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Katy Perry’s music video “Wide Awake” is another offering from the pop music industry that conceals references to Monarch programming within its symbolism. Many articles on this site described how many items of popular culture conceal within their symbolism references to an unknown, horrendous practice: Monarch programming. Katy Perry’s video Wide Awake is yet another music video that alludes to the concept of Monarch programming through its storyline and its imagery.
In many ways, the video resembles works that have been previously analyzed on this site, such as the movies Labyrinth and Sucker Punch and music videos like Paramore’s Brick by Boring Brick. Most mainstream media articles on Wide Awake say that it is about Katy Perry “navigating the maze of fame”.
At the beginning of the video, we see Katy completing the filming of her popular video California Gurls.
When she enters her dressing room, Katy removes her wig, which symbolically represents her switching to another alter (this gesture was also an important part of Lady Gaga’s video Marry the Night). Katy soon realizes that her inner-world is a dark labyrinth that if full of traps and dangers.
During mind control, handlers literally take control of the slave’s mind and can program everything within it. Katy realizes that she won’t make it through the maze without an important element – one that has been stripped from her during the her programming: Her core persona. Katy’s core persona is the “real her” (Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson), complete with her values and convictions. Katy and her core persona then enter a room full that truly screams out “Monarch programming”. As Katy breaks the mirror, we see butterflies flying off her dress – an image that emphasizes the fact that she is breaking out of Monarch programming.
While Katy is somewhat of a zombie, her core persona, little Katheryn,  is “Wide Awake” and is determined to get out of there. However, Katheryn’s will-power blasts the horned guys away and even brings Katy back to life. The lyrics of the song convey this sense of liberation from a deceitful and oppressive state of mind.
So, at this point, one might ask: Is this video about Katy actually breaking out of mind control? Upon leaving the institution, Katy and her core persona find themselves back in the fantasy land.
Katy and her core persona are back in the dissociative fantasy land - at the other side of the Labyrinth where things seem nicer. This cat with hypnotic eyes is a reminder that Katy might still be tightly monitored and under the control of her handlers. At this point Katheryn, the core, authentic persona of Katy hops on her bike and says goodbye. The butterfly leads us from the dressing room to a stage, before a performance of the song Teenage Dreamss.
Did she learn from something from Katheryn and is now better equipped to face the pitfalls of celebrity? Katy Perry’s Wide Awake is a prime example of Monarch programming symbolism being promoted in mass media products. Although it is probably the most disgusting and vicious concept known to man, Monarch programming is often referenced in popular culture.
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Pop Mega-Star Katy Perry recently made waves in the Christian media when she announced that she is not a Christian and is an adherent to the New Age Movement.
As the verses above indicate, it is impossible to make fame and wealth the ultimate goal in one’s life and to serve God. Since the time of her first single, Perry has gone on to become one of the most successful singers of all time.
Like many artists who openly oppose God, Perry has used occult imagery in her songs and videos. So did Perry “lose her salvation”? How does this dangerous transition take place? As Jesus explained, the seeds in the parable were a metaphor for The Word of God or the Bible. At the 2:00 mark in the video below, Oprah Winfrey one of the greatest promoters of New Age doctrine in the world, interviews Tolle on his spiritual message. Perry also claimed to be a practitioner of transcendental meditation, also a New Age practice which involves reciting a mantra, or single phrase, repeatedly, in order to achieve greater spiritual consciousness. Note the All-Seeing Eye at the top of the image.  The All-Seeing Eye of Horus, also known as the All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer. Therefore, the All-Seeing Eye is the symbol of the Omniscience   of the Sun God, Lucifer, whom they worship. Katy Perry here with her good friend Rihanna, one of the biggest promoters of the occult in music today. From her own statements, it’s clear that Katy Perry received the seeds of the Gospel.
For example, I find Christianity as a whole to be rather charismatic, but again- I may simply be coming from a different point of view.
I really get the feeling that Katy Perry turned away from God because of her very strict upbringing and legalistic rules her parents gave her growing up.

There is a way that one can Apostate themselves and separate themselves from the salvation of God.
