are dark times filled with tough choices and personal sacrifice, the future can be bright again but it’s always darkest before the dawn. For those of you who don’t know, the Iconians were a galactic super-power 200,000 years ago. Last week in Guild Wars 2, a big piece of Bloodstone exploded and now small parts of it have landed all over Tyria affecting the wildlife. These three 'Trapped in an MMO' Anime series showcase what it might be like to log into your favorite game -- and never log out. WoW Wednesday takes a look at how PvP in Legion is being redefined and what it may mean for the future of World of Warcraft and how we play it. Your Torchlight product key has been emailed to your Arc registered email address, you can redeem this key in game. The battlezone is a level 50 space persistent zone where players are fighting the Undine for control over a strategic portion of the Dyson Sphere.
While designing the space battlezone, we carefully looked at player feedback on our ground battlezone. Defeating at least one of the planet killers before time has run out will be considered a victory. You will receive a reward of Dilithium and Undine Marks every time you help in completing a point. Click here to learn more about Legacy of Romulus, our free-to-play expansion for Star Trek Online. With Star Trek Online coming to console this fall, we're adding in a host of new lighting technologies significantly improving the visual quality of the game!
Temporal Agents helping to defend our timeline can unlock server-wide rewards in their effort to defend against the Krenim incursions! Star Trek Online, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating Star Trek Online is a 3D space themed MMO game by Cryptic Studios, based on the Star Trek franchise, where Players Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go in this expanding vast universe. In the game, the Star Trek universe appears for the first time on a truly massive scale, players can pioneer their own destiny as Captain of a Federation starship. Players will have the opportunity to visit iconic locations from the popular Star Trek fiction, reach out to unexplored star systems, and make contact with new alien species.
Immerse yourself in the future of the Trek universe as it moves into the 25th century: a time of shifting alliances and new discoveries. Explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and new civilizations in a vast, expanding universe. Establish contact with new races, discover resources and uncover mysteries that will influence Star Trek’s future. Missions take you and your friends into the depths of space, across exotic planets and even inside starships! On the ground, you lead your away team across exciting terrain, interacting with allies and battling enemies. Since the birth of the Federation and Klingon Defense Force, there have been countless unsung heroes that work in a vessel’s lower decks. While participating in this new form of gameplay is optional, doing so will earn you special rewards, accolades, and even help you to advance your various ranks. Using Cryptic’s Total Customization technology, every ship you command can be customized by you, from its color to its construction. The Foundry for Star Trek Online is your opportunity to craft the Star Trek universe your way. Star Trek Online is developed by Cryptic Studios, creators of the massively successful City of Heroes and City of Villains. The Universe is Your Only Limit – Play as much as you like for as long as you like at no cost.
Episodic Gameplay – Experience new weekly episodes that feature story-based gameplay and put your captain’s ability to command to the ultimate test. Your Captain, Your Crew, Your Destiny – Become a captain, seek out new life and new civilizations and encounter hostile beings as you advance to maximum level for free.

Familiar Places, New Experiences – Travel to Starfleet Academy, Deep Space Nine, The First City of Qo’noS and many other iconic locations and notable worlds from the beloved Star Trek universe. Ancient MMO Star Trek Online is coming to the PlayStation 4 for reasons that only Spock will be able to understand. From what we understand, this game is unique because it includes both space and ground combat, and you'll be able to visit various iconic locations from the legendary sci-fi series, including Deep Space Nine, which we've definitely heard of before. A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy's covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it. Played it on PC at launch for about a year, but I'm so burnt out on MMO's, and this one isn't breaking any boundaries. This single-player action game with cooperative gameplay elements allows two people to control Kirk and Spock, however, players can’t switch between Kirk and Spock during a chapter. The two characters are intended to show different gameplay techniques, with Kirk being the more typical shooter while Spock has stealth techniques and can use both the Vulcan nerve pinch and mind meld. The Star Trek Online dev blog has been updated with posts giving specs for the new Federation flagship, the Odyssey class USS Enterprise-F, and the Klingon's new Bortas class. The pinnacle of Federation starship design, the Odyssey Star Cruiser will carry the Federation into a new generation of exploration. In honor of this monumental technological achievement, Starfleet Command has authorized the construction of a new flagship. Not content to rest on their laurels, the KDF engineering teams at the Ty'Gokor Fleet Yards have been hard at work advancing Klingon ship design into the 25th century. The Bortas Battle Cruiser is the largest, most powerful battle cruiser in the Klingon arsenal. Recent and forthcoming release highlights below; for a detailed listing of all the many releases this year visit the the 2016 schedule page. The Fleet Boxes are designed for use with any game set in the Star Fleet Universe, including A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander, and Starmada. As you arrive, you're in for a true nightmare scenario: The Borg have taken Starbase 82, and are in the process of assimilating the people aboard!
I was at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention when Cryptic Studios made their announcement about the creation of Star Trek Online. Having started out playing MMORPGs at a very young age, and later making the switch to more competitive games such as SMITE, Michael has a broad knowledge of what the online gaming industry has to offer.
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Each point can be completed by yourself or with a full fleet of ships to back you up – the more players at a point, the more Undine will appear. When the time is up, or when all three planet killers are defeated, players will be given a reward for completing the zone based off of how many points they have helped to capture. If you also help defeat a planet killer, you will receive an Isomorphic Injection for every planet killer defeated, assuming that you have helped in taking points in the zone.
You can also go there from the Contested Zone, as well as from the initial entrance in the Allied Zone. Advance your journey of rebuilding the Romulan legacy with a Legacy Pack purchase! Or, they can become a Klingon Warlord and expand the Empire to the far reaches of the galaxy. With Episode Missions, every moment spent playing Star Trek Online will feel like a new Star Trek episode in which you are the star. As the Captain of your very own ship, it’s up to you to lead your crew on missions that span a number of locations. Every Captain commands four subordinates on the ground, all of which can be directed to act in any manner you choose.
No matter which department they are in, these officers have pledged their lives to their ship and fellow crewmates.
As with any assignment, there are inherent risks, but the potential reward may outweigh the danger.
What’s more, anyone can create their own species in Star Trek Online, meaning you can tell your own story about how you came to be in the galaxy.
With The Foundry, you can create and build brand new missions and stories to share with your friends and the entire Star Trek Online community. It’s built on the Cryptic Engine, a core technology that means our designers can focus less on a game’s nuts and bolts and more on creating a game that captures Star Trek’s essence, guaranteeing that both longtime fans of Star Trek and people new to the universe will feel at home. The free-to-play intergalactic foray launched an incredible six years ago on the PC, and it'll be making the transition to Sony's new-gen system with all of its content intact.

