Description:Continuing the plague city series, the Regicide quest takes you beyond the 'Well of Voyage' to a new realm. After you have completed the Underground Pass quest, a squire will randomly appear and give you the King's message.
Make your way straight through the Underground Pass to Iban's Temple (Please refer to the Underground Pass quest guide for more information on the path to follow). Note: You can skip the parts of collecting the orbs, making the doll, and killing the unicorn.
From the area where Idris was killed, follow the path leading southwest into forest past a leaf and a stick trap. Leave the camp, past the leaf trap, and keeping continuing south until you spot the Elf Tracker.
Note: Before proceeding to the next step, take the opportunity to activate the nearby lodestone for future use.
Head northwest into the forest, past the tripwires, and through the dense forest until you come to a junction.
Note: After having spoken to General Hining, you will unlock the ability to buy halberds from the Quartermaster's general store. If you forgot to bring Limestone, then travel to the limestone quarry in the northeaster corner of the forest, just east of the southern gate of the city of Prifddinas. Make your way to the Tyras Camp again and use the Limestone on the small furnace to make Quicklime. Note: If you are not wearing gloves, you will take 80 damage from using the Limestone on a furnace. Fill up your inventory with 10 to 20 pieces of Coal and travel to the Chemist's house in the west part of Rimmington.
Note: The easiest way to reach Rimmington is to travel to Port Sarim by using the Port Sarim lodestone or by chartering a ship at the Tyras Camp. When the indicator reaches the green region, click the right side of the valve on the left to let out pressure.
Note: If the heat indicator stays in the red area for too long, the distilling process will reset and you will have to start over by adding another Barrel of coal-tar. Now use the Pot of quicklime and the Ground sulphur with the Barrel of naphtha to make a Barrel bomb (unfused).
Note: If you don't have a Strip of cloth, you can make one by using 4 Balls of wool on a loom - which can be found just west of the Falador cabbage patch within the farmhouse OR southwest of the Heroes' Guild in Burthorpe.
Make your way back through the Isafdar forest towards the catapult, just north of the Tyras Camp, and give the Cooked rabbit to the Tyras guard.
Report back to Lord Iorwerth and he will give you Iorwerths message, which you must deliver to King Lathas. In this quest you are challenged to overcome Islwyn's prejudice against humans and alleviate the burdens of the past.
Important Note: Refer to the Tirannwn Map for the location of all the traps and to help find your way through the forest. Make your way through the Isafdar woods to locate Islwyn and Eluned, who can be found alternating between two locations in the forest. Note: Do not open the doorway on the ledge without Glarial's amulet or you will be dealt 8 damage.
When you have entered the Waterfall Dungeon, go into the eastern room and search the crates until you find A key.
Description:Rumors have been coming back from Miscellania that all is not well, it is said that the king has been turned into a monster!
Travel to the island of Miscellania and speak with King Vargas in the throne room on the second floor of the castle. Note: To reach Miscellania, ask the Sailor on the docks of Rellekka to take you to the island. Speak to Advisor Ghrim, just behind the king, and ask him how you can make peace with Etceteria. If you are a male player, talk to Princess Astrid in the room to the north of King Vargas and agree with everything she says. If you are a female player, talk to Prince Brand in the room to the south of King Vargas and choose the most flattering options. Head to Etceteria, the other side of the island, and talk to Queen Sigrid on the second floor of the castle. Report back to King Vargas, who will request that queen changes the Etceteria national anthem. Proceed to the castle on Miscellania and talk to Prince Brand, in the room to the south of King Vargas. Return to King Vargas, who will tell you that he cannot sign the Treaty with an ordinary pen and needs a pen large enough for him to hold. Note: For more information on how to manage your kingdom, please check the Kingdom of Miscellania activity guide. Skill: 50 Woodcutting, 50 Crafting, 50 Agility, 50 Smithing, 42 Prayer, 50 Thieving, 52 Mining, 50 Strength, 45 Herblore (or 44 with a Greenman's Ale), 56 Magic.
Quest: 107 Quest points, Heroes Quest, Family Crest, Underground Pass, Waterfall Quest, Shilo Village.
Accept the challenge of the Legends' Guild to map the southern part of Karamja Island, make friends with the natives and bring back a prize to display in the Legends' Guild Main Hall.
Now go to the southern end of Karamja Island where you will see a divider between you and the rest of the Jungle. The fastest way to do this is teleport to Ardougne then take the boat to Brimhaven, Karamja.
The Radimus Scrolls, Charcoal, Papyrus, Hatchet, and Machete are required to this part of the quest. Now, enter the Jungle, south of Shilo Village, at one of the three locations possible (west, central, or east), by hacking your way though Jungle Brush, and Trees (Level 50 Woodcutting).
