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According to ancient yogic practices, each person has seven chakras, or energy centers, in his or her body.
This chakra is located between the front and back genitalia areas deep within the body and along the bottom part of the spine. By opening the Root Chakra, a person can get in touch with his or her instincts, as well as learn the lessons that are stored within the material world. The Sacral Chakra is situated a bit above the Root Chakra, as its position is right around the abdominal area.

By balancing the Sacral Chakra, a male or female can begin controlling emotional responses to everyday life. As the name suggests, the Solar Plexus Chakra can be found right around the digestive system.
Once brought back to a restored state, this chakra helps people adjust to the fears in life, including their self-images and ways of handling criticism. Those with problems letting go, trusting a companion or having compassion for others may want to conduct a check of their Heart Chakra. Once adjusted, the Heart Chakra can assist in stopping jealousy, anger and despair in their negative tracks.

Not only does the person with an opened Throat Chakra have an uncanny ability to communicate verbally, but he or she can also listen and learn. To determine the harmony in which your chakras are residing within your body, you can consult with a specialist in this particular area. You won’t find extensive chakra studies if you look through the files of renowned research centers, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty to investigate when it comes to them.

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