For more inspiration, see our posts on cool headboard ideas and creative home organization ideas. Light colors enhance the feeling of space, while darker hues tend to close in; lighten up your walls and furnishings. This may seem obvious, but ditch the king-size (or even queen) bed and use space-saving furniture. Other than that, there are some very simple things you can do at your show to increase the likelihood of leaving with cash in your pocket and fewer CDs. I’ve played countless shows where the other artist decided to keep their CDs with them on stage. If you’re not getting paid, make sure you have a visible tip jar or container on your table. This is essentially bringing the tip jar to the crowd instead of waiting for the crowd to go to the tip jar. If you have additional suggestions of things that have worked at your show, please leave them in the comments section. Grassrootsy’s Top 10 Posts of 2015January 4, 2016Nailing down the top 10 posts of the year was no easy feat.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Description: You can download this image titled Bathroom design ideas for small spaces you should try interior for your home interior design photo collection. Once you’ve decided on the perfect look for yours, be sure to check out our top furniture picks for small bedrooms.
If storage space is an issue, under-bed storage containers such as this one can free up a lot of space. Even if you’ve been playing for a while, its often hard to get an establishment to want to pay you. These are all high traffic spots where people can’t use the excuse that they never saw it.
Don’t do this for every song, but take note of the ones that people especially like and tell them how they can find it. Yet the reality is that many of us have to work with small spaces that make use of every square foot.
Right click on the image to download selecting save image as, then you will select a title. We’ve already shown you some contemporary loft bedroom design ideas, modern Swedish bedrooms and amazing ocean-view bedrooms; now it’s time to have a look at practical solutions for small homes. We write posts and publish contributed articles specifically with the Independent Artists in mind.

This follows the same rule as Kickstarter, when people see other people donating, they will donate too.
A tiny kitchen is not ideal, but by making the most of what you have, you can still create a beautiful and efficient home.
You can also find similar design ideas and topic like Bathroom design ideas for small spaces you should try interior by browsing the categories on the right or looking at additional home interior design pictures below. People will not come up to it while you play…and will be intimidated to approach even after you play.
Small kitchens need smart solutions that not only save on space, but also create an open and airy atmosphere.Good design is all about perfectly blending aesthetics and ergonomics.
Whether you’re new to music-making, a seasoned veteran, or somewhere in the middle, there’s something for everyone here.
By using a few savvy decorating ideas, one can create a kitchen that looks a lot bigger than it really is.
Best case scenario: people look over your merch while they are listening to you which increases the chance that they will purchase an album.
So, instead of thinking about bringing a wall down and going for a major renovation, why not give these simple ideas a shot?1.
Let there be Light!Try this little trick with any small space and you can rest assured you will not fail.
The kitchen is the heart of the house, and an imaginative mix of focused and recessed lighting is an absolute must.
If your small kitchen sports a window or two, make sure they stay open to usher in freshness and natural light. Reflective Surfaces and Shiny KitchenwareNo matter what theme or color you use for your kitchen, there is never a shortage of shiny metallic surfaces that you can showcase in this part of the house! A beautiful kettle with porcelain enamel glaze, or glittering cutlery with a hint of copper add brightness to the small kitchen.
Reflective surfaces further accentuate the lighting in your tiny kitchen and give it a lively, dynamic vibe. Add a Few Open ShelvesOpen shelves obviously create the illusion of a spacious room far better than closed ones. You can even go a step further and add minimal-style floating shelves, which further usher in an airy appeal. Simplicity is a key element in designing small spaces, and a minimal approach helps you to achieve this with ease.5.
Glass Makes a DifferenceIf you are not all that happy with an open-shelved design and feel that doors are an absolute must, then opt for glass instead of conventional solid cabinet doors. You need not always open the doors to see exactly what lies inside, and their transparent nature might even tempt you to keep your cabinets cleaner and more organized than normal!

Glass cabinet doors are available in various styles that range from those with a classic wood frame to the trendy translucent ones.
Decor That Maximizes Floor SpaceThis one goes beyond the visual aspect of design and is all about bringing ergonomics to your kitchen.
Small kitchen islands, narrow bar stools, tables and chairs with sleek legs and floating shelves that utilize vertical space are all valuable additions indeed. This is a good time to borrow from the design philosophy of Mid-Century modern architect Eero Saarinen and clear up that slum of legs in your tiny kitchen!7. Shelves that Blend In with the WallsApart from using a neutral color palette with no more than two or three different shades for the walls, another suggestion is to paint the shelves a similar hue as the rest of the space. While shelves in contrasting colors look great in large kitchens, they tend to have a negative effect in small spaces, as they lead to a visual fragmentation of the room. You can still create some contrast by using a pattern or finish that adds geometric variation, or by painting a single shelf in a bold color to infuse some life into the setting.8. Clean and Well-Defined LinesCombining several different hues and too many variations can give the small kitchen a clumsy and disorganized look. Vertical lines are a fabulous addition to the small kitchen, and by drawing you eye upwards, they actually help make the room appear far more spacious and relaxed.
Stylish Recessed CabinetsRecessed shelves that are nicely tucked in between wall studs are a small kitchen trend that is quickly catching on. If there isn’t enough space between the walls, then why not make some shelf space within the walls?! Adding a recessed shelf means you will not have to forgo a single inch of your existing kitchen space, and that is arguably the best storage solution one can ask for. It is not very difficult to install recessed cabinets, but for the lazy folk among us, you can always ‘call the guy’ and have it done as well.10. Smart Symmetry and a Clutter-Free LookSymmetry is an important aspect of designing small spaces.
Keep your kitchen counter clean and uncluttered, and do not leave out kitchenware that can be easily tucked away in a shelf of two. Working in a small kitchen can be both convenient and pleasant if you follow these simple, hassle-free decorating ideas. And if you are still not satisfied, then maybe it is time to go for a smart and appropriate kitchen renovation!

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