Cut your way into the jungle, and then spin the Bull Roarer which will make a strange noise.
Go to the north-west part of the Jungle to find two mossy rocks and one other rock, forming a triangle.
Get out of the cavern, by the same means that you got down (Picture), and swing your bull roarer again. Exit the jungle and use the gold bars (multiple because you could fail) on the anvil in Tai Bwo Wannai (Level-50 Smithing) and select 'Yes' to make the bowl. Take the bowl back to the Kharazi Jungle, and swing your Bull Roarer to make Gujuo appear again. Now go to the "Pool of Water" in the centre of the Jungle and use your Blessed Golden Bowl with it.
Items needed: Radimus Scrolls, Machete, Blessed Golden Bowl, Hatchet, Picklock, Pickaxe, Runes to Cast a Charge Orb Spell, an Orb, 200 coins, Rope (Optional), Bravery Potion, about 7 Sharks, 9 Prayer Potions, Dragon Long, Monks Robes, Boots of Lightness, Gauntlets, A Helmet (optional), Charged Amulet of Glory. Go to the southern end of the caves when you will see a 'Shimmering Field' (Picture) and a 'Recess' (Picture), with a heart shaped hole, beside it. Note: Option A is a much quicker option, however you will have a harder time with the last leg of the quest. Killing somebody who helped you along the way, and guards the cave exit didn't seem right to you, so you want to go back and check with Ungadulu to see if this is the right decision. Killing Nezikchened will rid of the 'evil spirits' that were blocking the Holy Water Source.
Once you have defeated your opponent(s), you can now 'Use' your totem pole with the corrupt one.
Teleport using your 'Charged Amulet of Glory' to Draynor Village to get Ardougne Runes out of the bank. King Lathas will employ you once again, this time for the grim task of deposing his brother.

The message will say that you should visit King Lathas, on the second floor of the castle in East Ardougne. Do not talk to the Paladins either as they will see you as an Iban follower and will attack you.
Leave the cave and as soon as you appear in the land of the Elves, a cut scene will occur in which Idris gets killed by two elves named Morvran and Essylt. If you fail to jump over the leaves you will fall into a small pit and take 500-800 damage. If you fail to step over the wire, the surrounding 4 crossbows will shot arrows at you, each dealing between 200 and 400 damage. He admits that he knows the location of his old camp but need help tracking down the new location.
When you have made your way through the dense forest, you will be attacked by a Tyras Guard (level 84).
He will reveal his plans of wanting to destroy that camp using the knowledge from the Big book of bangs. While you have an Empty pot in your inventory, use the Quicklime with Pestle and mortar to make a Pot of quicklime. Distill the tar by putting the Barrel of coal-tar in the fractionation still, just outside of the house, and then adding Coal (See instructions below).
Heat rises fairly slow so be cautious when you add coal or else you will reset the process. If you run out of Coal, the current distilling process will be paused, allowing you to gather more coal without having to start all over.
While he is distracted, use the Barrel bomb (fused) on the catapult and a cut scene will occur. They are located near the magic tree, southwest of Lletya, or at a glade just northeast of the Tyras Camp.
If the elves are not around, you can visit the other location, wait a few minutes, or switch worlds. Head to Glarial's Tomb, north-west of the Fishing Guild, and use Glarial's pebble with the tombstone to enter the tomb. Male players will also need a Bow (any kind except a Training bow, Ogre bow, Crystal bow, Magic longbow or Composite bow) and Female players a Cake. He will tell you that due to his curse he is unable to perform his duties as ruler and is looking for someone who is competent to become the regent of his kingdom.
Give her the Flowers (you can buy them from the Flower Girl in the castle courtyard for 15gp if you don't already some), and use a dance emote to dance for the her.
Listen to the poem and say 'No one understands his poetry like you' and 'Be still my heart'.
Tell her that you have been sent by King Vargas to negotiate a treaty and she will agree to a peace deal if the king will accept Etceteria officially as a sovereign nation.
Leave the castle grounds and tell Derrik, near the anvil to the northeast, that you have a slightly strange request.
However, he will then tell you that population do not accept you as their ruler yet and suggests you try to gain their support by performing various tasks for them. Talk to Sir Radimus Erkle, who will explain what you have to do to get into the Legends' Guild.
If you ever lose the items, the scrolls can be bought for 30gp from Erkle, and the machete can still be taken from the cupboard again. Beware of the Jungle Wolves (Level-64), Jungle Savages (Level-90), and the Oomlie Birds (Level-46) that roam the Jungle.
