13 years ago a pretty well known developer, working for a pretty well known company came up with with a pretty simple concept. This game has been around for a little while, but if you haven’t given it a try, you really need to. Start your walk of fame in The Sims FreePlay, and be sure to LIKE us on Facebook for the latest news and offers. In case you missed it, please note that The Sims FreePlay MUST be connected to Xbox Live in order for an Achievement to unlock. To avoid unlocking Achievements while offline, always save and exit the game by pressing the Save and Exit button at the bottom right corner of the main menu. To hunt for ghosts, you’ll need at least one haunted item (designated by a red ghost symbol in the Home Store) in your house. Once you have a haunted item, select it and choose to hunt for ghosts, which will take three minutes and thirty seconds.
Once you’ve caught every ghost, you can choose to restart the hunting path in order to earn the collection rewards again. Sims can have three basic types of relationships with one another: friendly, romantic, or unfriendly. To check the currently selected Sim’s relationship status with other Sims, press the Relationships button at the top of the sidebar on the left side of the screen. Choose romantic conversation options with a pair of Sims until the option to ask the other Sim to move in shows up.
Perform unkind actions towards another Sim to move through the three unfriendly relationship levels. Once the baby is born, you can use a birthday cake (which costs life Points) to turn it into a toddler. The Community Center allows preteens to learn ballet and karate hobbies, plus adults can learn woodworking. Studying at a 3-star desk will advance your students through the ranks far faster than actually attending school. Knocking out 1,000 goals will likely take months, especially because some goals can only be done at specific times of day or on certain days.
As great as it is sending your Sim to pee and flirt with the neighbor’s daughter, those only give a small reward.
The Sim Town is bursting with buildings to buy and build, and each of these buildings serve a purpose. Check The Sims Freeplay App on your Play Store for updates regularly because it occasionally gets updated for special events and holidays. If the answer is yes, you are in the right place, because you can find The Sims FreePlay Hack v1.3 here. In this installment, you’ll learn how to bust ghosts and feel good, make babies, and get your kids’ grades up on high.
The Pro Skater’s Dream Pad includes a 3-star haunted Skeleton, so you could start on this Achievement after buying that house.

The conversational choices you make contribute towards these statuses: green adds to friendship, purple to romance, and red to unfriendly relationship. Have them perform romantic actions until their engagement meter fills up and they can finally get married. The ability to have 17 Sims unlocks at level 30, so don’t bother antagonizing Sims until then.
Birthday cakes take 24 hours to bake, but you can start baking them before the baby arrives.
After advancing your first baby to preteen status, buy the center and send the kid there to train. Using the bar to stretch takes 30 seconds and pays generous hobby XP, so use it to quickly fly through the ballet ranks.
At level 17, purchase the cheapest 3-star study desk from the Children’s Store using Life Points. Adding a new story to a house increases town value by 500,000, but it costs a million Simoleons so most players won’t be able to do it.
After progressing through the ghost hunting ranks once and receiving the Ghost Cabinet decoration, every subsequent completion of the ranks (catching all 12 ghosts again) will increase the town value by 500,000.
If a goal comes up and all of your Sims are occupied, you might want to  free up a Sim by canceling his or her current action. Whenever you have a goal that will take a long time to complete, try to be patient and make as much progress in other areas as possible along the way. There is just something about managing other people’s daily lives and watching them learn and grow that makes it so endearing. From Shopping Malls that you can sell and buy stuff, to the Town Hall where you can learn woodworking and karate, to the Children School, there is no harm in expanding your town. In this Mystery Island, there are mysterious monuments and structures that you can build using rare resources that you gain from doing normal daily stuff with your Sims.
For example, last month was the Christmas event and completing missions during the event will give you Christmas-themed stuff. The more often they work, the higher level they get in what they do, and the more xp and money they earn when they return from work. Well, when the next time your dog digs up something, praise it because it will dig up more the next time, and quicker.
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The only difference is that it runs in real time, which makes progression a little easier in my opinion. Also, any additional Sims you have can find the same tier of ghosts as the highest level ghost hunter, regardless of their individual hunting levels. The rings that are most likely to work cost Life Points, so don’t waste money on the ones that cost Simoleons. It takes 30 “Be Rude” gestures (five total minutes) or 10 “Complain” gestures (10 minutes) to reach nemesis level with one Sim.

Then go back and adjust any of its features by oressing the stick figure button at the bottom-right corner of the screen. To advance from the fifth level to the sixth and final level, it should take 100 stretches.
The 20 minute exercise pays the best hobby experience, but you’re still looking at several days to hit the final level. You’ll need Life Points just to complete many goals though, so don’t skip a goal unless it would take close to a week to accomplish. Not only do they make you do very interesting things and act as a sort of tutorial for things you didn’t know existed, it also gives you rare Lifestyle Points that you can use for cool stuff and features. The best part of it is that the competitions are based on the hobbies that your Sims can learn and level up on, so it really gives you the incentive to make your Sim a pro at something.
The best thing about it is that your Land Value goes up as you expand. The higher the value of your town, the more Lifestyle Points you get.
Each structure or monument will give you special bonuses such as an increase in the xp or money you gain from baking, gardening, etc. One of my Sim’s houses was all decked out in red and white, Christmas Lights and even fireworks! Buy multiple haunted items (they appear in Decorations and other categories) to increase your chances of finding the rare ghosts. There’s no point to leaving a kid as a toddler, so use another birthday cake to advance it to preteen status. When the other preteens max out their hobbies, you might want to pick up another desk or two. If you are having trouble progressing or just want some tips on getting more money, I hope this guide will help you. Check in on the Competition Center regularly to send your best-leveled Sim to earn cash and Lifestyle Points. Participate in these special events to score some really cool stuff and earn good money and Lifestyle Points in the process. But if  a Sim will be finishing a task relatively soon, you're better off allowing the task to finish instead of canceling actions or blowing Life Points. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past 13 years, let me clue you in about the Sims. You tell them to use the bathroom, go to work, build their home, pet their dog, and if lucky enough…to Woohoo! The Sims, is the most successful video game franchise in history in sales, and this game is no exception.

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