Hollywood is a tool used by Satan along with the Entertainment Industry to damn the souls of talented and gifted people. Because of the stronghold each of these have on a persons life, taking extreme measures may be the only way to cut off the demonic influence that one may obtain by practicing such evil spirits. Katy’s father may have went to far to the right, but more than likely had a good reason to. Before I start anything, I need some clarification first….to which god are you referring? If your “number one” is someone who openly rejects Jesus Christ, how can you consider yourself a believer in Christianity? Matthew 24:5 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many.
The third eye, wow, really, you act as if Katy Perry drew that art and SS if it means anything. Stop, take a deep breathe and realize that these are rich people that have a soap box to say what they want but to go digging for your truth and act as if it even matters to anyone is sad. References to this practice occur often in mass media but are often coded using specific symbols and imagery. This technique of mind control seeks to create fully “programmable” individuals and is used by the shadowy elite in fields such as the military, politics and the murky underworld (for detailed information on Monarch programming, read the article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control). While this might not be obvious to most people, those who have some knowledge of the subject of mind control find it extremely blatant. All of these productions visually represent the inner-world of Monarch slaves through a specific set of symbols: mirrors, butterflies (especially Monarch butterflies), mazes and so forth.
While this might be true, the video cannot be completely explained without considering the element of Monarch programming.
Katy then stares at herself in the mirror for a while – until she dissociates from reality (dissociation is an important part of mind control) and enters a fantasy world. Through fireworks emerging from her breasts (of course), she calls for help and her core persona appears before her in the form of a young Katy. The dark-and-light floor represents duality, a concept extremely important in mind control programming.
While she is mesmerized by the sight, her core persona realizes that the world around Katy is shattering (inner-worlds of Monarch slaves are programmed by handlers and can be modified or destroyed at will). While before it was all about fantasy and mystery, we are now in a cold, sterile health institution.
At some point during the “treatment”, the pain, whether physical or emotional, becomes too much to bear and their brain’s natural response is to dissociate from reality. In other words, Katy (and viewers of the video) have gone full circle and are back at the starting point.
While it may be deemed “original” and “imaginative” by many, it is strikingly similar to other MK-themed video analyzed on this site. And, since Monarch programming is one of the ways the occult elite keeps a stranglehold on many areas, including the entertainment industry, it is often subtly glamorized in mass media. While there may be shock and sadness over this announcement, Beginning and End has chronicled the blatant sinful rebellion that has been a part of Perry’s music and videos for years.
When she did not achieve the financial success she envisioned for herself, she turned to pop music. Jesus Christ, in one of his parables describes Christians who follow the same spiritual road Perry has.  In the parable Jesus describes a sower- a farmer who is planting seeds on different surfaces.
And the different surfaces were the different types of responses people can have to hearing the Gospel message.
In his responses and her explanation of his writings, it is clear that much, if not all of it runs contrary to Biblical Christianity. But if she’s into Satan business, I pray to God to forgive her and that she finds her way and turns to God. I ask because you state that you’re a Hindu and your god (or is it gods?) is not the same as the Almighty Creator as is in the holy Scripture. They will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb. Another area in which mind control (especially Monarch programming) is used is the entertainment business – not only because some celebrities are actual victims of mind control, but because entertainment is used to subtly normalize and glamorize this awful practice through symbolism. Not only do these objects aptly portray psychological concepts, they are actual “trigger images” used in mind control on Monarch slaves.
For instance, why is Perry shown at sitting on a wheelchair, completely “out of it” inside a health institution? Mind control seeks to strip individuals from their core persona in order to program a new one that will easily comply with orders. The fact that little Katheryn’s reflection does not appear in the mirror emphasizes the fact that the girl is not real, but a part of Katy’s psychology. Desperate, Katy  breaks the mirror in front of her and leaves the room, a symbolic act representing her attempting to break out of her programming.
This echoes the false rebellion and “escape from nothing” plotlines of other recent music videos, as discussed in The Police State Agenda in Jay-Z and Kanye’s “No Church in the Wild” and Adam Lambert’s “Never Close Our Eyes”.