Gujuo will again appear to tell you that only a 'blessed vessel' made from the 'metal of the sun' can hold holy water and will give you a sketch of it. You will then begin to meditate (Level 42 Prayer) by saying phrases like 'ohhhhhhmmm', and if you are successful your golden bowl will be blessed. When it asks if you want to try to enter the crevasse select 'Yes I'm nimble and agile' and you will proceed though the small tunnel (Picture).
Search it and you will attempt to pick the lock on it using a Lockpick (50 Thieving) (Picture). Use your Soul, Mind, Earth, and 2 Laws on the Marked Wall, in the order they appear in the word SMELL.
Use your Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Opal, Jade, and Red Topaz gems on the 'Carved Rocks' until you fit one on every stone. Also, from this point on, the spell cast on you by Nezikchened will allow you to walk through the Flames without Holy Water. Cast any one of the four 'Charge Orb' spells on it and you will find yourself on the other side of the door (Level 56 Magic) (Picture) (Picture). If you did not bring a rope with you, you may attempt to smash the barrels to get one (Picture). Option B, which is recommended, will take longer, however you will have an easier time with the last leg of the quest. For the final time 'Push' a boulder out of the way and you will stumble upon a pool of 'Sacred Water' (Picture).
When you run out of prayer points, quickly drink some Prayer Potion then turn protect from Melee on.
Nezikchened will summon San Tojalon (Level-106) (Picture), then Irvig Senay (Level-100) (Picture) and then finally Ranalph Devere (Level-95) (Picture). He will be very thankful because of your work and will give you a Gilded Totem Pole to bring back to Sir Radimus Erkle (Picture). Teleport to Ardougne, then proceed east out of the city, and then go north through the mine. Once you have traveled to the realm you will find yourself surrounded by new and strange plants, animals and even a new race. Head to the castle and King Lathas will tell you that the wizards have finally finished the work on the Well of Voyage. If you are in need of extra food, you may talk to Koftik in Iban's Temple and he will give you a random amount of food. Eluned will then tell you to plant the seed at Glarial's grave, which is inside the Waterfall Dungeon. The easiest way to reach the Waterfall Dungeon is by teleporting to the Barbarian Outpost using a Games necklace and then walking south. Hand it over to Advisor Ghrim, who will turn it into a Good anthem Take this new anthem to Queen Sigrid and she will give you a Treaty for King Vargas to sign. The Mission Briefing says you must bring back a map of the Kharazi Jungle and a gift from the Natives for the Legends' Guild. Once you are in the Jungle right click on your Radimus Scrolls and select the "Complete" option (Level-50 Crafting).
Go stand beside the table and then fire one or two Confuse, Curse, or Weaken spells at Ungadulu. Click 'Yes I'm very strong I'll force them open' and you will try to force them open (Picture). This will give you unlimited access to the next room by clicking the 'Use Marked Wall' option (Picture). Ardrigal is found north-east of Tai Bwo Wannai, east of the cliffs, on a Peninsula with a number of palms covering it. Keep in mind that you will need to have an orb in your inventory to perform this step but will shatter during the process (Picture).
The three kinds are Ranalph Devere (Level-95) (Picture), Irvig Senay (Level-100) (Picture) and San Tojalon (Level-106) (Picture). To get through, use your 'Glowing Heart Crystal' with the Recess and you will be able to 'Walk-though' it (Picture). You are now at the Alternate Holy Water source, however the points where you're supposed to obtain the Holy Water are covered by large boulders.

If you obtained a 'Holy Force Spell' cast it and Echned Zekin will turn into Nezikchened (Level-187) (Picture). Find a patch of Fertile Soil (There are many of them around the Kharazi Jungle), and use your Germinated Yommi Seeds on it (Level 45 Herblore).
Make sure that you heal any damage you took from the demon during the time you ran out of prayer points.
If you manage to defeat all of them Nezikchened will be so outraged he will attack you himself (Picture) (Picture).
This is the 'gift from the Natives for the Legends' Guild that the Mission Briefing in the Radimus spoke of.
He wants you to go through the Underground Pass, to assassinate his brother Tyras, and to find an easy route back home. Read the book to find out that you will need Ground sulfur, a Pot of quicklime, and a Barrel of naphtha to make an explosive.
Once you have filled the 'total distilled' bar, exit the interface and you will receive a Barrel of naphtha. Arianwyn will then tell you that Lord Iorwerth and King Lathas have been using you for their evil plans but will still ask you to deliver the message to the king. He then will inform you that you must demonstrate your worth by making peace with the neighboring Etceteria. After talking to the Legends' Guild Guards, you will be allowed to enter the courtyard freely. If you successfully map that section of the jungle, you will be notified of which you have yet to complete. When you tell him that you are on a quest to get a Native Totem Pole, he will say that Ungadulu has the only seeds that will grow the tree needed for the statue.
