Money trees are cheap in aspiration points, so Sims who have plenty of aspiration points can afford plenty of money trees. When a Sim's aspiration level is gold or higher, that Sim will be able to harvest forty Simoleons from the money tree. Children can harvest from the money tree, and it is a fine source of income for child Sims. Although at first glance it may seem like a money tree isn't worth forking over 3000 Aspiration points for a mere §40, the money tree can actually be a key component for keeping Fortune Sims happy on a consistent basis.
When the Money Tree is ready for harvest, neighbors can and will take the money from a money tree. The harvest can be up to 5 money bags, and yields anywhere from several hundred Simoleons to several thousand Simoleons for a perfect Money Tree.
It’s been a while since we wrote about The Sims FreePlay, Electronic Arts’ mobile version of the hit life simulation series. Before you can visit the Mysterious Island, you’ll need to complete the ‘Money Grows on Trees?’ quest chain. After completing the Simoleon Sprout quest chain, you’ll gain access to the Mysterious Island quest series. The Mysterious Island itself is a new map that you can travel to after building The Mysterious Island Bridge.
After completing ‘Coming of Age,’ you’ll be able to advance Preteen Sims to full Teen status! If you want to continuously hunt for ghosts, you’ll need several haunted items in the same house (a good idea anyway). Complete the expanded collection of ghosts by November 1st and you’ll unlock the Petrifying Putting Green item!

To visit the Mystery Boxes Store, collect at least one key, select the weekly quest chain, and touch the Mystery Box icon.
Naturally a content update like this has to add some new ways for players to spend real money. However, if the Sim's aspiration level is green, there is a 50% chance they will only receive one simoleon during harvest. Spend a while saving up on Aspiration points, and then have your Fortune Sim use their hard earned points on as many money trees as possible.
Planting one instantly launches a slot-machine minigame in which all of the payouts are in Simoleons. Once you’ve unlocked Osiris, you can go to him or call him just like other Sims - from the SimTracker. The ‘Higher Education’ series then allows you to build the High School for teens to attend. Thankfully they will be able to become Teen Idols by completing the ‘Road to Fame’ quest, which will become available in mid-November.
And if you want multiple Sims hunting for ghosts, you’ll have to buy a boatload of extra haunted goods in order to ensure they always have a haunted object to investigate.
Both the TV and car are free, so we can’t complain too much about the commercialization aspect. The vast assortment of quests to complete, jobs and hobbies to level up, and customizations for your Sims’ homes will keep Sims fan busy for months at least.
Once your Sim has a small farm of at least 10 of these trees, the profit jumps to a potential §400 every 8 hours, or §1200 per day. While fishing there is a small chance that the Sim will catch a box containing a money tree seed.

However, Money Trees will yield a Money Tree seed when it reaches Perfect quality, which will appear on the ground near them, allowing one Money Tree to turn into many. EA has released two major updates for FreePlay in the last two months: the Teen and Mysterious Island updates. Each monument provides a chance to earn Simoleon or Life Point bonuses from completing tasks. There are six new ghosts to find, which also bumps up the reward for subsequent ghost collection completions to 5 Life Points instead of 3. Their contents are random, but at least you can judge the reward rarity by the cost of the Box. The Teen and Mysterious Island updates make the game that much better – except for making ghost hunting harder.
For Sims that Want to earn a lot of money, money trees can certainly give a lot of extra cash to pad their wallets with. Money Trees last indefinitely and their quality will improve to Perfect, if they are cared for well.
After you’ve upgraded the first monument, you can choose to substitute Life Points for resources at a cost of 3 Life Points per missing unit of resource.
Whether the Sim receives §40 or §1, harvesting money from the money tree fulfills the want to earn some money.

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