However, the orgy of butterflies in the video reminds us that, in the end, she is still under the control of the music industry and the MK symbolism it promotes. For instance, Paramore’s Brick by Boring Brick also features a younger (purer) version of the singer, a flurry of butterflies, rooms full of mirrors and so forth.
Most people let all of this imagery go straight to their minds without even understanding its true meaning.

Her announcement is yet another sign of pop culture’s open movement away from God and the promotion of anything to do with the Christian faith. Quoting the Bible back to the Adversary, Jesus Christ resisted the Devil’s temptation and rightly proclaimed that only God in Heaven should be worshiped. Wearing skimpy outfits, appearing nude in music videos and enticing lust in the eyes of her fans have become a Perry trademark. Perry’s descent into rebellion has not stopped her pastor mother from supporting her.
For many, Satan uses whatever temptation necessary to let them no longer care about the Christian faith. She should have stood firm for the sake of her daughter, but instead goes off the deep end with her daughter. I’m a Hindu myself and bisexual and love Katy Perry and her songs and most of her songs make sense to me. Furthermore, you come onto a website that in no way leaves anything up to the imagination i.e.
Articles like this is what’s stirs up crap that then makes people believe this rubble and look into it. Wide Awake fully utilizes this set of symbols, which gives the storyline a deeper, and more disturbing, meaning. Katy’s dress is full of butterflies, a rather strong reminder that she is under Monarch Programming. Katy appears to be completely “shut down”, sitting on a wheel chair in what appears to be a mental institution.
They use movies such as Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz to program victims to dissociate “through the looking glass” or “over the rainbow”.
Although a quest appears to have been completed and foes appear to have been defeated, Katy is back in her “sexy pop star” persona, complete with lollipop bras. However, there is one way to not allow these unwanted messages to reach our brains: Be TRULY wide awake. The song, which led her to first multi-platinum album, launched Perry into superstardom and gave her legions of young adoring female fans who were captivated by her powerful voice and style.
Check out her attire while she performed Wide Awake at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Canada.
It is because these symbols are, in fact, related: They are symbols of Monarch Programming mind control. And while it may not be in a face-to-face conversation as it was with Jesus Christ, it comes in the form of executives offering million-dollar contracts and a lavish celebrity lifestyle in exchange for influencing the world away from God and into sin. So rather than rebuking their daughter with Godly instruction as the Bible commands, Perry’s mother has joined in on the multi-million dollar enterprise that is her pop star daughter.
Thus there is no need for the God of the Bible, Jesus Christ, salvation or forgiveness of sin. There are many people who may have visited church or started studying the Bible for a season, only to abandon the faith as time went on – whether it was because life became busy, they were turned off by the people at a certain church or just lost interest. I just hope she’s not dealing with the devil although she might be promoting all kinds of modern stuff.
Add white to the cheek and chin, applying the paint in strokes that move from the center of the face out toward the ears. Heaven and Hell are also non-existent and the idea of believing in a God should be abandoned.
Furthermore, it isn’t judgment or fanatism when your beliefs are questioned according to Biblical teaching. If you didn’t want your beliefs to be challenged, then you should not have declared yourself as a Bisexual (sexual perversions) Hindu (idolatry) when both of those practices are condemned in the Bible, not by me as an individual.
And the fact that you get defensive about what you yourself claim to be would suggest that you feel the need to defend your lifestyle. If you are a Christian, pray for Katy Perry to repent and truly learn and  believe the Biblical Gospel – to know that through faith in Jesus Christ there can be forgiveness of sins and eternal life. And maybe one day Perry will realize this and promote Christ over money, fame and sinful rebellion. Paint a widow's peak on the forehead and add brown to the lash line, exaggerating the eyes. Add black dots curving down along the lines of the mouth, placing smaller dots closer to the center.
Suggest fur at the base of the muzzle and jawline, stroking your brush upward from the bottom. Start at the corner of the eyes, and use teardrop shapes that face away from the eyes and make curves that go from thick to thin. Stippling is great for blending color, suggesting texture, indicating highlights and suggesting facial hair. To get the most realistic result, hold your half sponge upside down so the rounded part touches the skin.
Using the edge of the sponge would result in lines—something you want to avoid when stippling.

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