Killing red dragons gives good combat experience, and also decent money in the form of their 100% drops, dragon bones and red dragonhide, which sell for 1,881 and 3,919 respectively.
Red dragons are weak to crossbow bolts, but with high level weapons you could use Magic or Melee as well. Using atleast a Sign of the porter II (level 28) will help to automatically bank the red dragonhide.
At level 37 prayer, The Protect from Magic prayer can be used to replace the need for Antifire potions. This page contains a specific evaluation on how to efficiently complete a certain section of the game or perform a certain task.
The methods available in the free game are not as effective as those in the members' version. Eight chickens can be found in the farm south of Falador and in the farm across from the cowpen in Lumbridge. Strategy: Teleport to the Clan Camp using your vexillum and run inside the Crafting Guild to the west. Strategy: Start in East Falador bank and run northeast until you reach a house with a descending staircase east of the Party Room.
Strategy: Start from Varrock West Bank and run northwest until you see a dilapidated house with a locked door.
Strategy: Use the 'cabbage-port' option on the explorer's ring to teleport to the Port Sarim cabbage patch. Strategy: Corpse spiders are frequently killed by players due to their rapid experience rates for lower levels as well as for their 100% drop of spider silk. Strategy: Generally ignored by players seeking to make money, playing the Great Orb Project can actually be quite rewarding if you use the Runecrafting guild tokens to purchase water talismans and then selling them on the Grand Exchange.

Strategy: Start from Falador bank and run north along the large wall to the west until you reach the Captured Temple. Access it using either the Karamja lodestone, a brimhaven tablet, the boat from Ardougne, or an amulet of glory.
Super antifires are strongly recommended, as they will allow you to use both hands for weapons instead of an anti-dragon shield or equivalent.
This prayer provides the same immunity to chromatic dragon dragonfire as Super Antifire or Antifire Potions.
As RuneScape is a complex game which allows for lots of different play styles and techniques it does not necessarily mean that other ways of playing through the content are wrong or invalid, merely an alternative interpretation. However, most items that are useful to free-to-play players often cost much less than those in the members' game.
Their price on the Grand Exchange is significantly higher as they are an ingredient in Ibis pouches.
Run east to the ship with the monk standing nearby and deposit the harpoons into the deposit box. Go down the stairs and run west until you reach a Mysterious entrance next to three iron ore rocks. Head to the Lumbridge Catacombs from the Lodestone and go through both shortcuts near the entrance that you discovered during the quest to the lowest level.
Simply cut down the regular trees until you have a full inventory and run back to the bank. Finding a team can be quite difficult, hence, making use of the forums to find people willing to play can be quite beneficial. It is therefore recommended to pray against magic instead of using other means of dragonfire protection for players who can kill the dragons quick enough to offset the cost of Antifire potions with Prayer Potions.

As such, there are a number of ways F2Pers can make money that are often underestimated or ignored out of haste.
Mine the rocks, then enter the mysterious dungeon to use the bank deposit bank to empty your inventory into your bank.
Go down the ladder into the Hill giant area and run south until you see the resource dungeon entrance. Usually, you'll find someone there killing corpse spiders from which you can simply collect all of the bones found on the floor. Inside the dungeon, chop the vines, and if you've completed the elite tasks and are wearing karamja gloves 4, use the agility shortcut directly south from there to take you to the red dragon area. Fill your inventory with bones and teleport to Daemonheim with the Ring of Kinship to bank. With relatively high combat skills, you can kill them in about 10 to 13 seconds on average. Fill up your inventory with Polar kebbit furs and use the lodestone to teleport back to the Taverley bank. When your inventory and your familiar are filled, teleport to a bank using a TokKul-Zo or ring of duelling, bank, and repeat.

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