Select 'Smash-to-bits Boulder', and you will attempt to smash the big rock with your pickaxe (Level 52 Mining). When you complete this you will be lifted up, and moved to the centre of the room, where bright lights will flash, and the 'Book of Binding' will appear (Picture). If you try to climb down the winch you will be overcome with fear, so before you attempt to do so drink your 'Bravery Potion'. Viyeldi guards the exit of the large cavern you are currently in, knows as Viyeldi's Caves. If you ever run out of water you siphon some at the original pool in the Kharazi Jungle because you got rid of the spirit that was tampering with it. The king will then inform you that a group of elves, lead by Lord Iorwerth, are willing to help you out.
Before leaving the camp, pick up two barrels from the ground as you will need them later on. Head to the swamp south of the Elf Tracker and pick up some Sulphur from shores of the swamp. Once there, board the raft at the back of the house, use Rope with the rock to go across, and then use the Rope on the dead tree to you will climb down to the dungeon's entrance. Ungadulu will eventually say that only Holy Water can douse the flames, and then finish the conversation.
If you are successful you will walk passed the rubble and another boulder will fall into place, but if you fail, you mining level will be decreased by (Picture). These herbs must be identified first before you can do the next step (Ardrigal) (Snake Weed). When you get a rope use it on the winch (Picture), and then quickly "Climb down" it (Picture).. Take the three crystals to the north-eastern end of the cavern, and use them all with the furnace. Attack him and the dark dagger will begin to glow because his spirit is now trapped inside of it.
Because you used the holy force spell 30 Hp will be automatically deducted from the Demon, plus the demon's combat stats will be lowered as well. Report back to the Elf Tracker and he will tell you what you need to know to pass through the dense forest. He will then inform you that you actually moved her remains to her desired final resting place but that the grave needs to be consecrated. You will need the Radimus Scrolls, Hatchet, and Machete for the entire quest so don't bother leaving them in your bank unless you have a good reason. If Ungadulu hasn't thrown you out already, use your Bowl of Holy Water on the flames to get out.
Although you may receive large amounts of damage, a large fall early on is not a bad thing. Start climbing over the 'Rocky Ledges' and make your way down to the caves floor (Picture). You will receive a Heart-shaped crystal and you will be told to take it too the 'Dragons eye' (Picture). When you explain to him that you need to obtain the Holy Water, he says that he will help you if you kill Viyeldi, the ghost you met after climbing down the winch.
Make your way back down the 'Rocky Ledges', and through the 'Shimmering Field' to get back to the area with the boulders. He will say that it look like you have some interesting items (Picture), and that your map will be very helpful on future expeditions (Picture).
When he starts calling you darling, use the Blow Kiss emote on him and then use the unenchanted ring on him. To get out of the caverns teleport with your Charged Amulet of Glory, then walk to Brimhaven and pay Hajedy to get a ride to Shilo Village. If you killed Viyeldi, Echned Zekin will take the glowing dagger then turn into Nezikchened (Level-187). Use your Rune Hatchet on the tree to chop it down then use your hatchet on it again to trim the branches off.
Use your recently crafted totem pole with the old one and Nezikchened (Level-187) will appear (Picture).
Finally he will order some guards to take the Totem Pole into the Legends Guild, and for you to meet him in there (Picture). A nice visual and quite annoying game Slither oi official site will delight all those who loved to kill time for Agario.Slither oi official Hope you enjoy the slitherio bots video. Eluned will ask you to recover the Consecration seed from Glarial's tomb so that she can re-enchant it.
Go to the 'Eye of the Dragon', Search the 'Mossy rock', then use your heart crystal on it (Picture). The Tome tells you that the evil sprits are weakened by magic and the two other notes are a journal of Ungadulu's thoughts.
When you have the Snake Weed head north-east, between the two bodies of water, past Tai Bwo Wannai, and then east of the cliffs.
If you have a near fall you will hang onto the edge of the cliff (Picture) and then climb up onto the other side of the ledge with a loss of minimal health (5-10 Hp).
He will tell you that evil spirits are at work and you must go deeper into the caverns to see what is wrong. You will then find the peninsula of palm trees where Ardrigal can be found on the map to the right. It is also possible to fall down completely which will result in a loss of massive damage (20-35 Hp). However, in order to be brave enough to venture so far into the caves you must make the 'Bravery Potion'.

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