In transitioning to the PS4, developer Cryptic Studios had upgraded the game's graphics and user interface, and also completely overhauled the controls so that they work on a DualShock 4. In fact, apparently you'll be able to see all of the title's story content and reach the release's level cap without spending a single penny. Each are armed with weapons to reflect their gameplay style, with Kirk armed with a phaser equipped with a stun setting, while Spock’s weapon is quieter and freezes enemies instead. Its massive size makes it very resilient, but its turn rate is reduced by the bulk of the vessel. When Chancellor J'mpok demanded a new, more powerful flagship to lead the Empire, they were ready with the Bortas, a ship that will bring swift vengeance to enemies of the Empire. Its massive hull affords it incredible resilience in battle, but it sacrifices turn rate for that size. Sorry folks, but this article is about a certain ship that appears at some point in Star Trek Beyond . In fact, I was in line to ask a question during the webcast but it ended 2 people before I got to the microphone. Executive Producer of Star Trek Online, Stephen Ricossa, presented Iconian War: Midnight in an update on the Arc Games website today. They were thought to be extinct by orbital bombardment and driven out of the galaxy by other races.
The Undine's strike was fast and accurate, using the power of their planet killers to wipe away the Voth fleet. When a point is complete, allied forces will come in to defend it, but beware, the Undine will reappear to take the point back and re-open a fluidic rift. For the first time ever, as their Captain, you will actively manage their activities as you delegate their assignments aboard and away from your ship.
Assign your officers wisely and don’t forget to check in with your First Officer for suggestions. This means that you'll be able to team up with the Federation, Klingons, or Romulans, and build a crew from over 32 available species.
Gazillion of different ingame currencies, quadrillion of building materials, loot crate drops (basically a lottery) that require you to purchase keys for real money. Enterprise-F, will embolden its crew to embrace the principles of exploration and cooperation that are the hallmarks of the Federation. The Bortas is designed to take on any foe no matter how powerful, and because of that is designed with versatility in mind.
Moreover, they have to fight a mysterious enemy who has in mind to destroy the Beta Quadrant. Now, the Undine are building a stronghold on top of the remains of the Voth zone and are seeking to destroy anything in their path. This has been balanced so a single player can prevent a friendly point from being recaptured. Along your journey, you can collect and trade these officers with fellow Captains to help you build the crew of your dreams.
Craft custom missions, or really take your creativity to the next level by designing an entire series of episodes from the ground up! Come up with some quality Star Trek puns in the comments section below, because we've got none.
In the Odyssey class, crews will explore strange new worlds, seek out new lifeforms and new civilizations and boldly go where no ship has gone before.
The Odyssey is designed as an extreme long-range vessel, and can operate for long periods of time away from support.
It features Universal Ensign and Lieutenant Commander Bridge Officer Stations that can be operated by any Bridge Officer class.
Only the combined efforts of the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans could push back the Undine and destroy their planet killers!
Gameplay itself is not bad though.The only F2P game currently on Ps4 that does its finance model right is Warframe.
Because of this, it is the most versatile cruiser ever developed by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers and features Universal Ensign and Lieutenant Commander Bridge Offer Stations that can by operated by any Bridge Officer class.

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