This empowering self-care focused class combines elements of yoga, corrective movement, and self-massage using Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls to de-stress, unlock myofascial restrictions and improve body awareness. Just last week, we described our vision for a Games page that’s loaded with fantastic games to play and worlds to explore.
As a ROBLOX member, you can rate any given place once (and you can change your rating at any time) by clicking the thumbs up or thumbs down icon. At the outset, we will not factor the rating of a place in our games sort, but we plan to integrate it in the near future. This should be optional as there is always the possibility of someone being biased or some people just don’t want it. How come nonbuilders club dont get to buy bc stuff.we dont need to vote just check the most popular game wich is catalog heaven. What if for example you had a place that was an earlier development and the community really disliked it?
Personally, I’d like them to finish up with under 13 comments so I can rate and make game reviews.
This is a great update and i love seeing games that deserve the attention on the front page. Yes, according to the post, there will EVENTUALLY be a rating system for the other features of Roblox, including models, gear, ect.

This update great and all but what if your game has a major update then all those thumbs downs will still be there so it has a good and bad? I like it still because the fake pages will get a thumbs down so people don’t fall for them. Bleh, I really find no point in comments anymore since most of them are just piles and piles of spam and lies just to make even more people spam. As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve re-organized the standard elements – description, play buttons, etc.
In order to vote, you must first play the game and you must have a verified email address on file.
Eventually, games that are overwhelmingly given the “thumbs down” will get pushed down the Games page, even if they are being visited frequently.
While we haven’t taken it full-circle quite yet – that’ll happen when we integrate game ratings into the Games page sorts and extend the feature to all assets on the site (models, comments, gear and the like) – it does already establish a very visible barometer of quality for games and places.
Anyways I think this is a great feature and unless people were to lie they could tell you if this is a recommended game to play or if people are trying to say its a bad one or it has a false game despite the name, Roblox is really starting to look great, good job roblox crew. I feel like I can freely roam the front page games without having to worry about paying a visit to the fake games by accident!
Great idea, now I can finally show my hatred for the games that are terrible on the front page.

For now, we recommend you take a look at the public sentiment toward a game before you decide to spend time visiting it. The layout of ROBLOX is getting like youtube’s new design which is now one of the worst on the internet. The most significant change, though, is the addition of a “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” rating option, and an overall measure of public sentiment toward a game. For example, if we notice a mass down-vote on a particular place, we’ll investigate the activity to make sure it’s not malicious in nature.
If it seems as though ROBLOXians don’t like it, it might be the kind of place that, for instance, uses a misleading thumbnail image or title to attract your attention. What if, however, you completely redesign your place or start from scratch even and end up with something completely different, something the community loved and became a very popular game?

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